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Home Winemaking Equipment For Beginners
Here are some of the essentials for the beginning home winemaker. A lot of options out there, but these are some of my favorites and best recommendations.


Basic Winemaking Equipment
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Northern Brewer demonstrates the first steps of making wine at home. In this "Starting a Wine Kit" video you learn about winemaking equipment, the contents of ...


Making Wine from a Kit Part I: Getting Started
Http:// You've got your wine kit and equipment and it's time to make wine! In this video you'll see each and every step involved in ...


Puleo Wine Making Equipment (Pneumatic Presses, Destemmer-Crushers, Pumps, Fermenters)
Puleo Wine Making Equipment (Pneumatic Presses, Destemmer-Crushers, Pumps, Fermenters)


Winemaking Lesson 5 - Cleaning and Sanitizing
Have you ever wondered about home winemaking? This series of videos from will teach you everything you ever wanted to know.


Wine Making Kits Micro Brewing Equipment Supplies For Sale
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Making Wine At Home: How to make an Winexpert Vintners Reserve Wine Kit
John and Marquita demonstrate the making of a Winexpert 4 week wine kit from start to finish. They mix the juice, add the yeast, rack the wine, stabilize, degas ...


Vintners Deluxe Wine Making Equipment Kit
If you want to make your own wine the easiest way to start is with a Wine Making Kit and a wine ingredient kit. This Deluxe Wine Making Equipment from Vintners ...


Episode 016 - Wine Making Equipment Kits
If you want to make homemade wine, you're going to need some equipment. This video gives an overview of the wine making equipment kits from http://www.

Wine Making Equipment for sale on Amazon USA

Star San- 32 oz
Star San is a self-foaming acid sanitizer ideal for brewing, dairy and other food and beverage equipment. It is an extremely effective bactericide and fungicide and is not affected by excessive organic soils. Star San also reduces water spotting and can be used without rinsing under the proper concentrations. STAR SAN is a blend of phosphoric acid and dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid. This synergistic blend provides a unique killing system that is unaffected by excessive organic soils. STAR SAN is also a self-foaming sanitizer. It can be applied through a foamed to produce self-adhering sanitizing foam for external sanitation. STAR SAN is also an excellent sanitizer for hand application. Sanitizing with STAR SAN on a daily basis will leave equipment in an acid condition that will eliminate water spotting.
List Price: $20.70
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $16.99   
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Cocktail Shaker Bar Set Martini Kit - with Double Measuring Jigger and Mixing Spoon plus Drink Recipes Booklet - 24 ounces Premium Bartender Stainless Steel Boston Tin Built-in Strainer Tool

Want to offer guests or yourself something other than milk, beer, or water?
The Mixologist World cocktail shaker set is absolutely essential for making special drinks, whether you're shaking up a Martini, a Margarita, a Daiquiri or ice cold lemonade, your friends will brag about your bartender skills.
The 3 Piece Cocktail Shaker made of the finest 304 stainless steel mirror finish, holds up to 24 OZ that is about 2-3 drinks and is Built-in Strainer that doesn't require any further tools, it is well balanced and feels great in your hand, certain to be the most used piece of your bar equipment.
The kit by Mixologist World comes with a mixing spoon and a double measuring jigger, illustrated Recipes Booklet with full of mouth-watering Cocktails and Mocktails, so preparing the perfect drink work like a charm.
Designed not to leak, rust or to lose quality properties. It is great for loved ones and friends.

List Price: $50.00
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $19.91   
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Vacu Vin Wine Saver Vacuum Stoppers, Set of 6 - Grey
The Vacu Vin Wine Saver Vacuum Stoppers, Set of 6 - Grey
The idea for the Vacuum Stoppers emanated directly from the taste of spoiled wine - something that its inventors wanted to prevent once a bottle had been opened. They were the first of their kind within the international market and have revolutionised the wine preservation process. They are now used in over 35 million households and more than 80 countries throughout the world.

The Vacuum Stoppers are designed to preserve the flavour and taste of wine via the creation of an airtight vacuum. This inhibits the oxidation process that is responsible for spoilage. The device is simply inserted into the neck of an opened wine bottle when required. Although they are most effective when used alongside Vacu Vin's various Wine Saver Pumps, the Vacuum Stoppers can also be used in isolation.

The Vacu Vin Stoppers are constructed from high-quality, food approved rubber that is dishwasher safe. They are extremely robust and will tolerate regular and prolonged usage. The cap on the top of the stoppers can be removed in order to aid cleaning. As well as the traditional grey version, the set of 6 can also be purchased in alternative bright colors (2 x pink, 2 x blue and 2 x purple). In addition, the grey stoppers are available in a set of 2 and the colored versions in a set of 3 (1 x pink, 1 x blue and 1 x purple).

About Vacu Vin
Vacu Vin was originally established in 1986 in order to manufacture and distribute the iconic Vacuum Wine Saver. Since then the family-owned company has evolved into a leading brand within the housewares industry, offering an array of barware accessories and kitchen gadgets that are characterised by their quality and innovative functionality. In addition to the Vacuum Wine Saver, Vacu Vin’s product portfolio also includes the award-winning Rapid Ice Coolers and Pineapple Slicers, all of which are now used in over 35 million households and more than 80 countries throughout the world. A specialist in-house design team are constantly striving to add new items to the company’s ever-evolving assortment in order to satisfy the demands of the modern-day consumer.

Social Involvement and Fundraising
Social involvement has always been at the forefront of Vacu Vin’s philosophy. The company employs over 150 mentally and physically disadvantaged people at their head office production facility in order to assist in the assembly and packaging of almost every product. Vacu Vin also funds the ‘Sharing Success Foundation’, which has helped over 50,000 disabled children and contributed significantly to the development of new facilities in numerous countries.
List Price: $9.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $6.57   
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By: Vacu Vin Inc..  

One Step - 8 oz.
ONE Step. 8 oz.
List Price: $6.89
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $5.99   
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Home Brew Ohio Glass Wine Fermenter Includes Rubber Stopper and Airlock, 1 gallon Capacity
This product is a glass jug. Great for fermenting small batches of beer, wine or mead or storing overflow from a larger batch. Includes a one gallon glass jug with #6 drilled rubber stopper and an airlock.
List Price: $19.77
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $12.99   
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By: Home Brew Ohio.  

#9 Straight Corks 15/16" x 1 3/4". Bag of 100
#9 straight corks 15/16 x 1 3/4. Finish your wine-bottling fun with the corks you need to bottle and store your delicious wine. These all-natural wine bottle corks are some of the best sold online, high-quality and chamfered (beveled) to work with all of the 750 ml bottles we sell. All-natural wine bottle corks first-quality agglomerated corks made from uniform shavings and unused portions of cork, mixed with appropriate food grade glue to form a dense, well-made closure Fit 750 ml bottles and 1.5 liter wine bottles Chamfered and printed with a decorative grape leaf pattern best inserted with a floor or bench corker and compressing iris. Note: #9 corks feature a larger diameter than #8 corks, not recommended for use with plastic plunger-type corker bag of 100 corks.
List Price: $13.39
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $13.23   
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By: Midwest Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies.  

Ferrari Portugese Double Lever Corker
A levered corking machine is an improvement over the plunger design. As the name implies, leverage is used to push the cork through a Tapered Section that compresses the cork, then into the bottle. The Portuguese double Lever corker is constructed of steel and plastic and is an economical choice for those getting into wine making.
List Price: $13.25
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $13.25   
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By: LD Carlson.  

Home Brew Ohio GR-PJO5-2LUJ #8 Straight Corks, 7/8" x 1 3/4" (Pack of 100).
These high-quality, champfered (beveled), all-natural corks will work for all 750ml bottles that we carry. This Size cork will allow you to Age your wine in the bottle for up to 2 years. The #8 corks have a slightly smaller diameter then the #9 corks, so these are a great option when using a plastic plunger Type corker. Bag of 100 corks.
List Price: $14.00
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $11.79   
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By: LD Carlson.  

Cocktail Shaker Set - Professional Bartenders Kit in a Accessories Bag : Martini Drink Mixer Jigger 2 Liquor Pourers and ebook : 100 Bartender Recipes - Barware Tools & Bar Supplies by SHIKSHOOK

Reveal The Secret of The Wonderful World of Cocktails and Won The Heart of Everyone Around You. When They Get a Taste of The Drink of The Gods Created by You - Making Best Good Looking Cocktails!

SHIKSHOOK Cocktail Martini shaker set Gives You The Ability to Create The Drinks of The Gods, Beautiful and Desirable Cocktails in Your House, When Meetings with Friends and When Traveling

SHARE YOUR NEW SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE ANYWHERE with The Luxury Case that Keeps Your Tools Protected and Easy to Carry. When You Go for a Short Vacation or a Trip Around The World. You can Take Your Drink mixer shaker set Wherever You Go Just add Ice, Your Favorite Spirits, The Mixer and Shake , as Simple as That!

YOU WILL SAVE MONEY AND TIME! Save 85% or MORE when using your own ingredients at home or when you traveling. Use our helpful guide to make 100 diffrent cocktails in 3 simple steps: Pour-Shake-Drink

SHAKE UP YOUR LIFE! It's time to go out and celebrate FANTASTIC parties! BE POPULAR and amaze all your friends. be sure they will talk about your new bartender set and your bartender skills!

FEEL FREE TO CHALLENGE YOURSELF to Invent New Cocktails - create unique drinks with liquors, spirits, juices and so much more..100 EXTRAORDINARY RECIPES IN SECONDS(Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Aviation, Martini)

Why Choose The SHIKSHOOK?

1) Built for long last

2) Won't rust or leak!

3) 25 OZ !

4) Perfect for travel

5) Packaged and ready to send as the perfect gift!

6) Features a built-in strainer, jigger and 2 pourer

7) Can also work as a Boston shaker with any pint glass

8) User Friendly & Dishwasher safe!

One to surprise the one you love and one for you .


Add to Cart With Confidence!

List Price: $43.98
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $15.97   
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Brew Tapper Triple Scale Hydrometer for Beer, Wine, Mead & Kombucha - Specific Gravity ABV Tester
Everywhere Home Brewers are Raving about this Triple Scale Hydrometer

This is the Best Triple Scale Hydrometer for Home Brewing, Wine or Beer Making
- Easy to Read and Use
- Measures specific gravity, potential alcohol and brix
- All-In-One Hydrometer

A must have! You can't beat the convenience of a Triple Scale Hydrometer
- The triple scale hydrometer is made from glass and offers you the ability to take your readings using specific gravity, potential alcohol or Brix scale. Regardless of which scale you choose, this hydrometer offers you the tool you need to assess the density of your wort and ultimately the strength of your beer or wine.
- When it comes to home brewing beer or wine, the best results happen with the best attention to detail. This hydrometer will allow you to process this with ease.
- This product is fragile and breakable; most home brewers and wine makers have broken one or two. Order two and have a backup on hand (Check out the Promotions available (located above) for buying discounts on purchase 2 or more).

This Hydrometer is backed by a lifetime - no hassle - free replacement guarantee, if inaccurate!
Bring the sample liquid to 60 degrees F. The reading will be inaccurate if the test sample is not at this temperature!

Please Note: Test Tube Is Not Included.

List Price: $12.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $12.99   
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By: Brew Tapper.  

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