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How to plant up a flower pouch video with Thompson & Morgan.
Click here to buy flower pouches: Plant up a Flower Pouch™ with your favourite flowers. Busy Lizzies, Begonias and Petunias look ...


How to Hang Plant Pouches | P. Allen Smith Classics
Allen's friend Kris Willey talks about hanging plant puches, a unique type of container gardening.


Learn How to Properly Plant a Flower Pouch
Planting a flower pouch can help one use that under used vertical space but it can be tricky task. The steps involved in this video will teach you two approaches ...


Al's Flower Pouch
Al's Flower Pouch™ has become a staple offering for many, many growers and garden centers around the world. We now offer the original pouches and Al's ...


How to plant up a Flower Pouch with Thompson & Morgan's Paul Hansord
Planting up a Flower Pouch is simple when you know how. Paul Hansord gives his top tips to get the best results. Buy your Flower pouches from Thompson ...


Planting Pansy pouches
A short video on how to plant pansies into hanging flower pouches.


How to Fill Your Flower Pouch - Learn & Grow
After purchasing some flowers to go into our Generation 2 Flower Pouch, we realized that the flowers we got were too big to fit easily into the growing holes.


Al's Flower Pouch - Beautiful. Simple.
Al's Flower Pouch™ has become a staple offering for many, many growers and garden centers around the world since 1992. Here is a short list of plants we've ...


Wedding Pouch - How to - Easy Sewing
Instructions follow this link: My website is launched ( let me know ...


CROCHET: How to crochet a puff flower | Bella Coco
A much requested tutorial on the puff flower which can be used for embellishments, blankets and much more! Written instructions: Thanks ...

Flower Pouches and Accessories for sale on Amazon UK

Miracle-Gro Flower Magic Wild Flower Mix Bag, 782 g

List Price: £7.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £4.00   
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By: Scotts Miracle-Gro.  

Miracle-Gro Flower Magic Shady Mix Bag, 782 g
Miracle-Gro Flower Magic Shady Mix, 782 g
List Price: £7.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £7.13   
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By: Scotts Miracle-Gro.  

Garden Gear 2 in 1 Folding Garden Kneeler and Seat / Bench with Handles and Foam Pad for Outdoor Gardening & DIY (Folding Kneeler and Tool Pouch)
**Please note tools are for illustration purposes only**

Take the pain and strain out of gardening with this 2-in-1 folding garden kneeler and seat by Garden Gear. The kneeler is great to use whilst weeding, tending to your flowerbeds or tidying up lawn edges. After working hard simply flip the kneeler over and it becomes a comfortable seat in which you can either relax or continue to garden at a comfortable working height. This kneeler and seat comes complete with a handy Velcro pouch that can be used in both the sitting and kneeling position. It features three pockets and is great for keeping garden tools organised whilst working.

The durable kneeler and seat are constructed from high-quality steel frames and has a deep layer of polypropylene foam to ensure full comfort whilst in use. To allow for easy storage and transport the versatile kneeler and seat will fold down in seconds. Simply push in the spring mechanism and the legs will fold down to just 12cm high quickly and easily. The multi-functional kneeler and seat weighs just 2.7kg making it easy to carry from place to place.

This versatile kneeler is the perfect garden gadget and will put an end to damp, sore, grass stained knees and ensure maximum comfort whilst gardening. It can also be used inside to assist with DIY jobs, cleaning or just as compact, foldable extra seating.

  • Dimension: H49 x W59 x L27cm
  • Dimensions when folded: H12 x W59 x L27cm
  • Maximum user weight: 100kg
  • Pouch dimensions: H29 x W19 x L1cm
  • Pouch pockets: 3
  • Weight: 2.7kg
  • List Price: £19.99
    Amazon’s Lowest Price: £11.49   
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    By: Clifford James.  

    T4U 6.5/7/7CM Ceramic White Collection NO.31 Sucuulent Plant Pot/Cactus Plant Pot Flower Pot/Container/Planter Package 1 Pack of 3
    Ideal for adding a dash of refreshingly modern design to your home, this ceramic pot can serve a variety of purposes.
    The simple, minimalist design is easy to pair it with any interior design, and highlights what is placed inside of the pot rather than the pot itself.
    Give this planter as a sweet gift to a friend with a green thumb or keep it in your own home for a touch of clean, modern style in your living space.
    Features a hole in the bottom that allows water to drain through the soil so your plant stays healthy.
    ** Plant not included**
    List Price: £29.86
    Amazon’s Lowest Price: £8.93   
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    By: YUNHAI.  

    Please Note the Following; Delivery Surcharges for Heavy or Long Items May Apply to These Areas & Postcodes; Areas: Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scottish Highlands & Islands, Isle of Man, Channel Islands & Scilly Isles. Postcodes : IM, ZE & HS
    List Price: £6.99
    Amazon’s Lowest Price: £6.99   
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    By: Elixir.  

    Flower Pouches: Pack of 4
    Hessian Hanging Flower Bags - Plastic hanging bags have been around a while and are great for creating colourful displays. This new hanging bag is made from Hessian, which is biodegradable and much more attractive than the plastic versions. Hessian Hanging Flower Bags - They are perfect for filling with bizzie lizzies and fuchsia for the shade or petunias, bedding begonias or trailing geraniums for the sun. Hanging bags are much easier to prepare and look after than hanging baskets as they require much less water and feed. The bag will last at least 2 seasons and much longer if emptied and stored dry when not in use " I have found that using one variety of plant per bag works best and bizzie lizzies in the shade always do well" says John the Green Gardener. Pack of 4
    List Price: £8.95
    Amazon’s Lowest Price: £8.95   
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    By: Fargro.  

    Vitax Hydrangea Feed 1KG
    Use Vitax's Hydrangea Feed to create the maximum visual impact in your garden. Hydrangea Feed contains the major 3 nutrients essential for healthy growth plus added magnesium and iron to encourage abundant vibrant flowers. For vibrant & strong healthy growth Added magnesium and iron to boost flowering For abundant blooms of high quality flowers Improves plant health, quality & vitality 1KG Pouch  
    List Price: £5.99
    Amazon’s Lowest Price: £4.72   
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    By: Vitax.  

    Shabby Floral Metal Planter Pot Country Vintage Flower Bucket Wedding Decoration
  • This is a lovely metal bucket that would adorn any room in your home.
  • It would make a fabulous centerpiece on wedding guests tables where a vintage theme is wanted.
  • Fill with flowers but as we do not guarantee that these pots are watertight, we would recommend that you form a water pouch for the flowers to sit in before being placed inside the pot.
  • It is made of metal with a paper cover surround. It has a distressed shabby chic finish. The paper surround has a pretty vintage french theme and has a scene of pretty flowers and butterflies.
  • On the sides of the pot are two wood turned handles that make the planter easy to move and carry.
  • Also, this pretty little container would make alternative vessels to use to put cutlery in at a BBQ, or to use as a storage pot around the home.
  • Size: Top width 20cm (with handles) 15cm (without) Height 17cm (with handles) 14cms (without)
  • List Price: £8.99
    Amazon’s Lowest Price: £8.99   
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    By: Homes On Trend.  

    Apple iPhone 5 / 5G / 5S Pu Leather Flip Wallet Case Cover Pouch Plus Screen Protector & Polishing Cloth (Book Black)
    This elegant leather case can protect your cell phone from scratches, dust and other daily damage and daily hazards element that may dirt your device. Simple and elegant style while prevents scratches and dings without adding a lot of bulk. Don't hesitate, buy it now!
    List Price: £5.99
    Amazon’s Lowest Price: £4.99   
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    By: bestcases4u.  

    Organic Hibiscus Flower Herbal Tea 200g (7oz)
    The Hibiscus blooms are mainly produced in Africa and is the basic ingredient of bissap (or carcadé), traditional African drink.

    The infuser 3 or 4 flowers dried hibiscus seed per cup 4 to 10 minutes depending on the intensity you want. High rate of colours in red, stunning ruby.
    The taste is tangy, you will find that it is very refreshing. It can be cold, very thirst-quenching drink in a row, or leave it to cool, it is delicious.

    The Hibiscus is a common name for the bissap in Senegal, Dah bleni in Mali, Karkadé in Egypt, and jamaican sorrel.

    Sold in a reclosable ziplock pouch bag of 200 g
    List Price: £7.99
    Amazon’s Lowest Price: £7.99   
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    By: ChaBioThé.  

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