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Mean Hedgecutter
Midgley Bros twin Cummins engines at work cutting boxthorn Hedge in New Zealand.


Massey Ferguson 6718 Hedgecutting with Bomford Turner Hedgecutter
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Becx heggensnoeier HS130HR hedgecutter
Becx HS130HR heggensnoeier hedgecutter.


On-test: Mzuri Razorback Hedgecutter
Featuring an alternative cutting method and clever auto-levelling system, Mzuri has taken a fresh approach to hedgecutter design and created its own machine.


Mean Hedgecutter 2
Duane fires the big 10 litre cummins up for another cut, hear it labour as it spins the 5 metre blade up to speed, hedgecutter is an AEC tank recovery unit ...


Modern classic power - John Deere 6910 and McConnel PA6570T hedgecutter
Modern classic power - a John Deere 6910 working with a McConnel Power Arm PA6570T hedgecutter- from the Four Seasons of Farming DVDs. To buy your ...


Bosch AHS 54 20 Li Cordless Hedge Cutter - FIRST LOOK
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Mecalac 12MTX GreenJob rotary hedge cutter


Slanetrac HC150 180 Mini Digger Hedgetrimmer-Hedgecutter
The HC Series of Hedge Cutters is a range of hedge cutters for mini diggers from 0.8 ton to 7.5 ton. Available in 1.5m and 1.8m options there is a hedge cutter to ...


Kubota Hi-Trim Hedgecutter
A short video of a hedge cutter that my friend Robin and myself designed and constructed to fit on a Kubota G18 lawn mower. It works really well and can reach a ...


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