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Airfix Film - The Tank Depot
A smaller film I made using Airfix. It doesn't have any relevance to the current series I'm doing, although it is still quite good. I wanted to fit one in before I packed it away. So here it...


Airfix Battles: The Introductory Wargame Review - with Sam Healey
Sam Healey takes a look at this card-driven 1- to 4-player WWII wargame from Modiphius Entertainment. Buy great games at Find more reviews and videos at http://www.dic...


1:72 German Army -Battle of Berlin
Battle of Berlin Wargame with 1/72 Scale Figures A compilation of photos from a series of wargame scenarios using 1:72 scale miniatures set during the Battle of Berlin. The campaign was...


D-Day Omaha Beach Stop Motion Animation - Airfix Movie 60
The final Airfix Movie, it took a while to complete but its finally done, really please with how it looks! I also used it for a project at school. Hope you enjoyed the final video. Thanks.


Airfix Battle of Waterloo Diorama. Heavily modified classic kit from the 1980s. Three month build.
Via YouTube Capture.


Airfix Battles - Solo Battle Report 1
I recently got a copy of Airfix Battles: An Introductory Wargame by Modiphius Entertainment. While it has Airfix in the name, the box does not include any Airfix miniatures. However, I'm...


Boardgame Night ; We play The Airfix Battles
We go through an overview of Airfix Battles from Modiphius games with gameplay and our verdict at the end ! Battle Knights - Painting knights -


Scale Modelling for Beginners - Airfix Defiant 1:72 Scale
A basic build of Airfix's 1:72 scale Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.1 scale model kit, in time-lapse style including tips and tricks for beginners. The quirky Defiant 'turret fighter' served the RAF...


Airfix BF 110 Build & Review - 1:72 Scale Kit
A timelapse build of the Airfix Messerschmitt Bf110C-2, the Luftwaffe's primary twin-engined fighter and long range strike aircraft during the Battle of Britain. THIS IS OLD TOOLING. Airfix...


Battle of Britain Airfix Film
My school project. Stop motion animation using my airfix models.


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