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Heirloom Chemistry Set (A)
This video features the Heirloom Chemistry Set as designed by John Farrell Kuhns and manufactured and distributed by H.M.S. Beagle in Parkville, Missouri.


Science Fair Projects: Kids First Chemistry Set Kit - Thames & Kosmos​​​ | Beau's Toy Farm​​​
SUBSCRIBE: ​​​Science Fair Projects for kids start with "Kids First Chemistry Set" kit from Thames & Kosmos. Learn more at This...


Chem C2000 Chemistry Kit
Order the Chem C2000 Chemistry Kit here: There's a surefire way to ensure that a child who is interested in science, stays...


Pawn Stars: Old Chemistry Set | History
Rick takes a look at a vintage Gilbert chemistry set -- the perfect educational but borderline irresponsible toy for any girl or boy -- in this scene from "Game Over." Play the new Pawn Stars...


The History (And Future!) of the Chemistry Set
Whatever happened to chemistry sets? They turned entire generations of children on to chemistry, and they also have their own illustrious history. Hank takes you through a tour of the chemistry...


The Atomic Chemistry Set - The Best Chemistry Set in the World
The Atomic Chemistry Set had its start as a Kickstarter project. If you are interested in purchasing a chemistry set, please email us at


MEL Science Chemistry Set - Tin Hedgehog & Tin Dendrite Experiments
Item provided by MEL Science Kit Check out their web site ▷ Mel Science Chemistry Set - Hedgehog & Tin Dendrite Experiments - Time for Butch and I to put on...


CHEM C3000 2.0-Professional Umboxing and Set Review
This is my umboxing of the advanced chemistry set chem c 3000, made by Thames & Kosmos. I tried showing every single thing the kit contains, but here is the full list, just to be sure: •...


Chem C3000 - Thames & Cosmos
Thames & Cosmos Chem C3000 is without a doubt one of the best starter chemistry kits on the market. The set includes real chemicals and a full color manual to guide you thru over 300 experiments!...


MEL Science Starter Kit Unboxing - Chemistry For Kids
Subscribe: Cost: $49.90 - Get a starter kit, VR goggles, and two chemistry kits in your starter kit. Subscription Box Directory:


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