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How to make a simple running / hopping robot - DIY Robot
Here is a simple running robot which you can easily make yourself. It has two C wheels driven by one plastic geared DC motor ( 100 RPM). The legs are made form PVC pipe. small small humps were...


Top 10 Arduino Robot Projects
Top 10 Cool arduino projects/arduino uno Projects. Top 10 DIY innovative arduino projects ,This video shares Cool Ideas of some of Advanced arduino Projects.


DIY Robot Bank - How to Make a Fun Robot Eats Coins
How to Make a Robot Eats Coins Motor


CleanSweep: The Floor Cleaning Robot- Part 1 | Constructing | DIY
PART 1: This video will show the instructions to build the robot! Part 2 of the project where you can see the robot in action: Written procedure...


How to Make a robot at home from Cardboard - DIY Wall E Robot - Mr H2
How to Make Simple robot at home from Cardboard - Real Wall-E Robot (cardboard) - Mr H2 Diy paper robot Thanks for watching ! Help me 100000 Subscribes: =====================...


How to make Walking ROBOT from cardboard Easy Science Project DIY at Home
How to make Walking ROBOT from cardboard Easy Science Project for kids at home by DIY Ocean - DIY crafts projects out of cardboard SUBSCRIBE


DIY FIGHTING ROBOTS with icecream sticks
How to make boxing robots with ice cream sticks Music


How to Make a Tiny Robot!
Robots are everywhere. Learn to make your very own tiny robot! Get a month's worth of shaving supplies from Harry's for just $10 by entering code: Kipkay5 at checkout!


Build A Life-Size Phone Controlled BB8 Droid (Full-DIY-Tutorial)
Build a real working Starwars BB8 droid by only using household materials and Arduino! (No 3D Printers! No CNCs! No Mills!) Full-Tutorial (w/Downloads):


How to Make a Mini Robot bug
How to make a toy robotic bug at home. This is a simple robot made out of household materials that can move around on your desk. The materials used are super easy to come by and the projects...


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