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Spectacular Glendower - Layout in a basement
A spectacular model railway from the BRM archives. Download all issues of BRM today, from


My Hornby OO SCARM Layout, Hornby Trains, Bachmann Trains, Skaledale Buildings
Bachman Class 105 Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU), Intercity 225 Class 91, Class 40 Diesel, Flying Scotsman etc... My SCARM layout file: (Right click, "Save...


A Day With UK's Virgin Trains/Railways. Hornby Triang etc.
Hornby Bachmann Triang Featuring: Hornby Class 390 Virgin Pendolino 10 car rake. Bachmann Class 221 Virgin Super Voyager 5 car rake. Hornby Class 43 HST 125 Virgin 9 car rake. Thanks for your...


00 Loft Layout -January 2017 Running Session
New Year running session. Just various trains. APT, HST, Tornado, Flying Scotsman, Mallard, Class 45, 55 and 29. Some long trains for a change too.


Opening the Mixed Goods Train Set by Hornby
Yes, I KNOW 9 is not a prime number - I blame the sun (too much of)* Now called the 'Mixed Freight' set, this train set is Hornby's defacto DCC beginner's set - featuring 2x DCC factory fitted...


Garden Railway - Hornby Star, Bachmann City and E4
Summerr running session on the Blackbury Line.


The World of Model Trains - Enjoy more than 75 different locomotives and train sets in HO scale
Doing model railroading or railway modelling is something beautiful. Apart from the construction of a model railway display, the model trains and locomotives are a very important detail of...


Getting Started with Train Sets & Model Railways
A video showing you how you can get started with your first train set: how to buy one, set it up and maintain it! Thanks for watching!


British Rail Hornby 1990s Model Train Railway
BR Hornby 1990s Model Railway.


The Flying Scotsman OO Gauge Hornby Train Set - Unboxing and Review!
Battle damaged box from Bargain Hunt Stores. Turns out this returned item was indeed broken. Hornby Trains the Flying Scotsman OO Gauge manufactured in USA. Please Subscribe Here:


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