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K'NEX Adventure Land - a K'NEX Amusement Park by Dutch Details
An amusement park made entirely out of K'NEX, K'NEX Adventure Land. It featured a Ferris wheel, a spinning ride, drop tower, a massive triple wooden-style roller coaster, a looping roller coaster...


K'NEX Thrill Rides 3-IN-1 Classic Amuesment Park Building Set
Just pulled from the K'NEX vault, the 3-in-1 Classic Amusement Park Building Set. One of the original K'NEX Building Sets, this Classic Ferris Wheel replicates everything that K'NEX was built...


Six Flags Grand Rapids - Knex Amusement Park
Knex amusement park created by Alex Baker and Joshua Pliml for the FHE variety show 2013. I hope you enjoy the video, as we spent 5 months "working" on it. Don't forget to turn up the volume! :D.


K'NEX amusement park


Thomas and Friends K'NEX Amusement Park! Fun Toy Trains for Kids
CHECK OUT OUR NEW GAMING CHANNEL! CHECK OUT OUR NEW GAMING CHANNEL! Hi guys, check out our new Thomas and Friends mega track! Today...


K'NEX 6' - 8" Model Amusement Ride: The "Voyager"
This model is based directly off of RADS190's original K'NEX "Voyager" model constructed in 2004. In the Summer of 2008, with lots of time and effort, and countless hours of testing, I...


K'NEX Amusement Park Series Building Set Space Assortment
Collect & build 3 space themed rides with the new Amusement Park Series assortment. Choose from the Star Shooter Coaster, Amazin' 8 Coaster, or the Super Sonic Swirl! All three rides are motorized...


K 'nex - Collect & Build - Amusement Park
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K'nex speed build - Ferris Wheel - Knex
The K'nex 3 in 1 amusement park kit is one of the best value for money kits that K'nex produce as it is so versatile. This is the final part of a 3 part series showing what can be built with...


Vibe Park - a K'nex Amusement Park
Maybe this is world's first K'nex theme park where all types of rollercoasters are found in one park and where micro rollercoasters and classical rollercoasters are combined. The park features...


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