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Olympus Falling Final Video - Dueling Micro K'nex Roller Coaster
Olympus Falling is my first ever dueling k'nex coaster. This is also the first time I''ve used a supporting "spine" underneath the track. Music: This Ends Now ...


Aeolus: A K'nex Micro Flying Launched Coaster
Here is Aeolus, the first micro launched flying coaster with the tallest micro pretzel loop. I'm pretty sure this is the longest micro coaster too.


K'NEX Micro Amusement Park Building Sets
Build your own mini Amusement Park, with the Swing Ride, Pirate Ship, and Octopus Ride Building Sets! Each set is loaded with over 190 K'NEX rods, ...


Sidewinder - a K'Nex micro rollercoaster
Little video of my first proper custom K'Nex Micro build. There are still some more details to add, so it isn't 100% finished yet.


Swarmish - A K'Nex Micro Wingrider Coaster
My latest build - a K'Nex Micro B&M Wingrider. It's called Swarmish as it originally started out as a recreation of The Swarm at Thorpe Park, but due to speed loss ...


Stealth Thorpe Park:: The FIRST micro KNEX recreation
Here is my thirth coaster already! It is, correct me if I am wrong, THE very first KNEX recreation of stealth at Thorpe Park, the little brother of Kingda Ka. Its my first ...


K'nex micro rollercoaster test 1#
This coaster will be done in the first week of august. Please check out my channel, like and sub Follow me on Instagram: von.knex.coasters.


K'Nex micro wingrider rollercoaster test
Testing my latest build - a B&M style wingrider.


Mirage - Micro K'NEX Inverted Roller Coaster HD
Styled after the famous Bolliger & Mabillard Inverted coasters present at theme parks around the globe, Mirage is one of the tallest and longest micro (VV) K'nex ...


Micro k'nex B&M Looping coaster test 1
B&M floorless update 1.


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