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Micro Knex roller coaster TWISTER
A wooden style micro coaster that I made a few months back. It was a quick build .


Olympus Falling Final Video - Dueling Micro K'nex Roller Coaster
Olympus Falling is my first ever dueling k'nex coaster. This is also the first time I''ve used a supporting "spine" underneath the track. Music: This Ends Now ...


MICRO CHARGERS & Knex parts ★ Custom Track [Handcam]
Affiliate links (AMAZON) for MICRO CHARGERS: a little custombuild - Raceway. Many parts of K'nex & Micro ...


Aeolus: A K'nex Micro Flying Launched Coaster
Here is Aeolus, the first micro launched flying coaster with the tallest micro pretzel loop. I'm pretty sure this is the longest micro coaster too.


my first knex micro roller coaster b&m style.
This is my first realistic knex roller coaster with 3 loops!


Sidewinder - a K'Nex micro rollercoaster
Little video of my first proper custom K'Nex Micro build. There are still some more details to add, so it isn't 100% finished yet.


Mirage - Micro K'NEX Inverted Roller Coaster HD
Styled after the famous Bolliger & Mabillard Inverted coasters present at theme parks around the globe, Mirage is one of the tallest and longest micro (VV) K'nex ...


A K'nex inverted rollercoaster - Overshoot
An inverted k'nex rollercoaster created from the micro sets. This small rollercoaster includes a pretzel loop. This roller coaster is part of a small theme park ...


Gold Rush - Micro K'Nex Hyper Roller Coaster
This is one of my micro knex rollercoasters made about a year ago. It includes a vertical vengeance set, a cobras curse set and classic knex pieces from ...


AEOLUS - Micro K'nex Roller Coaster
This is my 20th micro k'nex roller coaster called Aeolus. I took around 3 - 4 weeks to build. Enjoy! Music: Warriors by Imagine Dragons.


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