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Knex Micro rollercoaster - The late Holiday
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Knex micro rollercoaster test 1


Knex Micro Launch Coaster Test 1
My first custom micro coaster. I will need help on what elements I should do next! I also need tips on how to set the launch better than turning the gear.


Knex Micro Roller Coaster ADRENALINE final Video
Finally! ADRENALINE has arrived. This is my newest coaster, it is my longest one and my best one. This beast stands at an incredible 6'6" and took nearly four days to build. For any farther...


Knex Micro Launch Close Up
Here we go! A close up of my launch. This should help you if you are wondering how to build this launch. Let me know what you think!


Stealth Thorpe Park:: The FIRST micro KNEX recreation
Here is my thirth coaster already! It is, correct me if I am wrong, THE very first KNEX recreation of stealth at Thorpe Park, the little brother of Kingda Ka. Its my first almost full tube...


The TomCat Launch - Knex Micro version (original idea from Tomisdabomb02)
Here's my Micro K'nex version of the Tomcat Launch, a launch originally created by Tomisdabomb02. It isn't great (At least the way I did it), but is has been pretty much the only launch I...


KNex micro compact inverted coaster test
This is my first inverted coaster. I decided I wanted to build a compact model that I could keep on display, so I limited myself to a 90cm x 90cm base, and built within that. All the structure...


Knex micro coaster 10gs


knex micro coaster Predator trailer
This is a trailer for my new launch coaster with cars that are similar to intamin music is brand x music eye spy.


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