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Micro Knex roller coaster TWISTER
A wooden style micro coaster that I made a few months back. It was a quick build .


my first knex micro roller coaster b&m style.
This is my first realistic knex roller coaster with 3 loops!


16 Foot Micro knex the giant drop. worlds tallest and fastest micro knex freefall ride
This is the worlds tallest and fastest micro knex freefall ride (well not for long actually, this is a baby compared to my newest one in construction ) . this was made ...


MICRO CHARGERS & Knex parts ★ Custom Track [Handcam]
Affiliate links (AMAZON) for MICRO CHARGERS: a little custombuild - Raceway. Many parts of K'nex & Micro ...


Euphoria - Knex micro coaster
A B&M-style inverted coaster made with K'nex micro. Audio Used: Cannon in D - as performed by Funtwo For more pictures and ride specs, visit this page: ...


Gold Rush - Micro K'Nex Hyper Roller Coaster
This is one of my micro knex rollercoasters made about a year ago. It includes a vertical vengeance set, a cobras curse set and classic knex pieces from ...


Olympus Falling Final Video - Dueling Micro K'nex Roller Coaster
Olympus Falling is my first ever dueling k'nex coaster. This is also the first time I''ve used a supporting "spine" underneath the track. Music: This Ends Now ...


X-Factor a micro Knex roller coaster
My biggest project yet Thank you for watching and if you followed all of the Videos along the way.


Knex Micro Launch Close Up
Here we go! A close up of my launch. This should help you if you are wondering how to build this launch. Let me know what you think!


Custom micro Knex B&M looping coaster
This took me about a week to build and features two inversions including a 27" high lift hill. I hope you enjoy as this is my first YouTube video (:


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