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Stealth Thorpe Park:: The FIRST micro KNEX recreation
Here is my thirth coaster already! It is, correct me if I am wrong, THE very first KNEX recreation of stealth at Thorpe Park, the little brother of Kingda Ka. Its my first almost full tube...


Mirage - Micro K'NEX Inverted Roller Coaster HD
Styled after the famous Bolliger & Mabillard Inverted coasters present at theme parks around the globe, Mirage is one of the tallest and longest micro (VV) K'nex model coasters of its kind...


First Ever Micro K'NEX Invert with Tube Supports
This was the FIRST EVER tube-supported invert micro (VV) coaster when I built it two years ago. It has been sitting in my basement for a little over two years as I have had no time to continue...


Micro K'NEX Speed Demon - Custom K'NEX Roller Coaster
Speed Demon is my 3rd custom VV roller coaster and my 4th custom overall. It is also the first ever fully tube supported slim track roller coaster on the internet!


Olympus Falling Final Video - Dueling Micro K'nex Roller Coaster
Olympus Falling is my first ever dueling k'nex coaster. This is also the first time I''ve used a supporting "spine" underneath the track. Music: This Ends Now - Really Slow Motion.


Micro K'NEX Charge - Custom K'NEX Roller Coaster
Charge is a tube-supported hyper coaster. What sets this coaster apart is its track - it includes a never-before used strengthening backbone that I developed, and it greatly improves ride...


Aeolus: A K'nex Micro Flying Launched Coaster
Here is Aeolus, the first micro launched flying coaster with the tallest micro pretzel loop. I'm pretty sure this is the longest micro coaster too.


Twist Micro Knex roller coaster
This is my fourth Knex roller coaster and my first one to go upside down! Also, it is my fist complete tube supported coaster. It took so long to build because I had to figure out how to make...


Sidewinder - a K'Nex micro rollercoaster
Little video of my first proper custom K'Nex Micro build. There are still some more details to add, so it isn't 100% finished yet.


Splinter/K'nex micro coaster
Hey its my first coaster!!! well complete one that is, but hope you like any ideas or suggestions for a new coaster. Oh and tell me what you thought about it, comment. LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!!!


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