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16 Foot Micro knex the giant drop. worlds tallest and fastest micro knex freefall ride
This is the worlds tallest and fastest micro knex freefall ride (well not for long actually, this is a baby compared to my newest one in construction ) . this was made ...


my first knex micro roller coaster b&m style.
This is my first realistic knex roller coaster with 3 loops!


Scorpion-a knex micro coaster
Knex roller coaster multiple inversions.


Micro Knex Hyper coaster STATIK
Based off of some Hyper coasters such as Mako and some Giga coasters like Millennium Force. Pls Enjoy! Don't forget to Like & Subscribe for more (: *Song ...


Sidewinder - a K'Nex micro rollercoaster
Little video of my first proper custom K'Nex Micro build. There are still some more details to add, so it isn't 100% finished yet.


Voyager | A Knex Model Roller Coaster
Here is Voyager - a B&M Floorless style roller coaster with some Vekoma influences. It stands at about 6'1" and has roughly 50 feet of track. It took about two ...


Viper, a Knex Micro Coaster
Built this over Christmas break.


Knex Micro Launch Close Up
Here we go! A close up of my launch. This should help you if you are wondering how to build this launch. Let me know what you think!


The Best Micro K'nex Roller Coasters on Youtube- Compilation #4
Here is my new compilation of micro k'nex roller coasters! Enjoy! I encourage you to check out their amazing channels and other coasters! :D Ninja: ...


Stealth Thorpe Park:: The FIRST micro KNEX recreation
Here is my thirth coaster already! It is, correct me if I am wrong, THE very first KNEX recreation of stealth at Thorpe Park, the little brother of Kingda Ka. Its my first ...


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