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Colossal Racer - K'nex Racing Roller Coaster
Colossal Racer is my largest K'nex roller coaster build to date. It's modeled after a racing style wooden roller coaster. Stats: Roller coaster height: 88 Inches (2.24 meters) Track...


Largest K'NEX ball contraption - Guinness World Records
Subscribe for more || ▻ Watch the GWR's Favourites || The largest K'NEX ball contraption has 126285 pieces and was built by Austin...


first ever knex racing videogame!
Hi, this is my knex racing game! Turn on the motor, turn the wheel. drive the car!


K'Nex Mario Kart Wii - Rainbow Road
K'Nex Mario Kart Wii - Rainbow Road Watch in 1080p and fullscreen for the best effect! This video was also created using 5.1 surround sound and at 60 fps, but Youtube sets it at Stereo and...


Colossal Racer - Knex Racing Roller Coaster


How to make a knex racing car
Here I show you how to make a racing car out of knex.


Knex solar ratchet cvt car first race Fischertechnik Lego Meccano
Trying out the ratchet CVT car alongside a normal geared solar car, both cars are extra low geared to cover rough ground in weak sunlight, having said that, the ratchet CVT car is too low geared...


knex car with suspension racing
This video is about knex car.


K'nex knex F1 racing car build
Sorry bit of an issue with the camera angle hopefully you get the idea!


Colossal Racer - Knex Racing Roller Coaster


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