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Clockwork - K'Nex Roller Coaster
My 15th K'nex roller coaster, featuring a hubless ferris wheel lift. Music: "Where Civilization Once Lay" by Jeremiah Pena, one of my favorite composers.


Thunder | A Knex Roller Coaster
Here is the final video of Thunder, shot outdoors. Build time was about three months and probably 70-80 hours. It also took me three hours to move it outside in ...


Colossal Racer Time Lapse - K'nex Racing Roller Coaster Construction
Colossal Racer is my largest K'nex roller coaster build to date. It's modeled after a racing style wooden roller coaster. The video spans 10 hours of building.


Amazin' 8 Roller Coaster Reviews and Instructions from KNEX
Today TTPM is reviewing Amazin' 8 Roller Coaster Building Set (Amusement Park) from KNEX. The K'NEX: Amazin' 8 Roller Coaster Building Set is a ...


Gargantuan 8 foot K'nex Roller Coaster with POV
Standing 2.50 metres tall and 170 feet long, Gargantuan is my biggest and best creation. Big thanks to for assisting me all the way and a shout ...


K'NEX Supernova Blast Roller Coaster. Launching roller coaster. Please Subscribe Here: Buy LEGO on Amazon: ...


Massive Knex Roller Coaster
Previously seen in "Roller Coaster in my House" Off-ride footage of the biggest Knex coaster ever! This massive Knex roller ...


Krakatoa - K'Nex Roller Coaster
This is my 16th K'nex roller coaster, featuring a cable launch, volcano theming, and an industrial control panel. Music: "Fiery Stars" and "Designed Dreamer", ...


Snowblind - Spiral Lift K'nex Roller Coaster
Snowblind - K'nex Roller Coaster. This ride was built for the yearly winter contest at It features a spiral lift hill, custom painted trains, cotton snow, ...


Worst Knex Roller Coaster Ever
This is the most epic video you will watch this minute. Featuring a 360 degree drop and a lightning fast chain lift. Also fondly referred to as the Potato Coaster.


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