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Colossal Racer Time Lapse - K'nex Racing Roller Coaster Construction
Colossal Racer is my largest K'nex roller coaster build to date. It's modeled after a racing style wooden roller coaster. The video spans 10 hours of building.


Thunder | A Knex Roller Coaster
Here is the final video of Thunder, shot outdoors. Build time was about three months and probably 70-80 hours. It also took me three hours to move it outside in ...


Clockwork - K'Nex Roller Coaster
My 15th K'nex roller coaster, featuring a hubless ferris wheel lift. Music: "Where Civilization Once Lay" by Jeremiah Pena, one of my favorite composers.


TOP 10 Most AMAZING K'NEX Creations
Sources & Credits: 10. Harley Bike By Vinnie Bentley 9. Frisbee Ride ...


K'NEX Amazin 8 Roller Coaster Amusement Park Series Slow Motion Speed Build - Unboxing Demo Review
Watch the high speed K'nex Amazin 8 Roller Coaster! Shown in slow motion, and stop motion speed build, this playset is motorized for exciting performance that ...


Best KNEX Roller Coasters of 2014
A compilation of the best roller coasters built on in the year 2014.


Taipan (Knex coaster) Test Launch


Snowblind - Spiral Lift K'nex Roller Coaster
Snowblind - K'nex Roller Coaster. This ride was built for the yearly winter contest at It features a spiral lift hill, custom painted trains, cotton snow, ...


Massive Knex Roller Coaster
Previously seen in "Roller Coaster in my House" Off-ride footage of the biggest Knex coaster ever! This massive Knex roller ...


Amazin' 8 Roller Coaster Reviews and Instructions from KNEX
Today TTPM is reviewing Amazin' 8 Roller Coaster Building Set (Amusement Park) from KNEX. The K'NEX: Amazin' 8 Roller Coaster Building Set is a ...


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