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KNEX Sesame Street Full-Product-Line
Build Elmo and his piano or best buddies Bert & Ernie at the same time! Each set includes 3 fun, educational activity cards.


KID K'NEX Sesame Street Neighborhood Collection Building Sets
Your child can build his own SESAME STREET neighborhood - complete with build-their-own Sesame Street friends Elmo, Cookie Monster or Ernie! Begin the collection with the Ice Cream Truck and...


K'NEX Sesame Street Elmo's Space/Dragon Adventure Building Set
Your child can build Elmo and go on an adventure to a magical kingdom or into space. The fun continues when Elmo talks - gently push on his head and hear Elmo say two fun phrases about his...


Cookie Monster Grocery Shopping Sesame Street Cookie Monster Eats Cookies, Drives, Buys Cookies
Cookie Monster runs out of cookies and must go grocery shopping. Sesame Street's Cookie Monster tries to borrow DisneyCarToys car, but he is a bad driver, so just pushes his grocery cart to...


Lets Play with K'NEX Sesame Street Cookie Monster's Basketball! Juguemos con El Come Galletas!
Don't forget to subscribe for a lot more fun videos! Related videos: Let's Build Elmo and his dragon by Kid K'nex - Juguemos a armar a Elmo y su dragon! : Sesame...


Cookie Monster Collection and Cookie Monster Basketball Building Set by Kid K'Nex
Cookie Monster Collection featuring Cookie Monster Count n' Crunch, Plush Cookie Monster, Hugs Coolie Monster, Squeeze-A-Song Cookie Monster, Lego Cookie Monster, and more... Also in this...


KID K'NEX Elmo and his piano Building Set
Welcome to Elmo's World™! Build Elmo with his piano or his goldfish Dorothy! This creative building set includes three educational "Play & Learn" activity cards.


Lets Play with KNEX Sesame Street Cookie Monsters Basketball! Juguemos con El Come Galle


KNEX Sesame Street Building Set Talking Knight Elmo


KID K'NEX Bert and Ernie Building Set
Uild Sesame Street's most famous friends, Bert & Ernie! This creative building set includes three educational "Play & Learn" activity cards filled with collaborative fun for parents and children....


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