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LEGO Aliens: Colonial Marines
Contact was lost with colony LV-626. The last thing to be transmitted was a distress beacon from scientist personel. A team of Colonial Marines were dispatched to investigate LV-626 and trace...


Lego Aliens
A Lego version (impression) of the scene from the 1986 Aliens movie where Ripley and Newt meet the alienqueen laying eggs. Not an exact copy of the moviescene but I tried to capture the atmosphere...


Lego Alien Wars
The Grey Prince has escaped the clutches of the Limephibians and flees to Earth with its Planetary Defense System...will he survive in the first installment of Lego Alien Wars!? Created by:...


Lego Aliens Xenomorph custom build (Free instructions)
Free instructions to make a MOC Lego Xenomorph that I designed/built. I am releasing it just in time for Halloween, after spending a while using trial and error to get the right minifigure...


LEGO Alien - The Incident
Inspirated by "Alien eight passenger nostromo" and the game "Alien Isolation".


Lego City Alien Invasion


Lego aliens & pizzas E01: Leo's pizza place
Lego aliens & pizzas E01 of the Lego animation series! Leo is dissapointed in the quality of pizza's at MukPizza, the only pizza restaurant in Lego City. He decides to start his own pizza place...


LEGO Alien Chestburster scene
A frame by frame LEGO remake of the Alien Chestburster scene from the 1979 film Alien, all made from LEGO!!! By Also check out: - Side by side comparison video http://you...


Alien: Covenant - Lego Trailer
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Lego aliens & pizzas E02: Benny helps Leo
Lego aliens & pizzas E02 of the Lego animation series! Leo sells his pizza place to Lord Business to earn the money he needs for his next project. This episode shows what kind of project that...


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