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Lets Build & Play LEGO Dimensions #1: Starter Pack Timelapse & Gollum (LORD VORTECH Introduction)
Mike, Chase & Dad start off playing LEGO Dimensions and Mike Builds the Portal as we were going to build all the sets but we found out you have to build them in-game! That is a little bit...


FGTEEV's WEIRD ADVENTURE TIME! GREMLINS vs Water! (LEGO Dimensions YEAR 2 #22 Lets Build & Play)
After almost 6 months! LEGO Dimensions is back! But it's weird, sorry! Like almost shouldn't of made this video public kind of strange. Thumbs up if you do want to see another Lego Dimensions!...


LEGO Dimensions - All Characters (Wave 1 - 7.5 - All Spotlights)
This video shows all playable unlockable characters spotlights in LEGO Dimensions from Wave 1 to 7.5 including the LEGO Batman Movie Packs for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii...


LEGO Dimensions - All Cutscenes
Want to watch other All Cutscenes? Go to this playlist! Buy Lego Dimensions on Amazon: This is an All Cutscenes video for LEGO Dimensions for the main...


Lets Build & Play LEGO Dimensions #10: Duddy Traps Slimer! Ghost Busters Fun w/ Ecto-1
Duddy & Shawn are Ghost Busting against Chase! Oh, yeah and then we also build set 71228 Lego Dimensions A Spook Central Adventure w/ Peter Venkman, Ecto-1 & the Ghost Trap! Thumbs up for...


LEGO Dimensions - LEGO City Adventure World 100% Guide (All Collectibles)
This video shows how to get all collectibles in the LEGO City adventure world of LEGO Dimensions.


POWERPUFF GIRLS MARRY BABY SHAWN! FGTEEV Lego Dimensions Giant Colors Skittles Monkey (Year 3 #23)
Woohoo! Back with more LEGO DIMENSIONS! Thumbs up for all the hard work we put into making this vid super awesome for you FGTEEVERS!!! :) OTHER LEGO DIMENSIONS LETS PLAYS with...


PIKACHU LEGO DIMENSIONS POKEMON Midway Arcade Fun! (Lets Build & Play LEGO Dimensions #18)
Brick & Betty from the Soon-To-Be Popular Youtube Channel "Brick And Betty" takeover the build of FGTEEV Duddy's remaining Lego Dimensions sets! Subscribe to B&B: Check...


LEGO Bettlejuice Dimension - Part 1 - The Monster! (Lego Dimension)
Have you ever seen Beetlejuice? Time to dive into the world of the BeetleJuice in Lego Dimensions! If we can get to 2000 Likes that would be absolutely awesome :-) Leave a like and subscribe...


LEGO Dimensions - New Character Interactions (Wave 9)
All of the new character reactions I've been able to find with the new Wave 9 characters. I also included some character interactions I had missed with the Goonies (wave 8). Big thanks to...


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