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Lego Portal
A Lego stop motion animation based on the video game Portal If you want to build your own Lego Glados this video shows you how to do it ...


LEGO Dimensions - Portal 2 Level Pack Walkthrough (Aperture Science)
Portal 2 level pack walkthrough for LEGO Dimensions on the PS4. You need t purchase the Portal 2 level pack to access this stage. Below is a link to my series ...


Custom Lego Portal & Portal 2 Review
Custom Lego Portal & Portal 2 Review.


Portal - You Wouldn't Know | Lego Dimensions Music Video
You can support my work on Patreon! ^_^ An animated music video for 'You Wouldn't Know' from Lego Dimensions.


LEGO Dimensions Walkthrough Part 9 - LEGO Portal
LEGO Dimensions walkthrough part 9, covering the 7th level of the game. The seventh level of the game takes us to the Portal world and the level is called ...


Abonnieren • ▻Merch • ▻Günstige TS3-Server • ▻Kissen • ▻Zu Katha ...


Lego Dimensions : Ending
Cool little Lord of the Rings Easter Egg as well as an annual portal song at the end. :) All rights go to the creators of Lego Dimensions and the creators of the ...


LEGO Dimensions A Portal 2 Adventure All Cut Scenes & Ending (Portal 2 Level Pack)
What's up everybody! :) In this video ill show you all Cut Scenes and Ending for "A Portal 2 Adventure" Portal 2 Level Pack! LEGO Dimensions Playlist ...


Lego Portal 2 Machinima Interactive Film Festival


Lego Portal
Недавно сыграл в игру Portal, очень понравилась и оставила хорошие впечатления! Я решил снять Lego мультфильм...


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