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LEGO Dimensions - Portal 2 Level Pack Walkthrough (Aperture Science)
Portal 2 level pack walkthrough for LEGO Dimensions on the PS4. You need t purchase the Portal 2 level pack to access this stage. Below is a link to my series playlist. LEGO Dimensions Walkthrou...


Lego Portal
A Lego stop motion animation based on the video game Portal Sound effects are mostly from Portal and Half-life. The Glados voice lines are from Portal. (I Hope i do not get a content id claim...


Lego Portal 2 Part 1/2 (Machinima Interactive Film Festival)
Http:// Click here to watch Pac-Man: Most Wanted Lego Portal 2 Part 1/2 Relive some of the high points from Valve's Portal 2 in this Lego-ized version from...


Abonnieren • ▻Merch • ▻Günstige TS3-Server • ▻Kissen • ▻Zu Katha • https://www.yout...


Custom Lego Portal & Portal 2 Review
Custom Lego Portal & Portal 2 Review.


Portal - You Wouldn't Know | Lego Dimensions Music Video
You can support my work on Patreon! ^_^ An animated music video for 'You Wouldn't Know' from Lego Dimensions. Written by Jonathan Coulton and performed by...


Lego Portal
An antagonist steals a wallet-shaped MacGuffin from a protagonist, appropriately resulting in a chase involving a portal gun. If you haven't played Portal, then this may not make much sense....


Lets Build & Play LEGO Dimensions #6: PORTAL 2 w/ FGTEEV Mom (Chell, Sentry Turret & Companion Cube)
Duddy, Moomy & Baby Shawn are back playing more LEGO DIMENSIONS! This time it's the PORTAL 2 Level Pack 71203 with CHELL, Sentry Turret & the Companion Cube vehicles/items! The Sentry Turret...


LEGO Dimensions A Portal 2 Adventure All Cut Scenes & Ending (Portal 2 Level Pack)
What's up everybody! :) In this video ill show you all Cut Scenes and Ending for "A Portal 2 Adventure" Portal 2 Level Pack! LEGO Dimensions Playlist


FOUND! Doug Rattmann In Lego Dimensions! Portal 2 Hidden Secret Character! Rattman Found!
FOUND! Doug Rattmann In Lego Dimensions! Portal 2 Hidden Secret Character! For more info on this discovery, check out our article here:


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