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Largest LEGO® ship - Guinness World Records
Subscribe for more || ▻ Watch the GWR's Favourites || To celebrate the launch of a new 18-deck, 151695-ton ...


Lego pirate ship MOC : " La Grenouille ", The Bluecoat Frigate. Speed Build
Hello there, this is my third completely MOC ship, not an upgrade or combined sets. Actually, the bluecoat frigate is my first project that I want to build after the ...


Lego Cruise Ship Disaster 2
Salerosa wasn't strong enough either. Photos: 9630 Editing: VEGAS Pro 15.0 Camera: Canon EOS M compact Time it took to make: 2 months and 22 days ...


Big Lego Ship
What's the biggest thing we can make from all our lego?


LEGO Minecraft Pirate Ship Adventure review ☠ 21152
Check out my new LEGO speed build channel! ⏩ Blog: Instagram: jangbricks4real Facebook ...


Lego Titanic- Modern Day
Lego Titanic meets it's fate in modern days.


Lego Creator 10241 Maersk Line Triple-E - Lego Speed Build
Do you want to see more LEGO Speed Build videos from BrickBuilder? Subscribe this channel and see all new lego sets as the first! On my channel is all most ...


The LEGO Kraken
A noblewoman has been kidnapped by pirates so an Imperial Ship has been sent to save her! But what else might be lurking in the sea? Facebook: ...


BUILT A LEGO BOAT! (Will it Float??)
Made a lego boat out of mega legos! Will it float? comment down below! Danny's YOUTUBE: ...


Lego boat lauch fail compilation including lego titanic , lego car ferry, lego coast guard boat , lego police boat , cobi red funnel red jet , oxford titanic. #legoboats ...


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