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Mattel GUTS army men
Mattel Guts are reviewed bt


MATTEL HEROES IN ACTION Figures Rescue Corp Vehicles Poster Medal 1974 | Collection THX1138
MATTEL HEROES IN ACTION U.S. Military Army Marines SWAT Team Figures, Clicking Bases, Rescue Corp, Jeep, Helicopter, Brigade Book Poster with Action ...


Braun Strowman battles Mattel's WWE Zombies: Action Figure Showdown
The Monster Among Men faces The Undertaker's army of the undead in this thrilling stop-motion melee presented by Mattel. More ACTION on WWE NETWORK ...


Disney Pixar Cars Army Lightning McQueen & Mater have their first mission save Gil Just4fun290
Disney Pixar Cars Army Lightning McQueen & Mater have their first mission save Gil Just4fun290! McQueen and Mater just graduated Army Boot Camp and are ...


50's & 60's Toy Gun Commercials
Can you imagine if kids had toys like this now. I have a feeling these kids would be shot by cops if they were playing with these today.


Make-A-Wish's Alex "The Bulldog" creates a custom John Cena Mattel action figure
John Cena checks out a custom Mattel action figure made by Make-A-Wish's Alex, courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network. More ACTION on WWE ...


Mattel Tommy Burst Detective Set 1961
A very, very rare 1961 Mattel Tommy Burst Detective Set, complete in the box, and is 50 years old at the date and time this video was shot! The only thing I forgot ...


Mattel Tommy Burst Toy Gun Commercial From The 60's - Vintage advertising
Some are essentially similar to the real thing, but less powerful. Weapons for cutting and stabbing have dull blades usually in plastic. Weapons formerly made ...


Mattel Tommy Burst TV commercial 1960s!
Rare early 60s tv commercial for Mattel's Tommy Burst submachine gun detective set. This was my favorite toy of all time. Load in some fresh caps, pull the bolt ...


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