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Build a Marble Climbing Machine from Mechanical Kits
This 15 minute video takes you from box to complete to make your kit building more fun.


OSEPP Mechanical Kit Promo
Create smarts to your Mechanical Kits with the MECHF-01 kit. Create maze solving, object avoiding, bluetooth controlled robots (and much more! )


Mechanical Kits Caterpillar step by step assembly
This video takes you through the process from box to finished working model, how to assemble the Mechanical Kits Caterpillar. Run Time 22 minutes ...


Show and Tell: Mechanical FlipBook Kit
This week, Norm shares a fun project that he picked up at this year's Bay Area Maker Faire. The Mechanical Flip Book is a successful kickstarter project that lets ...


Mechanical Kits Caterpillar (Close View)
Transport yourself back in time to when Alice fell down the Rabbit Hole and met the Caterpillar. He is a very unusual creature to watch as he looks at the Butterfly ...


Ugears Top-5 New Mechanical Model Kits for Holiday Gift Season 2018
On the market at worldwide. Ugears Horse Mechanoid: unique mechanical model kit. Its mechanism makes the Bionic Horse a real ...


Mechanical Kits Vintage Car Part 1
The Vintage Car is one of the more challenging models to build but so rewarding when complete. This version is built to be driven using one of the Mechanical ...


Mechanical Kits Stephenson's Rocket
Stephenson's Rocket was an early steam locomotive of 0-2-2 wheel arrangement, built in 1829 at the Forth Street Works of Robert Stephenson and Company in ...


OSEPP Mechanical / Functional Kits
A quick demo of our Mechanical Kits working with sensors / modules from our Robotics Functional Kit.


Mechanical Kit of Parts Inventory
An Explanation and inventory of the various metal, gears, wheels and a claw supplies in the VEX Boot Camp kits. For more community support and updated ...


Mechanical Kits for sale on Amazon


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