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Mechanical Kits Caterpillar step by step assembly
This video takes you through the process from box to finished working model, how to assemble the Mechanical Kits Caterpillar. Run Time 22 minutes


Mechanical Kits Drummer


Mechanical Kits Oilfield Pump Jack Step by Step Part 1
The first of three parts for the step by step assembly of the OFPJ . These videos are designed to supplement the printed instructions not replace them. Special thanks to our volunteer editor...


Mechanical Kits Beam Engine
This wooden mechanical beam engine is a design of engine based on the principles of a first-class lever.


Mechanical Kits Vintage Car Part 1
The Vintage Car is one of the more challenging models to build but so rewarding when complete. This version is built to be driven using one of the Mechanical Kits 110V Motor Kits. This is the...


mechanical pencil kits
See me make a turned mechanical / propelling pencil kit with basic tools, no tubes no special equipment. Turning a Prokraft mechanical pencil kit.


Build a Marble Climbing Machine from Mechanical Kits
This 15 minute video takes you from box to complete to make your kit building more fun.


Mechanical Kits Caterpillar (Close View)
Transport yourself back in time to when Alice fell down the Rabbit Hole and met the Caterpillar. He is a very unusual creature to watch as he looks at the Butterfly hovering above his head...


Mechanical Kits Stephenson's Rocket hand cranked


Mechanical Kit of Parts Inventory
An Explanation and inventory of the various metal, gears, wheels and a claw supplies in the VEX Boot Camp kits. For more community support and updated questions and answers, visit the VEX...


Mechanical Kits for sale on Amazon


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