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Tribute for two elegant and iconic ships in her days; RMS Olympic & RMS Mauretania.


Lego RMS Olympic
Now can you see the building of the RMS Olympic on the LEGO format. You can also get to know how to build boats with the special details which gives more ...


Lego Olympic


R.M.S Olympic: Loss Of The Old Reliable
Sorry for the inactivity recently, I have been very busy. I hope you all enjoy this! Sinking is ''FICTIONAL'' Link To Website ...


LEGO Team GB London Olympics 2012 figure collection review!
Check out my new LEGO speed build channel! ⏩ Blog: Instagram: jangbricks4real Facebook ...


Lego Superheroes Olympics 2017
Lego superheroes olympics is an funny stop motion video of hulk batman and spiderman. You will find the strongest, fastest and the most athletic superheroes.


Lego Olympic crash submarine U-103
Via YouTube Capture.


LEGO Britannic sinks in 40 seconds [Video 1]
Model of the HMHS Britannic sinking in my swimming pool. The Britannic was the sister ship of the famous Titanic. Unlike the Titanic, the britannic served as a ...


Lego Olympics


LEGO Lusitania Model Sinking 【Starboard View】
After a long hiatus here's my LEGO Model of the RMS Lusitania Sinking in my pool. -Starboard Side View . //Sinks as close as I could possibly replicate the ...


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