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Lego Pirate Sea Battle 4
A fight to the death between the Redcoats and a group of blood thirsty pirates.


LEGO Pirate Sea Battle - LEGO Police Chase Part 3
The epic third and final episode of the LEGO Police Chase trilogy! Facebook: Twitter: ...


Lego PIRATES! Full Movie!
PIRATES! is an adventure/drama set during the time of classic lego pirates. John Todd is the first mate of Captain BlackHeart's crew of plundering pirates.


Lego Pirate Sea Battle 3
The pirates are on the hunt for treasure, but they are stopped by a whole army of red coats. Lego Pirate Sea Battle 4 ...


Lego The UnDead Pirates
A small Village is under attack by Captain Brickbones and his undead crew! The Governors soldiers are defenceless! A swashbuckling Hero swoops in just in ...


The LEGO Kraken
A noblewoman has been kidnapped by pirates so an Imperial Ship has been sent to save her! But what else might be lurking in the sea? Facebook: ...


Silent Mary 71042 Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Stop Motion review
Stop Motion animation of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean set 71042 Silent Mary from 2017 with 2294 pi├Ęces and 8 minifigs. - Includes eight minifigures: Captain ...


Lego Pirates 1989 Ultimate Stop Motion Review
Stop Motion video with all Lego Pirates sets from 1989 - first year when Lego Pirates have been released. Lego sets shown in this video: - 6235 Buried Treasure ...


Lego Pirates Ship Battle
Lego pirates ship battle action short inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean.


LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - Episode 01 - Jack Sparrow (HD Gameplay Walkthrough)
Thank you for Watching, hope you enjoyed! Also, if you guys can please consider leaving a like below by hitting the thumbs up icon For More Lego Worlds ...


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