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Scalextric Set Review: Continental Sports Cars
Scalextric Set Review: Continental Sports Cars.


Scalextric Digital Set SL201! Massive 6 Car Slot car Track Jadlam Racing
Check out our best set yet, the SL201! With 150ft of track its a monster, Race up to 6 Digital Slot cars! Make sure you watch the end of the video where we are ...


Scalextric Set Review: Fast and Furious 6
Fast and Furious 6 movie scalextric set review Chevrolet camaro vs Dodge Challenger.


Scalextric Digital Set Review: Pit Stop Challenge
Scalextric Digital Set Review: Pit Stop Challenge.


Is This The Most Realistic F1 Scalextric Silverstone Ever Built?
We take a look at The Racing Room's scalextric version of Silverstone. Have you seen better? Subscribe to WTF1: Thanks to The ...


AFX & Scalextric comparison review - Top Shelf
Top Shelf presents a comparison of AFX and Scalextric Slot car sets. We explain the characteristics of the cars, give you an idea on the space needed and lastly ...


Scalextric Slot Cars, Toy Fair 2018
Every year at Toy Fair NY I make sure I interview my friend Dave Kennedy. Dave is a guru of the slot car world and this year he's representing for ...


Scalextric | ARC PRO PLATINUM GT SET C1374
Scalextric App Race Control (ARC)... the first slot car race control system that allows users to wirelessly create and manage races through the use of a handheld ...


Scalextric | C1383 Stock Car Challenge Set
Stock racing is a high octane, high impact and aggressive motorsport series which attracts thousands of fans to race meets every year. Now you can bring the ...


10 Best Slot Car Sets 2016
10 Best Slot Car Sets 2016 Who doesn't remember owning a slot car set? Playing with these as a young boy was probably one of the most thrilling things you ...


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