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Shopkins 2 Pack Palooza Opening Season 1 2 3 4 5 Food Fair Fashion Spree Toy Review | PSToyReviews
It's time for a Shopkins 2 pack palooza. Today we are opening up lots of blind bags from season 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 plus Food Fair & Fashion Spree. We are always on ...


Shopkins 2 Pack Palooza Season 6 5 4 2 Food Fair Easter Egg Opening | PSToyReviews
This is a Shopkins 2 pack palooza opening. We have Food Fair, Fashion Spree, Easter Eggs & seasons 2 4 5 & 6. We are on the hunt for limited editions or ultra ...


Shopkins 2 Pack Palooza Season 8 Limited Edition Hunt Toy Review | PSToyReviews
Join the PSToyReviews Crew - subscribe here Today we are opening up Season 8 Shopkins 2 packs. We are always on the hunt for a ...


Mega Large Random Surprise Lot of 200 Shopkins Season 2, 3, 4 & Exclusives - Video Cookieswirlc
MEGA LARGE Package unboxing and review of 200 Shopkins that I ordered in a random lot! It is a complete mystery surprise which Shopkins are inside, ...


Shopkins Season 1 2 & 3 2 Pack Basket Unboxing Opening Blind Bag Fun
Today we have a really fun video for you. We have Shopkins season 1, 2 & 3 blind baskets to open. How fun, all of the seasons of Shopkins in one video.


Shopkins Food Fair Season 2 Lunchbox 2 Pack Toy Review Channel Opening | PSToyReviews
Wow, today we have a full box of the new Shopkins Food Fair Season 2. These little surprise lunchbox 2 packs are adorable. You can find a limited edition ...


Shopkins SEASON 2 12 Packs Unboxing 6 Shopkins 12 Packs 5 ULTRA RARES
Shopkins SEASON 2 12 Packs Unboxing. We unboxed 6 Shopkins 12 Packs and we find 5 ULTRA RARES. The Shopkins Season 2 12 Packs comes with 12 ...


Shopkins Season 1 2 & 3 2 Pack Blind Baskets Bag Unboxing | PSToyReviews
Hi, Paul and Shannon here and we love to open and collect all kinds of toys. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on any of our new videos.


Queen Elsa Shopkins 20 Mega Pack Season 2 Disney Frozen Fever Princess Anna Dolls Toy Blind Bags
Queen Elsa (Disney Frozen Fever dolls) opening a reviewing for Shopkins Season 2 Mega 20 pack that comes with a pink shopping basket and surprise ...


Queen Elsa Shopkins Season 2 Packs Blind Bag Basket Review Opening Disney Frozen Anna Dolls
SUBSCRIBE: Disney Frozen Queen Elsa is going to make a snack for ...


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