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Shopkins 2 Pack Palooza Season 6 5 4 2 Food Fair Easter Egg Opening | PSToyReviews
This is a Shopkins 2 pack palooza opening. We have Food Fair, Fashion Spree, Easter Eggs & seasons 2 4 5 & 6. We are on the hunt for limited editions or ultra ...


Shopkins 2 Pack Palooza Opening Season 1 2 3 4 5 Food Fair Fashion Spree Toy Review | PSToyReviews
It's time for a Shopkins 2 pack palooza. Today we are opening up lots of blind bags from season 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 plus Food Fair & Fashion Spree. We are always on ...


Queen Elsa Shopkins Season 2 Packs Blind Bag Basket Review Opening Disney Frozen Anna Dolls
SUBSCRIBE: Disney Frozen Queen Elsa is going to make a snack for ...


Shopkins 2 Pack Surprise Basket Palooza All Seasons 8 & More | PSToyReviews
Today our basket is full of Shopkins from every season 1-8 plus special editions like Food Fair season 1 & 2 plus Fashions Spree. We also have surprise Easter ...


Shopkins SEASON 5 2 Pack Blind Backpacks Bag Opening | PSToyReviews
Wow, look at all of the new Shopkins season 5 2 pack backpacks. We can't wait to open up these Petkins backpacks and see what is hiding. We might get lucky ...


Shopkins 2 Pack Palooza All Seasons + Special Editions Toy Review | PSToyReviews
Are you ready for a Shopkins Palooza? Then you are in luck. Today we are opening 2 packs from all seasons 1-7 plus Food Fair season 1 & 2. We also have ...


Shopkins Season 3- 4 2 Packs Opening


Shopkins Season 4 2 Pack Blind Baskets Opening Toy Review | PSToyReviews
Hey guys, we are going to open up half a box of Shopkins season 4 2 pack blind baskets. I wonder if we will find some Petkins or even a limited edition? Leave a ...


Queen Elsa Shopkins 20 Mega Pack Season 2 Disney Frozen Fever Princess Anna Dolls Toy Blind Bags
Queen Elsa (Disney Frozen Fever dolls) opening a reviewing for Shopkins Season 2 Mega 20 pack that comes with a pink shopping basket and surprise ...


Shopkins Food Fair Season 2 Lunchbox 2 Pack Toy Review Channel Opening | PSToyReviews
Wow, today we have a full box of the new Shopkins Food Fair Season 2. These little surprise lunchbox 2 packs are adorable. You can find a limited edition ...


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