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LEGO WW1 battle of the Somme (Tank attack) lego stop motion. Part 2.
Lego Great War epic stop motion - part 2 (tank attack) Battle of the Somme Minifigures are provided by TheMinifigCo: ...


LEGO MODERN WARFARE FILM - part 1 (Long road home)
LEGO war stop motion is based on true story. 2004, Iraq Second part is here:


Animation made by raptor5120 *** Made with Blender 2.76 Sound effects: Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Music: "Americana" by Kevin MacLeod ...


LEGO HAUL #53 - BULK LEGO Minifigure Parts, WW1 Soldier Parts, Heads, LEGO Tan Tiles, LEGO Heads!
Halo ARMOR: Other Custom Minifigures: For more LEGO Videos feel free to Subscribe, means a lot to me :D ...


Lego WW2 - Battle of Carentan
WW2 - June 12, 1944 - Carentan, France - American soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division attempted to capture the German occupied town of Carentan, France ...


Lego VS Army Men | The General
The start of a classic conflict. The cheap plastic soldiers find themselves on the same table with the blocky Lego presence. The is only room for one, so who will ...


D-Day Invasion: Omaha Beach
The greatest battle of ww2...if you don't know a good description your stupidity saddens me...


World War 2 - D-Day (Claymation)
THE ALLIES! - D - Day (Pilot) Pvt Dave Monday lands on the beach and fight his way up to a German bunker. Subscribe ...


Toys Nostalgia: 12 Cool Ways to Reuse Lego, Puzzle, Toy soldiers and More
Want to give your childhood toys a chance to shine one more time? We've got you covered with a dozen cool ways to repurpose your toys and bring them back ...


LEGO WW2 - BATTLE FOR BERLIN 1945, last great battle of ww2
Lego ww2 stopmotion Battle of Berlin ( Fall of Berlin ) Made with brickarms , brickmania , and military lego compatible tanks/soldiers from aliexpress Stopmotion ...


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