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Minster Paving Random Patio Kit - 5.76m2 Autumn Brown
Thinking of redesigning or even updating the design of your garden then this Minster Paving Random Patio Kit is ideal.The beautiful slabs are made from reconstituted stone, and come in four different sizes giving a random appearance when the kit is built. They have the look of time worn natural reclaimed stone, having subtle colours and tones, as w ...
159.99 GBP    
Minster Octagon Kit - 2.3m Autumn Brown
Thinking of redesigning or even updating the design of your garden then this Minster Octagon Kit is ideal.The beautiful slabs are made from reconstituted stone, and come in five different shapes and sizes giving a beautiful octagon shape when the kit is built. They have a time worn appearance of natural reclaimed stone, with subtle colours and tone ...
229.99 GBP    
Broccoli Seeds - Autumn Spear
An abundance of delicious green spears from September to November.Tom says: The slightly untidy cousin of calabrese, broccoli provides you with the first harvests of the year in January-April. The sweet, earthy flavour complements all kinds of dishes from Asian inspired stir-fries to Sunday roasts.
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Carrot Seeds - Autumn King 2
Autumn King 2 is a large, popular, late maturing carrot producing good-sized, cylindrical, red-cored roots of extra fine quality. A heavy cropper that's good for storing too.
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Carrot Seeds - Autumn King 2
Good-sized, cylindrical, red-cored roots of extra fine quality. Larger than the Nantes type, and good for storing.
4.99 GBP    
Leek Seeds - Autumn Giant 3 Albana
A top quality leek for a long season of production, giving high yields of flavoursome, medium-sized stems averaging 20-23cm (8-9) in length with little or no bulbing. It also stands extreme weather conditions remarkably well.
2.99 GBP    
Leek Seeds - Blue Green Autumn Neptune
An impressive leek producing flavoursome white stems that are ready to harvest from November to January. Shows good winter hardiness and resistance to rust.
1.55 GBP    
Iris Bulbs - Autumn Princess
Exotic-looking blooms that are a beautiful combination of autumnal honey-lemon and orange shades. Flowers June-July. Height 50-65cm. Bulb size 8/9cm. (Bulb sizes quoted in centimetres refer to the circumference of bulbs. All bulbs are sourced from cultivated stocks.)
6.99 GBP    
Seed Tin - Carrot Autumn King 2
A brand new format. Our new tins contain twice the amount of seeds, split into three packets for successional sowing and extended cropping. Autumn King 2 - Try roasting your carrots to concentrate their sweetness.
4.95 GBP    
Onion Sets - Autumn Champion
This superb onion matures from late July and stores well until the end of the year. Whilst mildish in flavour it's a little more robust than others offered due to its slightly higher dry matter content. The best choice if you only have room for one! 250g pack.
3.99 GBP    
Garlic Bulbs - Lovers Autumn Planting Collection
Now an essential part of so many kitchen gardens, with excellent health benefits (lowering blood pressure, fat and cholesterol levels and combating infections). And they couldn't be easier to grow - simply plant the garlic cloves in autumn, and they'll be ready to lift and dry next July! Garlic Lovers' Collection contains 8 bulbs (2 bulbs of Printa ...
12.00 GBP    
Bergenia Plant - Autumn Magic
This bergenia variety is unique as it produces its bunches of pink flowers during the autumn period as well as the spring (unlike most varieties which only bloom in the spring). Its large green leaves also take on a tint of red during the same period. Very distinctive! Flowers August-September and March-April. Height 20-30cm (8-12); spard 30-40cm ( ...
9.99 GBP    
Shallot Bulbs - Autumn Twin Pack
Twin pack contains 500g each of Griselle & Longor:Griselle - A robust spicy taste that will not disappoint! Best planted October to mid December, it multiplies well to give a good crop of long, grey-skinned bulbs in June. Use green or dried for storage well into winter. Essential vegetables with a distinct flavour. Ideal for pickling as well as coo ...
8.99 GBP    
Aster Plant - Autumn Jewels 'Aqua Compact'
Aster 'Aqua Compact' is an attractive dwarf daisy, forming a bushy clump covered in September and October with semi-double bright blue flowers with golden centres. Gorgeous late summer and autumn colour at the front of borders. Loved by butterflies and bees. Flowers August-October. Height 30-40cm (12-16); spread 20-30cm (8-12). Supplied in a 2 litr ...
9.99 GBP    
Bumper Autumn Planting Collection - Onion/Shallot/Garlic
Six varieties for the kitchen garden - collection contains 1 pack each of the following varieties:Onion Set Electric - Produces outstanding quality, shiny, deep red semi-globe-shaped onions with excellent flavoured pink tinged flesh. Ideal for over wintering, plant in autumn-early winter for harvest May-June. 250g pack.Onion Set Autumn Champion - T ...
15.47 GBP    
Viola Plants - Autumn Select Mix
We love this beautiful mix of viola plants, and what a way to add instant colour to your autumn and winter bedding. Youll enjoy a selection of cheerful colours that together create a beautiful display, perfect for a pot or container. Better yet, you can look forward to months of colour as the flowers bloom from autumn through to spring.Repeat flowe ...
9.00 GBP    
Viola Plants - Autumn Select
Paint your autumn and winter patio with colour, thanks to this vibrant Viola Autumn Select Mix. Combining colours that work well to create a cheerful, bright display when your garden needs it most, this viola mix is perfect for a pot or container. Youll enjoy month after month of those gorgeous colours, as it flowers right through to spring.A great ...
9.99 GBP    
Viola Plants - Autumn Select
A great array of colours on this repeat flowering form to provide many months of colour. Flowers October-May. Height 11-20cm (4-8); spread 11-20cm (4-8).
14.99 GBP    
Viola Plants - Autumn Select
Add a little personality to your winter bedding with these cheerful winter flowers. Viola Autumn Select will produce spectacular little flowers in an array of colours, and that means lots of colour for your borders in the autumn and winter. They may be smaller than pansies, but these bright little winter flowers will produce lots more blooms, so t ...
9.99 GBP    
Autumn Cropping Oriental Veg Mix
Perfect to plant in the spaces created by your summer cropping veg, why not keep your outdoor space filled with our autumn cropping Oriental Veg Mix. Mix includes 11 value plugs each of Spicy Oriental Leaf Mix and Red Chinese Cabbage Scarvita.
7.99 GBP    
Autumn/Winter Shrub Collection
Brighten up the garden during the autumn and winter with this range of large established 2 and 3 litre potted shrubs that will help to provide colour, interest, structure and fragrance when the garden really needs it. Collection contains three plants (1 of each variety). Scroll down for full details.
25.00 GBP    
Leek Plants - Autumn Mix
A mixture of top quality F1 leek varieties that will be ready to start picking in September and continue to provide a successional harvest late into winter!
9.99 GBP    
Leek Plants - Autumn Mixed
A mixture of top quality F1 leek varieties that will be ready to start picking in September and continue to provide a successional harvest late into winter!
14.99 GBP    
Vitax Autumn Lawn Feed

11.99 GBP    
Dahlia Tubers - Autumn Fairy
Long blooming border dahlia, large flower heads with deep orange eye, good cut flower. Flowers until first frosts. Height 30-40cm (12-16). Decorative type. (Please note: We are not normally able to accept orders for tubers after mid April.)
6.99 GBP    
Autumn Gold - Bulk
This Autumn Gold Flint stones will add some texture and interest to your garden. The golden brown coloured stones are ideal for driveways, paths and patios, alpines and rock gardens. They will also help deter weeds on beds and borders, can be used as a plant topping for your container plants, and are suitable for using with water features and aquat ...
119.99 GBP    
Autumn Leaves Lights
Shades of red, gold and yellow with touches of green are found in this string of autumn leaf lights made of metal for durability. Ideal for indoors and outdoors. Total length 2.3 illuminated 1.8. 4 x AA batteries required (not supplied).
29.99 GBP    

Autumn Plants Bulbs and Accessories from Harrod Horticultural in UK

Harrod Vintage Autumn Raspberry Frame
The Harrod Vintage Autumn Raspberry Frame Is Crafted From 10mm Solid Steel Rods To Create A Strong Support Frame Of Exceptional Quality, Perfect For Supporting Autumn Raspberry Canes. Designed And Manufactured By Us In The Uk The Frames Come With A 10 Year Structural Guarantee. the Raspberry Frames Uses Strong Steel Rods That Connect Together With ...
99.00 GBP    
Harrod Autumn Raspberry Support
Originally Inspired By A Bespoke Harrod Design Project For One Of Our Customers The Raspberry Support Uses Our Tried And Tested High Quality Components. The Frame Is Made Using High Quality Galvanised Steel, Powder Coated Matt Black For A Long Lasting Finish And Comes Complete With Discreet Black Stainless Steel Fixings. the Wire Support Used In Th ...
179.00 GBP    


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