Blueberries from Suttons in UK

Blueberry Plants - Collection
Three outstanding varieties that will provide you with juicy berries, throughout summer and autumn, for years to come. Ideal for growing on the patio (they are best grown in ericaceous compost), or in the garden. The rusty red-tipped spring foliage, attractive blossom, stunning autumn foliage and red winter stems are an added bonus! Comprises: Earl ...
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Pink Blueberry Plant - Pink Lemonade
Bushy, upright-growing plants with fine, pointed leaves, which are ideal for growing in a mixed ornamental border as well as in the fruit garden. The heavy crops of berries start out bright green, turning pale pink and finally, when they mature in August/September, deep rose-pink. They have a delicious sweet taste, with a pleasant, solid texture an ...
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Lowberry Blueberry Plant - Little Blue Wonder
Beautiful white flowers May-June, delicious berries, then wonderful coloured autumn foliage. The masses of small, light blue berries have the fresh flavour of wild bluberries! Harvest August-September. Supplied in a 1 litre pot.Lowberries are a range of fruit that are selected to be grown simply and effectively in any small space, even balconies an ...
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Blueberry Plant - Rubel
Rubel's small, dark berries are perfect for pies, muffins and pancakes, but are too delicious to pass up fresh. You can't find flavour like this in the supermarket! The strong-growing bushes, up to 1.8m (6') tall, are cold hardy and a consistent provider. Foliage turns bright fire red in the autumn. Matures in early August. Flowers July-August. Hei ...
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