Composters from Suttons in UK

Rota Composter
Recycle garden and household waste into rich compost with this rotating composter. It has two chambers for efficient batch composting - fill one side with fresh waste while the other side is maturing. Made from robust UV-stabilised plastic, it has built-in churning paddles to break down and mix the contents for faster, more efficient composting, ad ...
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Beehive Composter
This versatile and attractive product can be used as a regular composter, but unlike many others, we think you'll agree it makes a stylish focal point in its own right. It has a lifting lid with lid stay for easy access, removable bottom panel, and comes in a lovely natural timber finish. Capacity 328 litres. 74cm (29) wide x 74cm (29) deep x 80cm ...
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Budget Composter
Quick and easy assembly Pressure treated to protect against rot Natural timber finish 439 litre capacityDimensions: EXTERNAL - 600mm height, 1000mm width, 1000mm depth.(PLEASE NOTE: A postage surcharge per item ordered is applicable.)
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Hotbin Composter
HotBin is a 200 litre hot composting bin that is easy to use. It quickly transforms kitchen waste and plate scrapings (including meat and fish), grass cuttings, garden prunings and leaves into nutritious compost. The insulated walls and effective aeration allow high temperatures to be reached and sustained, which means that food waste can be succes ...
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Composters from Harrod Horticultural in UK

Hotbin Composter
The 200 Litre Capacity Hot Bin - Like Most Things That Work - Is A Simple Design To Help Maximise What Nature Does By Bringing Together The Right Conditions To Make Hot Composting Easier. It Is The Bacteria Decomposing The Waste That Generates The Heat And The Hotbin Aims To Keep Them Happy So You Can Enjoy Fast Successful Composting.the 55cm Wide ...
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Urbalive Worm Composter Kit
The Urbalive Worm Composter Kit Can Be Used Indoors Or Outdoors For Composting Kitchen Waste With The Red Worms. The Worms Work Best In Sheltered Conditions So If Possible The Best Places To Site The Composter Are In The Garden Shed, Garage Or Greenhouse Or A Sheltered Spot Near The Kitchen Door. If You Are Leaving Your Urbalive Outside It Should ...
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328l Beehive Composter
Traditionally, The Composting Area In A Garden Has Been Hidden Away - A Secret World Tucked Out Of Sight At The End Of The Vegetable Patch; But Theres No Need To Hide Away The 328l Beehive Composter.attractive And Efficient At Housing Decomposing Material, The Composter Can Be Positioned Adjacent To Your Beds Or Borders Without Aesthetically Compro ...
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175 Litre Tumbling Composter
Compost In Comfort With The Double Chamber 175 Litre Tumbling Composter And Revolutionise Your Garden And Growing At The Same Time By Producing Valuable, Well Rotted Compost Much Faster Than A Traditional Heap.the 72cm Wide, 95cm High By 66cm Deep Rugged Uv Stabilised Plastic Drum Is Easy To Assemble And Sits Securely On The Steel Frame And The Sli ...
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Composters from Agriframes in UK

RollMix Composter
A revolution in composting – the RollMix Composter serves an ever increasing consumer trend for household waste separation, offering a practical solution as well as unbeatable value for money. • Rolling action adds oxygen whilst mixing compost • Thick PVC fabric traps heat, accelerating the composting process • Drainage holes stop compo ...
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