Compost Tumblers from Harrod Horticultural in UK

Compostumbler Sifter Screen
The Compostumbler Sifter Screen Is An Invaluable Accessory To Use With The 334 Litre 635 Litre Compostumblers; Just Attach This Specially Designed Screen To The Opening To Unload Fine Crumbly Compost. Works Well For Making Your Own Potting Compost, Or To Achieve Finer Mulch For Flower Borders And Shrubs. Not Suitable For Use With Either The 140 Li ...
47.95 GBP    
Sifter Screen For 700ltr Double Chamber Compostumbler
The Sifter Screen Makes Composting Easier Than Ever. When Your Compost Is "cooked", And Youre Ready To Empty The Barrel, Just Replace The Door With The Sifter Screen, There Are No Tools Youre Ready To Sift Out The Smaller Particles. Just Turn The Drum Of Your 700 Litre Double Chamber Compostumbler And The Ine Particles Of Compost Fall Th ...
45.95 GBP    

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