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OXO Good Grips Hand Held Mandoline Slicer

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Digital Food Dryer & Dehydrator - Fruit Dehydrater with Digital temperature control & Timer
The Digital food dehydrator extends the fruit season for your family in the healthiest possible way. For centuries, dehydratation has been the most natural method for preserving food for a longer period of time. Now the latest technology has been applied to this time-tested concept to free it from its former dependence on weather conditions or country location! With this method, only the water is extracted, while all important nutrients are preserved and NO preservatives or chemicals are added. Unlike other Dryers - a three-stage heat fan and the forced ventilation of the separate dehydrator trays is used - this dehydrator can gently preserve fruit, mushrooms, vegetables and herbs. The food and Fruit dehydrator or Dryer can be operated with up to 6 dehydrator trays. An informative instruction manual with suggested recipes and dehydration times will assist you in your first dehydration experience. Operating principle - The food dehydrator works according to a very simple principle: hot air flows downwards through a central chimney and is distributed evenly in the individual dehydration trays, thereby extracting the moisture from fruit and other food. The device features a timer and turns off automatically when the dehydration process is finished. The dehydrated food is then wonderfully preserved and will keep for many months in sealable glass or plastic container. The right temperature is crucial - Level 1: approx 35°C above ambient temperature for herbs and mushrooms - Level 2: approx 50°C above ambient temperature for all vegetables and delicate fruits - Level 3: approx 65°C above ambient temperature for all types of fruit. 5 Trays and a lid - 32cm diameter. Full No Quibble Warranty is included.
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Excelvan Food Dehydrator Fruit Dryer Machine Electric 5 Tier Food Preserver with Adjustable Temperature Control 240W/White
FUDISI Tech provides qualified products with reasonable price, we pioneer to the best design to satisfy customer's fashion lifestyle .Welcome to our store and get what you want

Enjoy own DIY beef jerky, banana chips, dryed fruits or any other tasty dryed vegetables and etc.
Possessing Excelvan electric food dehydrator, you can totally achieve whenever or whatever you want to dryed and eat. Nutural, healthy and tasty!
Excelvan food dehydrator applies a flow-drying system to slowly extract moisture & preserve foods by using low levels of heat.
This process inhibits the growth of bacteria, prolong food shelf-life & preservation, retains nutrients and flavour.
Far more beneficial than canning or freezing! Operated with the motor fan, safety with overheating protection.
Large 5 removable tiers allow you to dehydrate different types of food simultaneously.
The drying trays are easy to wash and measure 31cm diameter and 3.5 cm deep so that thicker cut foods can be used without hassle.
A quick, convenient and economical way to create natural, healthy and delicious snacks, elegant appearance polishes your kitchen!

1: Product dimension: 315*340*270mm(12*13*11in)
2: Item weight: 2.4KG/5.3 pounds
3: Power: 200-240W
4: Voltage: 220-2400V, 50/60Hz
5: Temperature range: 35-70℃/95-158℉
6: Color: White
7: Number of tier: Five

Do not wash the BASE in a dishwasher or immerse it in water or any other liquid.

Package Included
1* Excelvan food dehydrator
1* User manual
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Vivo © Professional 5 Tray Food Dehydrator Fruit Dryer Machine Thermostatic Control

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Andrew James Premium Digital Food Dehydrator With Timer And Adjustable Temperature Control
The Andrew James Digital Food Dehydrator is the fast and easy way to make delicious healthy and natural snacks like banana chips, fruit roll ups, fruit leathers and beef jerky.

The superior air circulation this machine generates means food is uniformly dried, with no need to rotate trays halfway through dehydrating.

An adjustable digital thermostat range of 40-70 °C lets different foods dry at correct temperatures, and the adjustable digital timer lets you program the dehydrator for up to 48 hours.

With six spacious drying layers, there is enough capacity to hold large quantities of food easily.

The variable tray stacking system lets you stack the trays at two different heights, allowing the dehydrator to accommodate food of different size and thickness

Flexible dehydrator sheets are also available from Andrew James: ASIN B00P94S5AO

Dimensions: L44 x W29 x H21

Thermostat range of 40-70 °C

230 v 50Hz 550 watts

CE and ROHS approval

Manual including guidelines

Please note: food, plates, knife and board not included

About Andrew James

Andrew James is a family-owned manufacturer and online retailer. The company was founded in 2005 by two cousins, when their passion for family dinner parties inspired them to start a business supplying unique and innovative kitchen and home gadgets.

After achieving success with their first product - the 'raclette' grill - the cousins went on to add more and more fantastic products to the Andrew James range, and the company now stocks over 700 different appliances, tools, gadgets and accessories.

No longer limited to the kitchen, Andrew James also supplies pet products, home accessories, sports and fitness products and garden equipment.

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Vivo © Professional 4 Tray Food Dehydrator Plus Fruit Dryer Machine Thermostat Control

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Chuzy Chef Food Dehydrator Sheets, Set Of 9 Premium 14" X 14" Non-Stick Teflon, For Excalibur 2500, 3500, 2900 Or 3900 Beige

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Baking Tray Liner Sheet Silicone Set (2) Large 38cm x 28cm - Professional Grade Non Stick Baking Cookie Sheet


HATE HAVING TO GREASE PANS WHEN YOU BAKE? KITZINI SilIcone Baking Mats are the Ultimate Baking product, instantly creating NON-STICK Baking Pans/Trays
• Go FAT-FREE; EAT HEALTHY with no need for fats or oils

• 2x LARGE SIZE (38cm; x 28cm) one in Red Magenta, one in Teal Blue
• CERTIFIED FOOD SAFE • FDA and LFGB approved SILICONE • Professional Grade 0.75mm thickness
• SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE - Bake, Wipe, Rinse, Air Dry... and re-use again and again. No Need for baking paper
• EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION for great results each time • Create and Instant NON-STICK surface
• HEAT RESISTANT from minus 40°C (freezing) up to 200°C • Microwave safe • Use on the countertop for all types of dough
• EASY TO STORE • Just roll up or lie flat in your kitchen drawer

At Kitzini, we believe every cook in every kitchen deserves great, stylish, innovative products
That's why we search the globe for great products to help you create fantastic food, enjoy cooking & inspire you to try new recipes
So, get the most from your new purchase with our BONUS! FREE FANTASTIC HEALTHY FOOD eBOOK (usually £10), sent to you on an email or you can download from our website

WORRY FREE SHOPPING We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, we want you to be 100% HAPPY so if there is an issue with your product for any reason we will REFUND you

SO ORDER NOW - And when you do, consider buying for friends - they will love you for it and you may qualify for FREE SHIPPING from Amazon (orders over £20).

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Luvele Express Food Dehydrator Beef Jerky Maker Food Dryer Fruit & Vegetable Dryer
Electric Food Dehydrators eliminate much of the guess work in food drying and gives you the flexibility to dry food anytime of the day or night and in any weather. Drying food is the oldest method of preserving food. It is a natural process that creates an environment in which water is removed from food. Dehydrating food also seals in the flavours and nutrients of the food, leaving a high nutrient and vitamin content in your dried foods. Drying fresh, ripe fruit, vegetables, meats and just about any other type of food, allows you to enjoy these luxuries all year round. Storing of food is easy and takes up little storage space. Dried food has a long shelf life in air tight storage jars of approximately 4-6 months depending on type of food and climate. Drying fruit and vegetables with your Luvele Food Dehydrator will produce food that differs in colour and appearance from produce purchased in Health Food Stores and Supermarkets. This is because most commercially dried foods have artificial colouring and preservatives added to them. Whereas your Luvele Food Dehydrator requires no preservatives or additives. You can dry herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables straight from your garden. You can make delicious beef jerky with your favourite herbs and spices. Natural healthy snacks can easily be created using your Luvele Food Dehydrator, also a variety of fruit rolls-ups. It is all about experimenting, the choices are endless. SIZE, 34cm in diameter - 28cm in height.
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Biltong Maker Biltong Box Beef Jerky Dehydrator Biltong Spice with GREY Back Panel, 200g FREE SPICE and Light Bulb
The Satara is a great Biltong Maker with a matt finish lid and base, created with ease of use in mind, robust and reliable, a great machine that will produce amazing biltong every time. Made from 3mm thick impact resistant acrylic with a durable 3mm thick foamex back support panel. The 3mm thick panels are easily assembled via rigid corner beading especially manufactured for ourselves and provides greater strength and support. The use of Aluminium rod supports along with the very modern square aluminium give this a great feel and look, allowing the 3 rods flexibility to be placed in varied locations along the black angled support giving the freedom to make sure your meat is dried to perfection during the whole hanging process, extra rods can also be purchased and added if required New design in the Rod holders, Easy Clip on and off for easy cleaning The tidy, compact and modern design of this unique Biltong Maker, creates a modern and chic look, and would look great in any room, including the kitchen, office or even a bedroom. Supplied flat-packed with easy to assemble instructions and will have you ready to hang your meat in less than 5 minutes. Easily dismantled for ease of cleaning or to be stored when not in use or if you wish to take it away with you. We are extremely proud of our Biltong maker and the great quality. Manufactured with Superior components and packaging. We use top grade components to bring you a quality product at a fantastic price. Any Questions please E-Mail
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