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Grape Vine Plant - Flame (Seedless)
One of the most popular varieties of grape that tastes even better just picked from the vine. Suitable for outdoor and greenhouse/conservatory growing. Supplied as a grafted plant in a 2 litre pot.Choose a sunny spot and our variety will provide you with a bountiful crop of delicious grapes! The vine is very attractive too!
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Grape Vine Plant - Perlette
Seedless white grape producing very large bunches of golden-green, delicious dessert grapes. Also suitable for greenhouse or conservatories. Vigorous and heavy cropping. Supplied as a grafted plant in a 3 litre pot.Choose a sunny spot and our variety will provide you with a bountiful crop of delicious grapes! The vine is very attractive too!
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Grape Vines for sale from Amazon UK

These Long-shanked Screw Eyes Also Known As Vine Eyes Can Be Used To Attach Support Wires To Wooden Fence Posts When Growing Soft Fruit Or Grape Vines Etc, The Plants Then Being Tied To The Wires
Provides Secure Fixing In Walls And Posts
Great For Training Climbing Plants Up Wall Or Fences
Can Be Used Indoor Or Outdoors

Not Specified
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288 FEET-48 Big Value Artificial Fake Hanging Plant Leaves Garland Home Garden Wall Decoration English Ivy Silk Greenery Wedding Garlands
A beautifully wrapped banister makes a heavenly staircase.

With our classical artificial English ivy garland, you can wrap anything in style.

Our English ivy garland is connectible at each end, making your decorating easy.
Use alone, or to add accent to wedding flowers already in place.

The English ivy garland has realistic looking silk leaves, perfect for a classic occasion.
Additional Information:

Green stem.

Each strand is approx. 6' long.
Leaves come in various sizes ranging from approx. 1" to 2 1/2" wide.

Each order contains 48 strands(36pcs Ivy leaves,3pcs Money leaves,3pcs grape leaves,3pcs Red ivy leave,3pcs Lotus leaves)
List Price: 36.99
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PRUNING SHEARS -Smaier Heavy Duty Hand Pruners For Serious Gardening - Versatile, Razor Sharp Garden Clippers, Tree Trimmers, Secateurs and Steel Bypass Pruner

Are You Frustrated By Spending Money On So-Called "Professional" Grade Pruners That Cause You Pain, Discomfort & Make Gardening Tiresome? If So, We'd Like To Introduce You To The Smaier Pruning Shears.

The Benchmark Hand Pruner

Made for Professional & Home Use These Classic Style Heavy-Duty Pruners Are The Choice for the Toughest Gardening Challenges. Built for Hard Use, These Blade Pruning Shears Have a Smooth, Precise Cutting Action & Are Designed to Deliver Maximum Force with Minimum Pressure. Strong & Powerful to Tackle Tree Branches, Shrubs, Hedges & Orchards, Whilst Still Precise Enough For The Most Delicate Pruning of Rose Stems, Bonsai, Ornamentals & Flowers. Ideal Pruner for Men, Women & Arthritis Sufferers.

Manufactured for Excellence

The Smaier Professional Pruning Shears is the Final Evolution of the Classic Style Bypass Hand Pruner. Superior Manufacturing Processes, Attention to Ergonomics & Thoughtful Design Make This An Essential Piece of Gardening Equipment For Anyone in the Gardening, landscaping profession & the Serious Home Gardener.


• Cutting Size Diameter 1/2 - 3/4 Inch up to 1 Inch.
• High-Tempered Carbon Steel Blade Coated for a Durable Sharper Cutting Edge.
• Anti-Slip Cushioned Handle Grips & Shock Absorbing Pads to Reduce Repetitive Motion Injuries & Wrist Strain.
• Deep Sap Groove Prevents Sticking & Keeps Blade Clean After Each Cut.
• Integrated Wire Cutting Notch.

"Order Now" With Confidence With Ironclad Quality Guarantee, Priced for a Limited Time Only!>>
List Price: 49.99
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Darlac DP926 Vine Scissors
This excellent tool is perfect for deadheading, flower arranging, grape thinning, Bonsai and countless other jobs around the house and garden. It is lightweight, has hollow, carbon steel blades to reduce friction and at a sensible price it's no wonder that Kitchen Garden Magazine awarded it their 'Best Buy' in a recent poll!
List Price: 11.15
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Chenci Plant Tying Tool, Agriculture Tapener Tape Tool Hand Tying Machine for Fruit Flower Vegetable Vine Tomato Metal with Free 2*Tape & 1*Staples
This new type binding machine with plastic belt as the binding material and stitching needles to fix the belt. You can operate it with only one hand. It is easy to operate and convenient to carry, it works with high efficiency and would not hurt the plant.


Model: BZ-B
Material: Stainless steel
Color: Green
Blade: Taper Serrated Blades
Item Size: 33 * 17 * 2cm / 12.9 * 6.7 * 0.7in
Item Weight: 534g / 18.8oz
Package Size: 35.5 * 13.5 * 3.5cm / 13.9 * 5.3 * 1.3
Package Weight: 669g / 23.5oz
List Price: 49.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £22.99   
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These Long-shanked Screw Eyes Also Known As Vine Eyes Can Be Used To Attach Support Wires To Wooden Fence Posts When Growing Soft Fruit Or Grape Vines Etc, The Plants Then Being Tied To The Wires
Provides Secure Fixing In Walls And Posts
Great For Training Climbing Plants Up Wall Or Fences
Can Be Used Indoor Or Outdoors

Not Specified
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Vitis vinifera Liquid Fertilizer NPK Common Grape Vine Food / Feed
Each fertilizer contains only the highest quality in raw materials and chelates, which guarantee optimal nutrient absorption. The GREEN24 PROFI LINE is a joint project of ambitious gardeners and botanists in Germany / Austria and combines decades of expertise in the various disciplines in horticulture. These products are the best solutions on the market of mineral NPK fertilizers, based on the latest scientific findings.

Advantages of the PROFI LINE fertilizers:
1. Optimal absorption of nutrients through the roots or the leafs.
2. Rapid availability for the plant through effective complex compounds.
3. Matched nutrient combinations available for over 100 different plant species.
4. Very rich and very effective concentrated fertilizers.
5. New and fresh mixtures according to the current state of knowledge.
6. Can be combined with many pesticides.
7. Depending on the plant species and their condition 250 ml of the concentrated fertilizer are sufficient for 60-125 liters of ready to use liquid fertilizer!

There are helpful instructions on each fertilizer. Very easy to use, the dosage takes place with the help of the cap.
List Price: 9.95
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Lopunny Hand Pruner 2 Pieces Garden Tools Set Mini Pruning Bypass Shear and Micro-tip Trimming Scissors
Lopunny Pruning Tools Set are optimal tool sets for pruning, trimming, deadheading, shaping, snipping, harvesting, cutting or clipping small tree, shoots, annuals, herbs, bonsai, fruit, flower, vegetables, vines, and other small plants, etc., also for slicing open burlap bags, sawing rope, and other light garden tasks. This garden set meet most of your pruning needs. and will give you a excellent garden trimming experience.

√ Surgical Sharp Blades: cut through stems like soft butter and leave very clean cuts behind.
√ Micro-tip: easily reach the stems you want to cut without damaging the other vital branches, perfect for precision or delicate garden tasks.
√ Bypass Blades: works well for cutting live green plants.
√ Easy Spring-action: prevents aches and pains in your hands during long trimming sessions.
√ High Quality Carbon Steel: maintain long-lasting durability and perfect quality of speed and performance.
√ Safety mechanism Lock: easily open/lock with your thumb and keep your blades protected and closed when not in use.
√ Ergonomic Handles: with rubber cushioning, also have touch stripe design improve the comfortable feel and anti-slip function.
√ Lightweight and Small Size: not only right and left handed but also small and large hands gardener can comfortably use these snips.

Package Contents:
1 x Mini Bypass Pruning Shears
1 x Micro-tip Trimming Scissors

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
Lopunny are committed to offer our customers with minimum money cost, maximum efficiency innovation Garden & Home products.
Any problems please contact with us at any time. We will offer you satisfactory solution and reply you within 24 hours.
List Price: 29.99
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Becko’s Stainless Steel Pruning Shears / Heavy Duty Tree Trimmer / Versatile Sharp Tree Pruners for Lawn & Garden
It's time to make your garden look more beautiful with Becko's high quality garden shears. Manufactured with anti-rust stainless steel blades, Becko's garden clipper is one of the ideal gardening tools to tackle leaves, twigs and shrubs in your orchards, vineyards or garden.

Premium steel spring helps open blades gently after each cut to reduce hand strain. Sap groove keeps the blade from sticking and ambidextrous thumb lock ensures safety when not in use. With non-slip handles, Becko's hedge trimmer offers you a comfortable grip and easy operation.

Please lock the trimmer and keep it out of reach of children. After using, please clean the blades with a dry cloth clearly, then coat it with anti-rust grease and keep it in a dry place for next use.
List Price: 22.00
Amazon’s Lowest Price: £7.99   
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TABOR TOOLS K-7 Straight Blade Pruning Shears, Florist Multi-Tasking Garden Scissors, Small Secateurs for Arranging Flowers, Trimming Plants & Hydroponic Herbs, and Harvesting Fruits & Vegetables.
K-7 is fully suited for quick snips on small to medium plants, as well as all picking activities. You just found the perfect tool for dead-heading, harvesting flowers, vegetables, grapes, tomatoes, and more.

The blades of the K-7 are made of non-stick coated steel, allowing smooth and easy cuts even on thicker stems. The tool is friendly with people with arthritis or limited hand strength. High-grade blades offer a lasting sharp edge that cuts all the way to the tip, for right- and left-handed users.

A workhorse for years to come
Tabor K-7 is a workhorse that will not break after the first few snips! The tool features steel handles with a thick and substantial plastic coating for maximum comfort and long-lasting value.

Open/Close Strap & Sturdy Handles
This pruner features sturdy handles for increased comfort and optimum performance. Safety First: at the end of the upper handle, there is a leather open/close strap loop which allows for easy and safe storage after use.

Coated Steel Blades
This model features sharp steel blades which make razor sharp clean cuts, without effort! The blades are easy to clean and reduce germ build-up. They are sharp and work smoothly.

Shock Absorbing Spring
The embedded spring puts the bounce in your cuts and spring in your pruning! Your cutting action will be responsive and comfortable, and you'll be able to work without tiring your hands.
List Price: 16.00
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