Hydrangea Plants from Suttons in UK

Hydrangea Plant Endless Summer - The Bride
Endless Summer The Bride is a fabulous Hydrangea plant which produces season long blooms of pure white semi-double florets, which mature to blush pink towards the end of the season. A variety produced from the US Hydrangea breeding Programme, this magnificent Hydrangea is able to produce flowers on both new and old wood so is able to produce an abu ...
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Hydrangea Plant - Macrophylla Hamburg
Well known for their large heads of flowers which cover the plants during the summer and make an amazing show. The flowers can be blue or pink depending on the acidity of the soil. The more acidic the soil is, the deeper the blue your flowers will be. Flowers July-October. Height 1.5-2m (5'-6'6); spread 2.-2.5m (6'6-8'). Supplied in a 3 litre pot.
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Hydrangea Plant - Endless Summer Bloomstar
This hydrangea produces blooms up to 12cm across in a variety of colours from pink to blue depending on the pH level of the soil it is growing in. Its beautiful dark green leaves with its red petioles and veins make this plant a head turner even before the flowers bloom. Flowers change colour as they age - creating a multi-coloured effect! Flowers ...
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Hydrangea Plant - Endless Summer Twist 'N' Shout
Twist-N-Shout is a strong red stemmed hydrangea with flower colour ranging from deep pink to periwinkle blue and is also a re-blooming variety. The flower colours from deep pink to periwinkle blue and is dependent on the soil pH level. While the blooming time is from late spring to autumn, the plant with its beautiful foliage will continue to be so ...
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