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Fruit Picker Basket & Handle
Dont Let All Your Hard Work Throughout The Year Go To Waste By Dropping Ripe Tree Fruit When Harvesting - The Fruit Picker Basket Handle Is Just Perfect For Collecting Fruit From Those Uppermost Branches. The Lightweight Telescopic Aluminium Pole Extends From 1.8m/59" To 5m/165", Putting You Well Within Reach Of The Juicest Fruits, And The Task Of ...
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Apple Picker
This Apple Picker Is Ideal For Picking Those Hard To Reach Apples, Simply Put The Wire Teeth Around The Stem Of The Fruit And Gently Pull Away. The Long Handled Picker Makes Picking Fruit Faster And Is Safer Than Balancing On A Ladder!the Apple Picker Has A Foam Cushioned Liner To Prevent Bruising And Will Also Work On A Variety Of Other Fruits Lik ...
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Fruit Picking Tools from Suttons in UK

Berry Picker
Anyone who has ever gone through the fiddly process of picking currants or berries will find this clever gadget a joy to use! It has a comb that separates the berries from the stem in a simple brushing motion, and collects them, which means you can harvest up to ten times faster than picking by hand. Can also be used for dead-heading flowers. 14cm ...
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Fruit Picking Tools from Agriframes in UK

Leaf Picker

A fast and efficient approach to leaf collection for use on lawns, paths and in borders. Ergonomic design with easy pick-up and discard mechanism.

L400cm x H70cm

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