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WowWee Robotic Enhanced Vehicles (R.E.V), 2-Pack
R.E.V's are Robotic Enhanced Vehicles that are designed for combat. Leave the track behind, and the let the world be your battlefield. Equipped with cutting edge Artificial Intelligence, in conjunction with BeaconSense technology, Each vehicle is outfitted with BeaconSense technology, a proprietary indoor GPS system that enables them to sense their surroundings and navigate accordingly. REV does not require a special surface or mat to play on, and up to 16 different vehicles can enter the game at any time. Introducing REV by WowWee. REV are Robotic Enhanced Vehicles that are app-enabled and built for battle. REVs can think, drive and fight for themselves- no player two required. REVs are hardwired to outwit, outplay and outlast YOU, their human opponents. FEATURES • Unsurpassed multiplayer and AI battle experience • Limitless App-based game play • Two R.E.V.'s in each pack for out-of-box action MOBILE APP • Connect to R.E.V. via BLE connection • Multiple battle and game modes • Compatible with iOS and Android devices Features and Benefits: • Robotic Enhanced Vehicles built for Battle • REVs can drive, think, and fight all by themselves. • Can handle most surfaces (carpet, hardwood, tile) • Includes 2 Cars and 2 Ways to Play: Battle vs. A.I. CPU and Battle vs. Friends • Limitless App-Based Gameplay (iOS and Android) Single Player Mode: • Run through a gauntlet of AI Drivers and Bosses • Each AI opponent has a different skill set, weapon, and special move • Defeat the AI to unlock those weapons and special moves to integrate them into your player profile • Earn kill streaks and rewards like EMPs, Air Strikes, Land Mines and more! Multiplayer Mode: • Play against multiple cars at once! • These cars can be human or AI controlled cars • Game modes can be team or individually based! • Capture the Flag, Team Battles, Free-for-alls and more! Quick Play: • Take on an AI or Human opponent in a quick play mini battle. If the R.E.V AIR Drone has trouble tracking or seems to get confused about where to fly. Please Ensure that the Rev Car is in an open clear space indoors with line of sight to the toy. The R.E.V AIR Drone will not function correctly in crowded spaces or outdoors. • For safe use, the room where the toy is used must be sufficiently large. • This toy is intended to be used in domestic area (house) only. • should also mention that it needs to be on a smooth, flat surface, without carpeting etc. There is also a manual flight mode where the user can take control and not be dependant on the Car Beacon, or the type of surface. This is for more advanced users and can even allow for outdoor flight.

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Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle (Colors May Vary)
Take your radio control experience off-road with the all new Rock Crawler from Maisto. This off-road radio control truck boasts articulated suspensions, two motors and low gearing to make for awesome rugged off-road action. Rock Crawler is 12.5'' long and sports both articulated front and rear suspension. Vehicle comes with TPE tires for ultra grip. Tri-channel transmitter allows for three people to play simultaneously with their other Maisto radio control vehicles. Go off-road with your brand new Rock Crawler today. 6AA bateries required for vehicle (not included) and 2 AAA required for controler (not included)
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Wonder Workshop Dash Robot
Dash is an explorer who loves to go on adventures, play music, and solve challenges. Use free Wonder Workshop applications on supported devices to program Dash to do anything you imagine! Wonder Workshop Dash RobotDiscover a new world of play and learningKids define how they want to play. Whether you're into hosting make-believe tea parties, having jousts at magical kingdoms, or adventuring with friends, Dash will be there every step of the way. Children ages 6 and up learn the foundations of problem solving and computer programming as they have fun with Dash. Meet DashDash is an explorer who zips around the room, getting into mischief along the way. Using sensors, Dash can detect objects in front and behind, hear where you are, and run programs from a button press. This robot has quite the personality and becomes more capable as you program and play.Building Brick ConnectorsEvery Dash robot comes with two free building brick connectors. Transform Dash into an animal, a delivery truck, and even a catapult using your own LEGO bricks. Note that LEGO bricks are not included in the pack.With Dash, you can play with these applicationsGoGet started easily with Go! Set up your robot, and start using the controls to move around, turn on the lights, and make noises. It's your mission to teach Dash how to play.PathDraw a path to Dash's next adventure. Program Dash to follow a path at the racetrack, on a farm, or in the big city. Unlock special abilities, sounds, and animations as you explore. BlocklyTake on coding challenges and make your own programs for Dash using Blockly. Create your own dance, play tag, or even program Dash to follow you around. The robot arrives fully assembled and ready to play
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Floureon 2 Packs 3S 11.1V 1500mAh 35C RC Lipo Battery with XT60 Plug for RC Car, Skylark m4-fpv250, Mini Shredder 200, Qav250, Vortex, Drone and FPV (2.91 x 1.46 x 1.08 Inch)
Please Notice:
For the RC battery, only if the voltage and the plug match, then it will fit.
Please stop charging immediately when the cell voltage been charged to 4.2v (Normal cell voltage is between 3.7v~4.2v).
❸To double make sure safety, please have a check first whether the battery surface is alright when you get it and whether the voltage is normal before using.
❹If the new battey won't hold a full charge or loss the charge very quickly in short time, please use Balance Charger to charge and recycle several times first.

●Brand: Floureon
●Chemistry: Li-polymer
●Voltage: 11.1V
●Capacity: 1500mAh
●Discharge: 35C
●Charge Plug: JST-XH
●Discharge Plug: XT60 Connector
●Battery Dimension: 74x37x27.5mm/2.91x1.46x1.08inch
●Battery Weight: 129g/0.28lb
●Color: Red

Compatible for:
●RC Hobby, RC Car, RC Buggy, RC Truck, RC Truggy, Skylark m4-fpv250, Mini Shredder 200, Indy250 plus mojo 280, Qav250, Vortex, Emax nighthawk 250, Drone, FPV, etc.
●(Only if the voltage, dimension and the plug match, then it will fit).

Package Included:
●2x Floureon 3S 11.1V 1500mAh 35C RC Lipo Battery with XT60 Plug

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Holy Stone RC Cartoon Airplane Remote Control Plane for Baby Toddlers Kids and Children

Cartoon R/C Airplane

This rc race car is bright, colorful and perfect for young kids learning to play with remote control toys for the first time.
It is lightning fast and can drive forward and reverse/left.
Press a button and the car will honk and play music while the headlight is blinking.
Comes with a cute removeable race car driver figure that kids can place in the car or take out to play with. Cute and stylish, this remote control sports car is a great introduction to remote control toys for young children and toddlers.
Race car measures 4" long, 3" wide, and 4" tall.
Race car requires 3 AA batteries, and remote requires 2 AA batteries (NOT included).
Ages 18 months and up.

1:Develop Sound Discrimination Ablility
Sweet lifelike various significances,let the baby feeling already know the real happy world,and to cultivate the baby the voice recognition

2:Exercise Finger Flexibility
Appearance according to ergonomic design,suitable for the baby grasping,pressure,train baby fingers flexibility.

3:Color Perception
The baby to the harmonious collocaiton of colour profusion,exercise identification of varous kinds of color.

4:Coordination of Development and Awareness
5:Stimulate the Imagination
The real beauty and cheerful music,interesting the character modelling,stimulate baby's infinite imagination.

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Holy Stone RC Dump Truck Remote Control Car
Cartoon R/C Truck

This r/c truck is bright, colorful and perfect for young children learning to play with remote control toys for the first time. It is lightning fast and can drive forward and reverse/left. Press a button and the car will honk and play music while the headlights blink. Comes with a cute removeable driver figure that kids can place in the car or take out to play with. Cute and stylish, this remote control truck is a great introduction to remote control toys for young children and toddlers.
R/C truck requires 3 AA batteries, and remote requires 2 AA batteries (NOT included). Ages 18 months and up.

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By: Holy Stone®.  

Gens ace LiPo Battery Pack 2200mAh 25C 3S 11.1V with Deans Plug for RC Car Boat Truck Heli Airplane
Brand: Gens ace
Capacity(mAh): 2200mAh
Voltage(V): 11.1V
Discharge Rate (C): 25C
Max Burst discharge Rate (C): 50C
Configuration: 3S1P
Net Weight(dev.20g): 184g
Length(dev.5mm): 106mm
Width(dev.2mm): 34mm
Height(dev.2mm): 24mm
Connector Type: Deans Plug
Wire Gauge: AWG14#
Wire Length(mm): 100mm
Balancer Connector Type: JST-XHR

Gens Ace is one of the top rank RC battery brand in the market. With the effort of 200 professional engineers and technicians, Gens ace always provides batteries with exquisite technology for various RC Models such as RC cars, RC planes, RC helis, RC boats, etc.

1.Superior Japan and Korea Lithium Polymer raw materials.
2.Automatic stacking technology, better performance
3.Strict matching progress, excellent consistency
4.Up to 200Wh/kg energy density
5.Long cycle life (150 times minimum)
6.Local after-sales service(located in Dublin, CA)

1.Shipments fulfilled by Seller are shipped from Dublin, CA(Can only shipped within USA and Canada).
2.For any questions, pls feel free to contact us through "Your Orders" tab of your Amazon account, we will respond within one business day.
3.All Rights Reserved by Gensace&Tattu.

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GP - NextX S911 1/12 2WD 35+MPH High Speed Remote Control Off Road Monster Truck, Red
Blazing down the roads in fiery red, the NextX Off Road Monster Truck is sure to be a showstopper on the roads, and off the beaten track.

Zooming by at 35+MPH, the sheer speed will keep your adrenaline pumping - whether you're 8 or 80. But of course, fast doesn't always mean furious. Especially if the controller's in the hands of your child, we understand that safety is key.

That is why we've equipped this radio controlled truck with the finest safety gear, so that the system will prevent the truck from overheating, overcurrent and overcharging. In a sturdy and water-resistant body, the truck will be able to take a hit from any fierce storms and knocks that comes its way.

Controller out, car positioned - you're in a for a wild ride!

- Frequency: 2.4GHz
- Drive system: rear 2WD
- Top Speed: 35+ MPH
- Driving time: 10+ min
- Charging time: 60min
- Control distance: about 100m
- Function: Forward/Backward, Left/Right Driving, Support Electronic Speed Control
- Battery: 2 x rechargeable 9.6V 800mAh Li-polymer battery pack
- Transmitter battery: 2 x AA battery (NOT included)
- Suitable for : Ages 8+

Package Contents:
- 1 x RC Off-road Truck
- 1 x Transmitter
- 2 x 800mAh Li-polymer Battery Pack
- 1 x Charger
- 1 x Screwdriver
- 1 x Hex Wrench
- 1 x Steering Wheel
- 1 x User Manual

We want you to get your engines revved up with complete ease. So if there's anything less than satisfactory with your purchase, connect with us via email and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

And because we always put out money where our mouth is, we guarantee you our:
- 30-day money back guarantee
- 12 month replacement warranty
- Lifetime support guarantee

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Best Choice Products 12V Kids Ride On Truck Car W/ Remote Control, 2 Speeds, LED Lights, MP3, AUX Cord, Red
Best Choice Products presents you this brand new Ride On SUV. This absolutely stunning SUV comes decorated with captivating LED lights on the top of the windshield, side mirrors, and headlights. Push the "on" button & the SUV will imitate the sound of an engine starting so any child 3 years or above can enjoy. Our ride on car comes with (2) 12V motors and features two speeds: High and Low so you can make sure your child drive in style. The ride on car can be driven by the child so they can experience the fun of being a driver, or an adult can control the car with the provided remote control. To make the SUV more exciting, there are 2 buttons on the steering wheel; one of them is the horn for the car, but when the second button is pushed, it will begin playing one of 6 different riveting songs allowing a child to enjoy themselves, sing-a-long, dance, & enjoy the driving experience. Though the music provided is lively & entertaining, it can be controlled with the volume knob inside the car or an auxiliary cord is provided to plug in your MP3 in order to cruise to your own tunes. We purchase our products directly from the manufacturer, so you know you're getting the best prices available. NEW PRODUCT WITH FACTORY PACKAGING Multi-color LED lights on the border of windshield, side mirrors, & headlights Features (2) 12V Motors for High and Low speed control Includes a 12V 7Ah Battery and charging cable Plays 6 different exciting songs that will make you want to dance or sing-a-long AUX cord provided to plug in MP3 and be able to cruise to your favorite tunes Imitates real engine sounds, includes seat belts for safety, rechargeable car battery & charger Can be driven manually or controlled with remote control SPECIFICATIONS: Product Dimensions: 45"x24"x 25" Fits 1 child only; Weight:39 lbs. Weight Capacity: 77 lbs. Color: Red.

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Traxxas 2923X 3000mAh NiMH 7-C Flat 8.4V Battery

Experience all the performance that's been engineered into your Traxxas models! Our new iD-Equipped Power Cell batteries deliver unmatched speed, acceleration and power in all Traxxas cars, trucks, and boats.

Traxxas Power Cell Battery Packs are optimized for free-flowing power and maximum punch with premium quality, low-resistance cells; flexible, silicone-jacketed 12AWG wire; heavy-duty welded tabs; and Traxxas' High-Current Connectors. Precision assembly with attractive, individually wrapped cells and clear overwrap complete the package.

Power Cell batteries are available in standard, 6-cell ""flat"" configuration as well as 7-cell flat and ""hump""-style packs. The 7-cell pack offers 15% more voltage to give your model maximum acceleration and speed—depending on your model, top speed can increase by as much as 10mph simply by installing a 7-cell pack, no other modifications required! The 7-cell hump pack fits in all Traxxas models except E-Maxx, Summit and E-Revo, which require a flat pack configuration.

Experience faster acceleration, faster top speeds, and Traxxas quality and support with the only batteries engineered for your Traxxas model.

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