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Collins 2019 Handy Road Atlas - Britain And Ireland
This easy-to-use, handy A5 sized road atlas features extremely clear route planning maps of Britain and Ireland and fits neatly into your glove box, briefcase or bag.

The maps of Britain are at 9.9 miles to 1 inch (1:625,000) and the whole of Ireland is covered at 15.8 miles to 1 inch (1:1,000,000).

There are also a selection ...
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Aa - 2019 Concise Road Atlas
The UK's biggest selling road atlases!

• 70 city, town and port plans.
• London district map.
• Top 300 AA-inspected caravan and camping sites.
• Central London street mapping index.

Product Information:
• ISBN: 9780749579586
• Publisher: AA
• Format: Paperback
• Page ...
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Aa Great Britain And Ireland 2019 Road Atlas
Explore Great Britain with ease!

With a 4 miles to 1 inch scale, this road atlas covers the whole of Great Britain and Ireland and features include top 300 AA-inspected caravan and camping sites and over 240 service areas.

Wide minor roads, National Trust, English and World Hertigase sites, as well as crematoriums and other har ...
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Aa Large Scale Road Atlas 2019
A brand new large scale road atlas of Britain with its clearest mapping of 3 miles to a 1 inch scale.

This 2019 road atlas has numerous features including safety cameras with speed limits, over 240 service areas, scenic routes, the top 300 AA-inspected caravan and camping sites and a route planner.

Plan ahead for the open road ...
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AA Road Atlas 2019
Despite the popularity of satnavs and Google Maps, there is still nothing better than a physical map to help you get where you need to go while navigating Britain's roads and motorways. This spiral-bound atlas, brought to you by the experts at the AA, features clear mapping and 102 city, town and port plans. Each page has been titled with its geogr ...
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