Scented Plants from Suttons in UK

Stock Seeds - Sweetly Scented Mix
A bright fragrant mixture in a range of shades, all beautifully scented. Very popular for summer beds, borders and containers. Both single and double, clothing sturdy stems. Brompton Stock type, HB - Hardy biennial. Height 45cm (18).
1.99 GBP    
Night Scented Stock Seeds - Evening Fragrance
Pastel coloured blooms giving a delicious evening scent. Flowers mid June-September. Height 30cm (12).
2.49 GBP    
Sweet Pea Seeds - Old Fashioned Scented Mix
A great mix of small-flowered, strongly scented varieties, which were the forbears of our modern varieties. Height 1.8m (6'). Medium scent (scent 2). HA - Hardy annual.
1.99 GBP    
Herb Seed - Thyme Orange-Scented
A versatile perennial herb with aromatic, orange-scented foliage, attractive pale pink flowers and a strong thyme flavour.
1.99 GBP    
Begonia Tubers - Scented Collection
This begonia scented collection contains 30 tubers (10 of each variety):Parisienne Upright - A magnificent and unusual variety boasting eye-catching double flowers over 5cm (2) in diameter. Their compact habit makes them ideal for tubs and window boxes, as well as bedding in the garden, and they make great houseplants too. Height 25cm (10). Flowers ...
15.97 GBP    
Daffodil Bulbs - Scented Collection
This selection will bring nearly three months of scented heaven to hyour garden or your home! Grow all five for flowers February-May! (Bulb sizes quoted in centimetres refer to the circumference of bulbs. All bulbs are sourced from cultivated stocks.) Collection contains the following varieties:Pheasant Eye (N. poeticus) - A cultivar that has been ...
25.00 GBP    
Phlox Night Scented Plant - Star Balsam
As the sun goes down this perennial which has flowered all day will produce a lovely, partly vanilla scent. The flowers are single and cup shaped with a white centre and deep pink reverse. Dwarf and compact it is best suited at the front of a boder or in a patio container near the house so the fragrance can be appreciated. Flowers May-September. He ...
7.99 GBP    
Scented Candle
A unique gift for somebody special that will remind them of you, each time they light the candle. Rose scented, never leave burning candles unattended. Personalisation: name up to 12 letters, message up to 50 letters.
14.99 GBP    
Scented Cones
Bag of 12 scented cones in an organza bag (colours vary), 600gr.
8.99 GBP    
Scented Sachet - Vanilla
Paper wardrobe sachet with hanger. Vanilla. 50g.
3.99 GBP    
Scented Sachet - Jasmine
Paper wardrobe sachet with hanger. Jasmine. 50g.
3.99 GBP    

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