Most Popular Vegan Foods For Sale from Suttons

First Time Vegan
Full of delicious dishes and simple switches, these plant-based recipes form Leah Vanderveldt will ensure you start your vegan journey the right way. Hardback, 144 pages.
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How to be Vegan
Life as a vegan can sometimes be tricky, from going out for dinner, to staying in with friends, it can be a challenge to cook, eat and socialise in a world of carnivores. With more than 50 incredible recipes, How to be Vegan and Keep Your Friends will open up new options and a whole new menu of food to enjoy so that your friends will never have a b ...
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Vegan Life
Vegan Lifehighlights the simple, achievable ways you can show kindness to animals and to the environment not just with your choice of food but with the household products, clothing and cosmetics you buy too. Hardback, 160 pages.
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Tofu & Vegan Treats Kit
Make tofu and a range of vegan soy based delicacies fresh, in your own kitchen with all-natural ingredients. Tofu, or bean curd, is a popular, nourishing food that has become a staple in modern, healthy eating. It is a great source of protein, iron and calcium as well as a multitude of minerals and vitamins. This kit is designed to be used in any k ...
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Vegan Cheese Kit
Good for the tummy, great for health and gentle on the earth!Vegan Cheese Kit makes it easy to create delicious (guilt-free!) vegan cheeses like mozzarella, halloumi, cream cheese, mascarpone, ricotta and feta at home.
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Vegan Gift Hamper
Treat yourself to this hamper, brimming with all-natural vegan products. Includes Otra Tierra Merlot 75cl (Chile), Beech's Orange Creams 90g, Willie's Cacao Luscious Orange 50g, Olives Et Al Rosemary & Garlic Olives 100g, Yorkshire Natural Sea Salt Crisps 50g, Mr McKenzie's Oval Plain Biscuits 150g, Cambrook Salted Peanuts 45g, Mr.Filbert's Tumeri ...
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Vegan Chocolate Hamper
The ultimate hamper for dark chocolate lovers and vegans. Cacao tea infusion 150g, raw cacao nibs 200g, dark hazelnut praline truffles with sea salt 110g, pure gold 100% Sur del Lago cacao 40g, date, pistachio, raisin and hazelnut 2 x 50g bars, Rio Caribe 72 and Chulucanas dark chocolates 2 x 50g, luscious orange 50g, hazelnut raisin 50g and ginger ...
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Moorland Gold Multipurpose Compost - Vegan-Friendly
A blend suitable for direct sowing larger seeds in trays, pots, planters and beds, and for potting on.Sweet smelling, fine texture and rich black colour. No animal-derived ingredients. 40-litre bag.Carries the Soil Association Approved Product symbol.
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Moorland Gold Natural Peat Alternative (Vegan friendly)
This peat has been collected as a result of natural erosion and is a by-product of the water industry in the Pennines, who filter peat from mountain water runoff before it enters the reservoir. Use in place of conventional peat. Blend with homemade compost to make a potting mix or use as a soil conditioner. 40 litre bag.
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Most Popular Vegan Foods For Sale from TheWorks

Bosh Healthy Vegan
Join Henry Firth and Ian Theasby in this Vegan spectacular of easier, tastier and leaner recipes that are all plant-based!

Packed with 80 delicious, low-fat recipes of classic favourites, globally-inspired bowls of goodness, speedy soups and salads or on-the-go lunches!

This book has everything you need to become a happier, hea ...
12.00 GBP    
Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook
A physician-endorsed vegan cookbook with proven recipes for reversing diabetes, improving cholesterol and blood pressure, and permanently losing weight
12.99 GBP    
Vegan For Her
Vegan for Her address the health and nutrition concerns of women following or considering a plant-based diet
10.99 GBP    
Keep It Vegan
Think you know vegan cooking? Lengthy, complicated recipe lists, expensive, hard-to-find ingredients, flavourless food? Think again! Let Aine Carlin, creator of popular vegan lifestyle blog Pea Soup Eats, enlighten you with her delicious recipes and straightforward tips. Keep it simple with easy-to-follow recipes, using a sensible numb ...
5.00 GBP    
Power Vegan Meals
Join Maya Sozer create easy Power Vegan Meals in this book full of high in protein and flavour masterpieces to create for yourselves!

Inspired by international cuisine and comfort food favourites, Maya has crafted over 75 diverse and delicious recipes that are gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and plant-based that are sure to keep you en ...
6.00 GBP    
Vegan Christmas
First ever vegan Christmas cookbook, from YouTube and Instagram sensation Avant Garde Vegan
12.99 GBP    
Vegan With A Vengeance
Delve into this totally unique and quirky 21st century cookbook for the growing popular legions of aspiring and devoted vegans!

Join Isa Chandra Moskowitz, the chatty New Yorker and co-host of vegan TV cooking show The Post Punk Kitchen, in this beautiful array of recipes.

Embracing being kind to animals as well as your wallet ...
6.00 GBP    
Vegan On The Go
Vegan on the Go will rescue your lunchbox and inject some vegan flavour back into your lunchtime, with delicious, nutritious food that you can take anywhere.

With a focus on easy and affordable lunches, Vegan on the Go packs 100 vegan recipes into its pages, with ideas for snacks, soups, salads, sandwiches, sweet treats, and more. Whip ...
6.00 GBP    
Feed Me Vegan - For All Occasions
Lucy Watson is back with more simple, straightforward vegan comfort food to brighten up your mealtimes

Feed Me Vegan: For All Occasions is full of easy recipes for everyday veganism, from a quick, week night pasta to blow-out Sunday feasts.

It's also brimming with ideas for cooking for special occasions, solutions for those ...
7.00 GBP    
Vegan For Good
Delve into a new vegan lifestyle with Rita Serano as she takes us on a health journey into the most irresistible recipes...

This is the perfect companion for easy-to-make, delicious dishes everyday!

From weeknight supers, lunches for work or perhaps a weekend brunch, this book covers everything you need to create the best dishes ...
6.00 GBP    
Miguel Barclays Vegan One Pound Meals
Miguel Barclay's One Pound Meals, became the bestselling debut cookbook of 2017.

Vegan One Pound Meals, his fourth book in the series will focus on vegan recipes, with Miguel showing just how accessible it can be to eat vegan meals on a budget, with each recipe costing just £1 per portion.

You might think that it's exp ...
6.00 GBP    
Delicious and creative vegan recipes from no 1 bestselling writer and award-winning campaigner Jack Monroe.

This full-colour collection of one hundred simple, affordable recipes is perfect for committed vegans or anyone who wants to give vegan cooking a try.

Packed with inventive, easy and 100% vegan dishes, this gorgeous book i ...
10.00 GBP    
Great Vegan Meals For The Carnivorous Family
Amanda Logan understands what carnivores want, and she delivers with healthy veggie-centric family meals that, sometimes, no one would even guess were vegan.

Try crowd-pleasing platters like the Fully Loaded Vegetable Nachos, missing the meat but loaded with flavour; Meat Lover's Vegan Pizza, and sweet endings like Dairy-Free Pumpki ...
5.00 GBP    
Vegan Kitchen - The Australian Womens Weekly
Following a vegan diet does not mean that you have to give up all-things delicious and tasty!

Turning vegan is all about how to discover the best and most tasty foods that Mother Nature has to offer us and this beautiful book is a creation of the most yummy recipes free from animal products!

Including many diary-alternative st ...
7.00 GBP    
Eat Vegan
Veganism tries to avoid the exploitation of animals, in any form.

For cooking, vegans do not include many staple foods in their diet: meat, fish, no dairy products (such as cheese or milk), eggs and even honey.

This puts a premium on the need to create the sort of balanced and nutritious recipes provided so comprehensively in ...
3.00 GBP    
Happy Vegan - Easy Plant-Based Recipes To Make The Whole Family Happy
What really is a happy Vegan? A Vegan that is well fed, well nourished and satisfied by the delicious plant-based recipes...

Delve into an abundance of simple recipe hacks, flexible options, delicious classics and fresh ideas and inspire yourself to eat plant-based food full time, part time or any time!

Packed full of easy-to- ...
8.00 GBP    
Vegan One Pound Meals
Over 85 quick, delicious, and budget-friendly vegan recipes from the bestselling One Pound Chef.
14.99 GBP    
Vegan 100
An explosive debut cookbook from vegan food's new star - the book he wishes he'd had when he went vegan
16.99 GBP    
15-Minute Vegan
15-Minute Vegan features 100 brand new vegan recipes that can be prepared in mere moments. Using ingredients that are available in supermarkets, the recipes are as easy as can be - from shopping to cooking to serving.
12.99 GBP    
My Vegan Travels
75 satisfying plant-based recipes for comfort food from around the world.
14.99 GBP    

Most Popular Vegan Foods For Sale from PresentFinder

Vegan Snacks and Munchies Cookbook
Vegan Snacks and Munchies CookbookWe love a tasty treat here at Present Finder HQ to help us get through the day, but finding something that's equally delicious as it is good for you can be a bit of a chore. Which is why more and more of us are turning to vegan meals and snacks.So whatever your reasons for avoiding animal products, whether ethical, ...
9.99 GBP    
Vegan Street Food Cookbook
Vegan Street Food CookbookTreat your taste buds and celebrate vegan food in all its glory. Join Masterchef UK finalist, Jackie Kearney, on her culinary adventures around India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesian with over 100 authentic recipes inspired by her travels in this Vegan Street Food Cookbook.Recipes include classi ...
16.99 GBP    
How to Be Vegan and Keep your Friends
How to Be Vegan and Keep your FriendsLife as a vegan can sometimes be tricky, from going out for dinner, to staying in with friends, it can be a challenge to cook, eat and socialise in world of carnivores. With more than 50 incredible recipes, How to be Vegan and Keep Your Friends will open up new options and whole new menu of food to enjoy so that ...
12.99 GBP    
Devilishly Dark Vegan Pizza Slice
Devilishly Dark Vegan Pizza SliceA seriously dark chocolate (70% cocoa) pizza slice that is also dairy and gluten free. At last!Presented in an attractive bold pink and black pizza slice box, you won't be able to resist this new addition to our best selling chocolate pizza range. Made from Belgian dark chocolate infused with crisped rice and decora ...
3.99 GBP    
Vegan Drinking Fudge Selection Box
Vegan Drinking Fudge Selection BoxWho doesn't enjoy a hot chocolate to warm the soul on a cold winters day. For a devilishly indulgent alternative to traditional hot chocolate, this selection of 6 delicious drinking fudges will put you just 2 minutes away from fudge heaven. Made from all natural ingredients these drinks are also vegan friendly whe ...
9.99 GBP    



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