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Jonas Berry Picker, Adult Size, 9-Inches x 5.75-Inches
Linden Sweden’s Jonas Berry Picker quickly and effortlessly picks berries in less time than picking by hand. Perfect for family berry picking adventures. Specially designed with plastic wires, the Berry Picker gently combs through berry bushes to pull berries off without causing damage to plants or pulling off leaves. Picking fresh berries is more economical than buying them at the store. Perfect for huckleberries and blueberry picking, the Jonas Berry Picker helps get the job done faster at pick-your-own and u-pick farms and keeps hands safe. Pick more volume in less time without being stuck by thorns. Great for picking fresh berries for pies or cobbler, jelly or jam, or for topping cereal, yogurt or ice cream. The easy-grip handle is comfortable for use. Made from BPA-free plastic, Jonas Berry Picker is durable, lightweight, and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.
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By: Linden Sweden.  

U.S. Kitchen Supply - Premium Quality Stainless Steel Potato Masher with our Wide and Ergonomic Horizontal Handle – Great for making Super Smooth Mashed Potatoes, Vegetables and Fruits

U.S. Kitchen Supply Premium Quality Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Potato Masher with a Wide Soft Grip Ergonomic Horizontal Handle

Additional Potato Masher Design Features
The curved oval edges of the mashing grid plate allow it to easily mash food in the bottom eges within a pot or bowl. The oval edges also allow you to scrape the food out of a pot or bowl.

Makes a Great Gift
A nice gift item for any household without a quality potato masher, as it's a necessary kitchen essential.

About U.S. Kitchen Supply
U.S. Kitchen Supply offers a full collection of value priced professional grade kitchen ware. A premium line of high performing cookware, bakeware and other kitchen essentials. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards using durable top quality materials. They feature innovative ergonomic designs to simplify their use. We offer a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee, so you can purchase with the assurance that our quality products are built to last.

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By: U.S. Kitchen Supply.  

LAVAVIDA Kitchen Tong 10 Inch Silicone BBQ Grill, Salad Cooking and Food Serving Tong, Premium Stainless Steel Kitchen Tool - Black
Are you still looking for high quality tongs that are designed for durability, longevity and heavy duty?

You are in the right place !!! LAVAVIDA give you the best kitchenware solution!

Recommending our very own LAVAVIDA Silicone Kitchen Tong, ideal for both household and outdoor use, such as buffets, parties, barbeques, picnics and camping trips!

The Best Features and Benefits that we provide for our valued customers:

* 1 x 10-Inch Tongs: 10" Handles (11" including lock)

* 100% FDA Grade, BPA Free silicone

* 1.0mm extra thick 430# stainless steel for added strength and durability

* Heat resistant silicone tips up to 480 F, stiff silicone heads for firm grip and control

* Stain and odor resistant, with hygienic silicone heads molded onto steel heads ensuring they do not come apart or allow bacteria to grow

* Non-Stick friendly tongs, perfect for both non-stick cookware, the grill, or as salad tongs or serving tongs

* Designed with long-lasting, robust steel and premium grade silicone with a sturdy smooth-glide locking action, convenient storage

*The ergonomic design which is the silicone head with holes allowing for air passage to let the food cool down a little bit, and when picking oily or greasy food it will not stick on it, like cooking fry food.

* Microwave safe * Oven Safe * Dishwasher Safe

We promise you: Money back guarantee on every purchase

Why wait until tomorrow? Click ADD TO CART now and get your Brand New LAVAVIDA Silicone Kitchen Tongs rushed to your door today!
List Price: $19.99
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Household Linen Foldable Cylindric Laundry Hamper with Two Handles, Heavy Duty and Durable, Collapsible and Self Standing as Laundry Basket (Linen Yellow)
Minimalist design style makes it simple yet exquisite, perfectly fits in your room layout.

Organizing can be frustrating if you do not know where to put your items or your kids are placing them where they don't belong. Overflowing drawers, stuffed closets, messy shelves and floors, unevenly piled magazines and missing papers can be a time consuming problem. Not anymore, with these storage baskets you will have a designated spot to neatly store items such as towels, diapers, clothing, toys, pet or baby essentials.

Neatly folded clothes in a fabric drawer and organized items save you space and if you ever don't need your storage baskets, do not worry - they are collapsible and can be stacked.

No more time wasted looking for things. Tidying up takes time and when friends and family are coming over you will be prepared and can focus on being a good host to your guests instead of picking up clutter and finding a place to put it.
List Price: $39.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $19.99   
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By: Homiak.  

Set of 3 Fruit & Vegetable Storage Saver Containers Great for Tomato, Onion, Garlic & Lemon, (3)
Protect your most sensitive produce from picking up/giving off smells, going dry, or simply becoming yucky with these fruit and vegetable containers! These easy to clean and uniquely shaped containers are perfect for not only protecting the food they're designed for, but also for protecting other food in your fridge. The plastic containers seal in the intense odor of the onion and garlic so it can't infect your sensitive foods. They also keep your produce from drying out, a common problem with lemons and tomatoes. What's more your produce has a much better chance of staying tasty if it's all sealed up in its own container. So, keep your fruits and veggies fresh as the day they were picked.
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By: Black Duck Brand.  

BESTI Watermelon Slicer - Super Durable Stainless Steel Construction for Best Cutting, Slicing, Coring & Serving of Melon Fruits for Salads - Non-slip, User-Friendly & Comfortable | Perfect Gift
Welcome to one of the most trusted brand on Amazon! Buy now and be delighted with this durable and convenient fruit cutting tool in your Kitchen.

☛ Recommending our very own Besti Watermelon Slicer that is known for its high quality and easy function.

The Best Features and Benefits with our Extra Thick & Durable Melon Cutter

☑ This is ideal for all kinds of watermelon and other fruits which needs to be cut or slice.

☑ Good to have in many places like catering, hotels, restaurants, home, bars, resorts and more.

☑ Effortless and fast slicing of watermelon for making fresh fruit salads ready for any kind of special events.

☑ Thick stainless steel body with anti-slip soft rubber handle which last for a lifetime and it won't let you down.

☑ In just 1 slice it will give you a fresh and intact watermelon meat portion, it will not crushed or damage other parts.

☑ A perfect gift for your family and friends their birthday present especially to those who love cooking and eating fruit salads.

☑ Strictly made with all safety precautions, BPA-free, non-toxic, rust-free, Eco-friendly . It doesn't harm humans and the environment.

☑ Compact and lightweight design which you can bring it anywhere you go and easy to store in your kitchen closet/cabinet or hang it up.

☑ Simple cleaning, it can be hand-wash or throw it in the dishwasher and let it dry then its ready again for the next fruit salad experienced.

What's Inside?

➔ Quantity: 1 piece Slicer

➔ Color: Black Handle

➔ Material: Stainless Steel + Silicone

☀ We Ensure You:

✔ Premium quality products

✔ Genuine costumer support

✔ 100% Money back guarantee

Buy now and simply press ADD TO CART to get this Brand New Besti Watermelon Slicer (1 Pack) knocking your door today.
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By: BESTI.  

Lemon Squeezer and Lemon Zester Tool Combo Set – Best Citrus Juicer and Citrus Peeler – Easy to Use Non Slip Silicone Grip Commercial Grade Stainless Steel

HermiLodge specialize in high quality kitchenware, having a wide range of gadgets and utensils designed to make everyday food preparation quicker and easier with less mess.

How many times have you found a recipe that needs citrus zest or juice and you don't have the right tools for the job?

Grabbing the cheese grater from the drawer you graze your finger and the zest you end up with has pith, resulting in a bitter tasting dish.

Your manual juicer sprays juice all over the kitchen, makes your hands ache and leaves pulp and seeds in the juice, which you have to get out - ending in you getting citrus juice in your graze ouch!

With the HermiLodge Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer and Lemon Zester Combo Set these problems are no longer.

Our lemon wedge squeezer, can be used on all citrus fruit, from limes to small oranges.

This professional handheld press has yellow silicone handles designed to be non-slip and offer a good grip. It is easy to use, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Our stainless steel microplane grater, is the best zester tool available. The grater is a multiple uses tool and can be used for grating chocolate, ginger, parmesan etc. The clip on cover, protects the blade from blunting and makes it safe to store.

List Price: $27.49
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By: HermiLodge.  

HOSL Mini Tongs With Soft Silicone Hand Shape Tips For Muffins, Pancakes, Cookies, Chocolate 4 Pack
Made of Food Grade Silicone and Stainless Steel
Perfect for picking up kids favorite foods, include muffins, pancakes, cookies, cheeses, fruit, ETC
Heat resistance to 480F.
Length: 5 Inch
4 different colors
Package includes: 4 Pack
List Price: $8.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $8.99   
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By: HOSL.  

u:tensil 304 Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer and Pineapple Corer Set
Like a million american household s, do you want to prepare a variety of healthy, ripe, cold fruits easily for a BBQ or pool party, or simply in your kitchens or garden?

You'll find the unique, serrated, portable, 2nd generation u:tensil Pineapple Corer is the safest way to produce edible rings, circles and chunks.

Turning the sharp, rotary u:tensil Pineapple Corer vertically, carve out a circular stack of the sweetest exotic fruit. Like magic, the complete cored flesh pulls free from the skin. Simple.

The u:tensil Watermelon Slicer is made of the highest quality heavy duty domestic steelware making preparation of whole fresh watermelon easy. Dicing cubes is simple too.

  • CUT...Cut your Watermelon in half.
  • INSERT...Insert your u:tensil Premium Watermelon Slicer into the Watermelon as close to the rind as possible.
  • SLICE...Push the u:tensil Premium Watermelon Slicer down and following the natural inner curve of the Watermelon, pull the u:tensil Premium Watermelon Slicer back towards you. Repeat this step until all of the Watermelon flesh has been sliced.
  • FLIP & GRAB...Flip your u:tensil Premium Watermelon Slicer over and use it as a pair of tongs. Insert your u:tensil Premium Watermelon Slicer and squeeze the u:tensil Premium Watermelon Slicer tongs together and using a 'down and back' motion and, like a spoon, pick out the Watermelon slices.
  • SERVE...Simply serve and enjoy or store in the refrigerator.

    Together they make a beauty little big package.

    The u:tensil brand designs and sells compact culinary instruments that work and are essential for men and women who like machines to help with their recipies.

    If you don't see the u: it's not made by us!

    u:tensil...made with you: in mind.
  • List Price: $12.95
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    By: u:tensil.  

    Fruit Carving Garnishing Tools Set Cutter Tools Kitchen Pretty Sturdy Easy To Use Cutting Many Types Of Melons
    Fruit Carving Garnishing Tools Set Cutter Tools Kitchen
    Pretty Sturdy Easy To Use Cutting Many Types Of Melons

    Package include:1pcs 2 in 1 pulp machine, 1pcs carved knife, 1pcs digging ball spoon, 1pcs apple cut, 1pcs fruit knife,
    1pcs peeling knife, 1pcs fruit chopping board.
    Very handy, easy to use. Makes eating fresh fruits super simple. Was a great purchase!
    A high quality stainless steel product that exceeds expectations.
    you will not be disappointed.
    List Price: $19.99
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