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Jenaluca Herb Scissors Stainless Steel - Multipurpose Kitchen Shear with 5 Blades and Cover with Cleaning Comb
JENALUCA Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Herbs Scissors with 5 Blades and Cover with Cleaning Comb. Best Kitchen Gadget Ever! Say good-bye to tedious cutting and chopping. Put your knives away! Snip herbs directly onto plates and pans with this easy to use herb kitchen scissor, Garnish your meals like a pro! And do it fast–keeping flavors crisp and clean, all while preserving healthy benefits of fresh herbs FEATURES AND BENEFITS: * Snip herbs directly onto pizza, salad, casseroles and soups * Cut herbs without crushing, tearing or bruising * Retain fresh flavors and healthy benefits of fresh herbs * Save time with no hassle meal prep time and easy clean-up * Five 3 inch stainless steel sharp blades cut perfectly sized pieces * Sturdy plastic handle with protective, anti-abrasive TPR interior lining for soft, comfortable and cut-resistant grip * Hard plastic cover protects the 5 blades and gives safe storage * Cover doubles as a cleaning comb to brush away any herbs clinging to blades * Dishwasher safe * Use with Basil, Dill, Parsley, Rosemary, Chives, Mint, Cilantro; works with Onions, Mushrooms—even deli meat or dried fruit * Professional chef results with no mess or hassle! * Buy a second one for arts, crafts, and shredding fabric or paper * Buy a third one for gifts—our herb scissors with 5 blades make perfect wedding, shower, hostess, housewarming, birthday and holiday gifts! JENALUCA stands behind all its products with a 100% UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Click "Add to Cart" button at top of page and impress your family and friends with Chef Quality garnishes and meals!
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By: Jenaluca LLC.  

Sun Joe CJ601E 14-Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder
Quickly turn your yard debris into nutrient-rich garden mulch and do your part to reduce, reuse and recycle with the Sun Joe Chipper Joe electric chipper/shredder. Powered by a robust 14-amp motor, the CJ601E electric wood chipper and shredder generates speeds of up to 4,300 revolutions per minute, making quick work out of the brush, leaves and branches overcrowding your lawn. Designed for light-duty jobs, this wood chipper effectively chips and shreds wooden sticks and limbs up to 1.5-inches thick, reducing your yard waste up to 1/16th its original size. The minimized wood chips resulting from Chipper Joe’s efforts are perfect for use as garden mulch around your trees and flower beds. Easy to assemble and virtually maintenance free, the Chipper Joe electric chipper and shredder is ready to go when you are. Just plug it in and instantly start chipping! Unlike gas-powered tools, the electric-powered Chipper Joe means you don’t have to deal with smoke, fumes, unpredictable starters and costly tune-ups. The CJ601E also features a safety stop that automatically engages when the hopper is opened. The Chipper Joe electric wood chipper/shredder is ETL-approved and backed by a full two-year warranty.
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Grillaholics Meat Claws - Best Bear Claw Pulled Pork Meat Shredders in BBQ Grill Accessories - FREE Bonus - Dishwasher Safe - Premium Quality Grilling Handler Carving Fork - Set of 2 (Red)


There's also nothing as annoying as having to shred that perfectly smoked pork butt with two kitchen forks. There goes an hour you'll never get back...


It's truly the innovation that the grilling world has been waiting for, and Grillaholics brings you the highest quality Meat Claws available on the market today. These durable plastic claws can be used to lift and shred your large cut of meat in minutes!


Just hold your meat with one claw and use the other to shred away! Not only are these "bear claws" a meat shredding machine, they also work great for other kitchen tasks. You can pick up and carry hot foods without dropping them or burning your hands. They're also great for tossing a salad or holding food for slicing or carving. Never worry about cutting your fingers again!


Truly become one of us with our VIP wristband FREE with your purchase, as well as a guide to our Amazon Favorites and our Grillaholics Everything Grilled Recipe eBook!


Remember, you're buying risk free! Love these meat claws or your money back, no questions asked. Our Grillaholics Lifetime Guarantee makes these the perfect gift for the #1 griller in your life!


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By: DSquared International LLC.  

Salad Chopper Bowl and Strainer (2-in-1) Kitchen-Friendly Cutter for Lettuce, Fruits, Vegetables | Healthy Food Maker, Easy-to-Use Design | Wash, Slice and Enjoy

Enjoy a healthy, delicious salad in seconds with the easy-to-use Salad Cutter and Strainer 2-in-1 that makes enjoying fruits and vegetables quick and easy.

Healthier Meals without Sacrificing Quality

Fruits and vegetables are cornerstones of health and wellness today, and important if you're looking to live a healthier, happier, active lifestyle. But they're not also easy to cut and prepare, which is why we created the Salad Cutter Bowl; a 2-in-1 chopper and strainer that lets you slice, wash, and enjoy in seconds.

Safe, Effective and Dishwasher Safe

Great for use for any meal, simply put the items you wish to cut into the bowl, attach it to the bottom, and slice through each slit with a sharp knife. This keeps your fruit and vegetables in place, out of your hands, and cuts them quick and easy; all with less mess and less stress. If you're ready to take the first step in creating a healthy lifestyle, get your CT Ventures Salad Cutter Bowl today!

Product Details:

  • Salad Cutter Bowl and Strainer (2-in-1)
  • Food-Grade Safe, BPA Free Plastic
  • Safe Cutting Design Keeps Hands Safe
  • Stable, Slip-Resistant Design
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • FDA Approved
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Click 'Add to Cart' to get these premium salad chopper and bowl that lets you create crisp, fresh salad or delicious fruit snacks in seconds!

List Price: $19.99
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By: CT Ventures.  

KitchenAid KFP1133CU 11-Cup Food Processor with ExactSlice System - Contour Silver
The KitchenAid 11-Cup Food Processor with the exclusive ExactSlice system, slices from thick to thin with one slide of the lever. The multiple optimized speeds and distinctly designed stainless steel blades help in prepping food. Slice, shred, knead, puree and chop food quickly and easily.
List Price: $179.00
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By: KitchenAid.  

Weston Cabbage Shredder
The fast and efficient way to make homemade coleslaw! Great for shredding cabbage or vegetables to make homemade coleslaw or sauerkraut. Simply place the cabbage in the wooden frame and slide it up and down while applying pressure to the cabbage.
List Price: $54.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $41.85   
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By: Weston.  

Topoko Multipurpose Herb Scissors 5-Layers Scissors Stainless Steel Blades with Cleaning Comb for Kitchen & Office
If you're looking for herb scissors or herb shears, you've landed on the right page.

Save time on food prep with TOPOKO brand herb scissors.

You're needing them for your American and European dishes or oregano for those Mediterranean and Mexican cuisines, we have the perfect must have kitchen accessory tool.

With 5 blades on both ends, you can quickly cut up your favorite flavor adding fresh herbs with a breeze.

All you need is capable hands why waste time pulling out the blender/chopper for a small amount of ingredients to spice up the meal when you can use that time on something else, not to mention clean up.

This wonderful little handy tool comes with a cleaning tool for your convenience or can be thrown directly in the dishwasher.

Stop limiting your taste buds and add some fresh herbs that will not only enhance the flavor of your meal but you will benefit from the health benefits that they are known to provide.

If you are having friends and family over, make them some of your homemade dip. I'm sure they would enjoy a simple mixture of sour cream and chives.

You can quickly cut up the chives in small pieces right into the sour cream without having to pull out the cutting board and knife.

Versatile - kitchen and office have you ever received mail you wanted to shred up without having to go to the shredder for just a few pieces?

Before sitting to sort through your mail, grab the scissors from the kitchen and have ready to shred away your information. It is much easier on your hands then ripping them up into strips.

Once you have cut up your mint into fine pieces, you can place them into a silicone tea infuser for a nice warm smooth cup of tea.

Great gift for any newlywed, housewarming or family chef. Buy now give the gift that would be immediately used.
List Price: $12.99
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LauKingdom Matte Wolverine Meat Claws-Pulled Pork Shredder Claws [Strong Version 2.0]-BBQ Meat Handler Forks (Black)
MaxyLife Meat Claws-Pulled Pork Shredder Claws [Strong Version 2.0]-BBQ Meat Handler Forks
Imagine how much mouthwatering meat you'll prevent from hitting the floor and how much time
you'll save with your new Wolf Claw Meat Handlers (not to mention how many finger burns
you'll prevent)

Here's the truth. If you love your BBQ, and you know a thing or two about
quality, you'll love these Wolf Claw Meat Handlers. Because as grillin'
aficionado's we get it. So we designed you a tool tough enough to handle your
beefiest roast or rack of ribs with the virile power to shred your creation in

This comes as a set of two, and is made of high-end, durable, superior quality
It's an all season, professional grade, and multi-purpose kitchen and BBQ tool.
Use it during the holidays to expertly carve-brown, piping hot Thanksgiving
turkey that you just pulled out of the oven and handled using these same meat
Instantly shred your smoked pork shoulder in the summer by the time your
guests have sat down at the picnic table.

This is an every holiday, every season cooking tool.
Need to serve your pasta or toss that salad?
No problem, you can use your meat claws for this purpose too.
Having trouble keeping that rolling watermelon in place on the counter while
The claws has you taken care of.
List Price: $16.99
Amazon’s Lowest Price: $9.99   
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By: LauKingdom.  

Marky Products Herb Scissors - Multipurpose Premium Stainless Steel 5 Blades Best For Kitchen and Garden, Culinary, Office and Spice Cutting Comes with Cleaning Comb, Plastic Scraper and PDF Guide
These are one of Marky Products signature products due to their sleek and efficient design. These ultra heavy duty gourmet tools come with a set of five high precision titanium coated layers, featuring a rust resistant, full polish finish. The handles are made of sturdy bright green plastic with a soft silicone lining for the most comfortable grip.

They are ideal for shredding and chopping all kinds of produce. Think how easy it will be to prepare fresh dishes. They can also be used to manually shred confidential paper items. You will need one pair for use as a chef, another for use in the garden and one more in your office or craft room.

Comfortable, smooth, light operation makes them a joy to use, but do not forget to keep away from small children. They are also easy to wash with soapy water and dry with a clean cloth. This is the perfect present or addition to a larger offer set for any occasion and the outstanding design and quality means you will never need another set again, which is also backed up by the unconditional guarantee.

The extremely sharp master blade slices herbs easily and desserts, sandwiches, nuts, cheese, chocolate, dried mushrooms, prawns, fruits, greens, mint and grapefruit are a breeze. The multi shear utility is a big time saver and has a full guarantee.

These herb scissors stainless steel are the king of kitchen gadgets. They are a clever cutter for cooking and represent the herb scissors stainless standard. These herb scissors with 5 blades and cover are ideal as cooking tools and you should have a set of herb scissors for multiple purposes amongst your kitchen gadgets and tools. We do recommend these kitchen shears stainless steel as hostess items or even as an onion cutter, jalapeno corer, grater, mill or dicer. They even work well as a salad chopper or veggie chopper. They can slap chop as well.

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By: Marky Products.  

NOVASKO Premium Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears (Black/Red)
Premium Kitchen Shears (Black/Red)
SPECIFICATION: Material: Food Grade Stainless Steel Color: Black/Red Size: 210MM*90MM Weight: 146g FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Multi-function scissor, it is equal to own several different tools, such as kitchen knife, bottle opener, chopper,pliers, gardening scissor. Professional design for your luxury kitchen, restaurant. Well shaped grip to the form of your hand makes it very comfortable to hold. Good for camping, BBQ, and outer door activity. Good choice for a useful gift. ATTENTION:Please keep out of reach of children. Sharp blade, please use carefully. Wipe the blade with a clean dry cloth after using (Dry thoroughly before storage) To maintain the sharp edge of the blade, please do not cut the hard object.
List Price: $34.95
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