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Plot 29: A Love Affair With Land

Personal narrative blended with a gardener’s log-book, in Plot 29 Allan Jenkins, the Editor of Observer Food Monthly, organically weaves together memoir and memory from his childhood to the recent past

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By: Fourth Estate.   2016-04-07

Sarah Raven's Cutting Garden Journal: Expert Advice for a Year of Beautiful Cut Flowers

Learn how to create a plentiful and productive cutting garden by following Sarah Raven's expert advice every month of the year. From January to December, Sarah shows the best plants you should be growing, how you should be caring for them, and how you should be using them in your cut flower displays. The content will comprise: 2-4 journal pages a month; jobs for the month; flowers of the month; a cut flower project for the month, and a general feature on making, stocking and caring for your cutting garden.

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By: Frances Lincoln.   2014-10-01

The Polytunnel Book: Fruit and Vegetables All Year Round
The resurgence in home food production has generated a dramatic increase of interest in growing under cover. The season is far longer (year-round for salads and some vegetables) and you can grow exciting fruit and vegetables that aren't viable outdoors. Thanks to the polytunnel, covered growing is now available to all. And sales of polytunnels are burgeoning, as gardeners and allotment-holders realize that they could be growing more food (and more exotic food) on a smaller plot, whatever the weather outside is doing. The Polytunnel Book is the first comprehensive, practical illustrated guide to polytunnel gardening, for both beginners and experienced gardeners.
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By: Frances Lincoln.   2011-03-01

The Allotment Cooks: A-Z Recipe Book
The Allotment Cooks A-Z Recipe book has been created and developed by allotment cooks for allotment cooks. Allotment Cooks was developed with the concept of own growers being able to share their own tried and tasted recipes for their own grown produce. We have a growing community of growers who love to use their own produce in the kitchen. With the large and growing community, we are very lucky to have a wealth of knowledge and experience. This wonderful community of Allotment Cooks also relates to a depth of knowledge for the growing of produce, with the specific aim of using own grown food in the kitchen. Most of this also enables the use of fresh and seasonal produce, as well as the all important "how to" preserve, use and store own grown produce for out of season use. All of the recipes have been contributed by our wonderful community, who have tried, tasted, sourced and adapted recipes to make them their own. We hope that you enjoy these wonderful recipes, which have been created for the "everyday", easy to follow use in the kitchen and to inspire ideas for growing in the coming seasons.
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By: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.   2016-10-02

Moro East
The Clarks renew their passion for the food of Spain and the Muslim Mediterranean, but this time they find their inspiration a little closer to home, in their local garden
When Sam and Sam took on their very first local garden they found themselves part of a community of Turks and Cypriots who cultivate and cook an extraordinary range of ingredients, many of which are integral to the food served at Moro. This collection follows a year in the life of this community garden, reflected in recipes that are unusual without being daunting. Many of the recipes reflect everyday activities—Turkish women rolling flatbreads or clipping the young vine leaves to make dolmades, families gathering to grill kebabs on the weekend—and the spirit of the community is captured in the photographs and the dishes. The 150 imaginative and seasonal recipes include Moro favorites and new combinations such as Pigeon Smoked Duck Breast with Apples, Walnuts and Chicory; Fried Green Tomatoes with Garlic and Sweet Vinegar; and Courgette and Yoghurt Soup. This character-filled garden was bulldozed to make way for the 2012 Olympics making this a true treasure, documenting the last ever growing season for Sam and Sam and the unique men and women of Manor Garden. Includes metric measurements.
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By: Ebury Press.   2012-04-01

Weeds: An Organic, Earth-friendly Guide to Their Identification, Use and Control
PRAISE FOR WEEDS: "Here is a very organic look at weeds, considering them not as invading forces to be destroyed, but as indicators of soil health, green manures, an incomparable resource for wildlife, compost material and even food." – Organic Gardening "A refreshing insight into some of our least popular plants." – BBC Gardeners' World magazine "This book remains grounded in realistic, practical gardening." – The Organic Way In this earth-friendly, organic guide, John Walker’s fresh approach encourages you to see garden weeds as more than simply unwelcome invaders in your flower borders, kitchen garden, allotment, greenhouse, polytunnel, patio, courtyard, containers, lawn, path or drive. Whatever your garden’s size, Weeds will help you identify, make use of and tackle the weeds you find there. This accessible, illustrated and updated guide, with over 100 full colour photographs includes… - Information on how different weeds grow, spread and survive, and what they can actually tell you about your garden or allotment - Tips for using weeds to improve the fertility of your garden, feed your plants and encourage wildlife such as bees and other pollinators - Practical, hands-on techniques for preventing, clearing and curtailing weeds without using chemical weedkillers (herbicides) - A photographic directory to help you identify 60 common garden weeds, showing at-a-glance how easy, difficult or urgent dealing with each one is - Lists of insect-friendly plants for ‘bug banks’, and those for weed-smothering ground cover - Advice on clearing weedy ground without doing any back-breaking digging Weeds is an essential and timeless go-to reference for every gardener’s bookshelf.
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By: Earth-friendly Books.   2016-07-26

The Complete step-by-step book of ALLOTMENT GARDENING
The practical guide to growing fruit, vegetables and herbs on an allotment, packed with easy-to-follow advice and illustrated with more than 800 photos...

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By:   2010-01-01

Growing Vegetables, Herbs & Fruit: A Step-By-Step Guide To Kitchen And Allotment Gardening With 1400 Photographs
Practical advice on growing your own produce whether you have a large garden, allotment or a container, from planning and planting to cultivation and cropping.
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By: Lorenz Books.   2015-10-07

Allotment Gardening For Dummies
Allotment Gardening For Dummies is a lively, hands-on guide to getting the most out of your allotment. Whether you're interested in eating fresh, saving money, getting exercise or enjoying wholesome family fun, this is the guide for you. The step-by-step advice takes you through all the stages in the process, from securing an allotment and preparing your plot, to choosing what to grow and enjoying the benefits of abundant fresh food and a sociable and healthy hobby. With over 50 handy line drawings, plus information on how to grow organic and advice on storing and cooking the food you grow, this guide really does have it all!

Allotment Gardening For Dummies includes:

Part 1: Getting to Grips with Allotment Gardening
Chapter 1: What Are Allotments All About?
Chapter 2: Getting hold of an Allotment
Chapter 3: Getting Started

Part 2: Preparing for Allotment Success
Chapter 4: Deciding What to Grow, When
Chapter 5: Preparing Your Plot
Chapter 6: Keeping Your Soil Healthy
Chapter 7: Keeping Your Plants Healthy
Chapter 8: Growing Organic

Part 3: Growing a Few of Your Favourite Vegetables
Chapter 9: Going Underground
Chapter 10: The Staples
Chapter 11: Growing Leafy Greens
Chapter 12: Planting Peas, Beans and Other Pods
Chapter 13: Growing More Exotic Veg

Part 4: Extending Your Allotment Repetoire
Chapter 14: Growing Wholesome Herbs
Chapter 15: Growing Fruitful Fruit
Chapter 16: Nurturing Flowers on an Allotment

Part 5: Getting the Most Out of Your Allotment
Chapter 17: Involving Children Around the Allotment
Chapter 18: Hobnobbing with Allotment Society
Chapter 19: Growing Giant Veg

Part 6: The Part of Tens Chapter
Chapter 20: Ten Common Accidents and How to Prevent Them
Chapter 21: Ten Ways to Revive a Flagging Allotment

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By: For Dummies.   2012-01-24

RHS Half Hour Allotment: Extraordinary crops from every day efforts

The Royal Horticultural Society The Half Hour Allotment (first published in 2005) has been a best-selling gardening title for Frances Lincoln and the Royal Horticultural Society with extraordinary reviews and five-star recommendations on Amazon. This new edition re-presents the classic in a fresh new illustrated format with hundreds of new photographs and a bright new design. Half Hour Allotment is author Lia Leendertz's first book and she is now well-known and respected as an author and garden writer for The Guardian newspaper, Gardens Illustrated and The Simple Things magazines. The first edition has sold 11,272 copies through TCM since 2006. This will be a highly illustrated giftable edition of a great book.

The book explains the philosophy of spending half an hour each day on the allotment in order to produce something to harvest and eat every day. This tried-and-tested formula is clearly explained with weekly work plans and time-efficient solutions for busy gardeners who want to spend every moment preciously. Lia outlines the best crops to grow, the best varieties within each crop, and shows how to arrange and equip your allotment so that it is a place of interest for you, your family and visiting wildlife.

Lia is an organic gardener with a great sensitivity for the environment so the book is a gentle and thoughtful read as well as being a bible for productive and time-starved gardeners. Lia lives and gardens in Bristol, England.

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By: Frances Lincoln.   2015-09-21


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