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Compost Bin by GEOBIN
The GEOBIN composter is a great way for households to quickly and easily compost kitchen scraps and yard waste. The least expensive, largest capacity composting bin on the market, the GEOBIN backyard compost system is easy to set up and is ideal for all skill levels, from beginners to master gardeners. Use the finished compost around trees, flowers and garden plants to amend the soil with rich nutrients and beautify your outdoor environment. Buy yours today and enjoy it for years to come!
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Oversized 1.3 Gallon Kitchen Compost Bin with Plastic Liner & Charcoal Filters In White/Black – Sturdy Construction & Odor-Free Seal To Prevent Bugs And Smell. Dishwasher Safe with No Assembly
LOVE GARDENING? Simply put your kitchen food waste into our compost bin, and you can produce high quality soil that is MUCH cheaper than buying it from a garden store! Compost soil is dense and rich with nutrients. The soil created from your egg shells, coffee grinds and more, will be a natural fertilizer and will remove the need to add chemical fertilizers. This is an affordable, eco-friendly way to benefit your yard, garden, and flower beds!
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Replacement Kitchen Compost Filters | 4 Pack | Designed for Bins/Pails | Extra Thick and Absorbent | Made with Activated Carbon | Freshens Air and Traps Odors (UpGood Refill Set,Medium)
Why are UpGood filters the best? Simple; we use a high quality porous substrate and the odor eliminating power of activated carbon

Regular charcoal filters are just densely packed strands of polyester fiber. This type of filter does not allow adequate airflow, and cannot trap or contain contaminants as sufficiently. Therefore, they do not last as long and only contain odors within your compost pail instead of actually filtering them!

► Extra Thick

At almost ½" thick, UpGood filters are up to 4x more substantial than other brands.

► Ultra Absorbent

The internal surface area of the carbon substrate is carved away during the activation process which in turn leads to more pores and an increased ability to trap and filter contaminants.

► When To Replace

Over time, your compost filter will absorb various pollutants and eventually become so "full" that it can no longer function properly. Depending upon how often you empty and maintain your compost pail, this may take up to 6 months. Please do not try to rinse the filter. Water will affect the performance, wash away carbon and diminish its ability to absorb.

► Long Lasting

If stored in airtight containers or baggies your new activated carbon compost filters will have an almost indefinite shelf life.

► Best In Class

These kitchen compost filters are designed to be the best replacements on the market. If you don't agree, please contact us directly for additional support above and beyond Amazon's standard policy.

When you're ready for an upgrade, choose the correct size for your compost pail and click "Add to Cart" above
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Lifetime 60028 65-Gallon Compost Tumbler
Going green? Recycle your vegetable scraps into a nutritious fertilizer for your vegetable and flower gardens with the Lifetime 65 gal. Composter. It is constructed with heavy-duty black panels to absorb and retain the heat that decomposes the organic material. An internal mixing bar allows the flow of oxygen to break it down into a fine fertilizer. The lightweight 65 gallon tumbler turns on its axis for balanced rotation. Extra-large removable lid allows easy access for filling and dumping. With your compost ingredients enclosed inside the composter tub, you will not be subjected to an unsightly, smelly, fly attracting, open-air compost heap in your garden. And no more turning it all with a pitchfork. Save your back, save your money, with the convenient Lifetime 65 gal. composter.
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Enviro World 82 Gallon Compost Bin
"Compost Happens" The Free Garden EARTH compost bin is an efficient, durable, and economical tool that saves money and provides many benefits for homeowners and gardeners. Manufactured of 100% recycled content, its single-unit main body construction means no difficult assembly, and no structural integrity issues over time or in extreme weather conditions. The animal and pest resistant lid twists for variable ventilation control, and covers a large 19.5" (49.5 cm)opening that offers easy, generous access to add material and maintain the pile.
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Hungry Bin Flow-Through Worm Farm
Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, Hungry Bin is a fast and convenient way to compost your food scraps. The innovative, patented design creates an ideal living environment for compost worms and is highly efficient, allowing them to process up to 4 lbs. (2 kgs) of waste per day. This organic waste is quickly converted into castings and a nutrient-rich liquid, both of which are high-quality natural fertilizers and incredibly simple to collect. The Hungry Bin is designed with a solid handle and sturdy wheels, allowing it to be moved easily. Hungry Bin is not just clean, simple and easy to use - it looks great too. Hungry Bin is best suited to a temperate climate. In locations that experience temperature extremes, the Hungry Bin will need to be positioned in a location that is not subject to excessive heat, or freezing conditions for long periods of time, such as inside a garage or basement. Hungry Bin is not supplied with the worms or bedding required to start the bin. California Customers: The price of this item (Hungry Bin) includes sales tax reimbursement computed to the nearest cent. The statewide sales and use tax rate of 7.0 percent has been included in the sales price. The customer is responsible for any district tax beyond this amount.
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Mantis Easy Spin ComposTumbler CT09001 - Engineered to Make Compost Fast - Holds 37 Gallons - Low Cost per Gallon - Turns Easily - Fits Anywhere
The Easy Spin ComposTumbler is an affordable composter for daily amounts of kitchen and other household throw-outs. Developed specifically for composting in urban areas or other small spaces. Great companion for container gardens or anyone interested in recycling. This household sized composter, has an easy to turn drum made from heavy-duty, BPA free, food-grade polyethylene. Interior fins help mix compost while turning, producing rich, loamy compost in four to six weeks. Holds 5 cubic feet (37 gallons, 4 bushels) of material. Assembled dimensions are 30" H x 31" W x 26" D. Comes with a two year warranty on all parts
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iTouchless Recycle, Trash & Compost Premium Vinyl Stickers for Trash Can / Recycle Bin / Compost Bin; 4" Round Waterproof, Reusable (Set of 3); Indoor/Outdoor (4"x4")
Separate trash, recyclables, and compost the fast and easy way with this set of three high-quality vinyl decals. Color-coded with stylish and clear text and icon, everyone will know exactly how to separate trash from recycling. Made from superior quality, UV-resistant gloss laminate, these stickers are durable and will not fade. They are also water-resistant, so they're great for both indoor and outdoor use. Easy application: just peel sticker off of backing and place it onto nearly any surface - wood, metal, plastic, paper, ceramic, and glass. Then, use a flat object like a credit card to smooth out any air bubbles. Best of all, they are re-usable! Just peel the sticker off and reapply it any time you like. These 3 high-quality vinyl stickers are made in the USA. Two sizes to choose from: 3" x 3" and 4" x 4".
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RSVP Replaceement Filters for Compost Pail - X-Large
The 2 Replacement Filter Sets for the Endurance Compost Pail by RSVP International are the perfect solution for the efficient recycling of kitchen food scraps. The filters are located in the vented lid of the Compost Pail. The filters help contain the smell of several days worth of vegetable trimmings and food scraps. They are easy to replace and includes one round filter that is placed in the upper section of the lid and one square filter that fits snuggly in the lower section of the lid.
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Primode Compostable Bags, Lawn And Leaf Extra Large Trash Bags, 100% ASTMD6400 Certified Biodegradable Compost Bags 33 Gallon, Certificated By US BPI And European VINCETTE, Extra Thick 1.1 Mil (15)
Composting is a great way to recycle, reduce and reuse waste, but it isn't always as easy as some make it seem.

Here's a little secret: The key to successful composting is choosing the right type of compost bags.

While some composting bags tear easily or don't hold much, ours are exceptionally strong and offer an impressive capacity. It's true. The extra thick 1.1 milliliter compostable bags each hold up to 33 gallons!

Use the 100% compostable bags in a small kitchen, in the break room at the office or in the cafeteria. Each value pack contains 15 total composting sacks, so you should have plenty for many months to come. (We also carry the compstable bags in larger quantities if needed.)

There are strict regulations placed on composting accessories, but our composting trash bags are completely compliant. This means you can safely use them knowing they won't sit in a landfill somewhere if tossed out. - 33 Gallon Capacity
- 15 Count Box
- Safe & Certified
- Strong & Easy to Use

Primode's Lawn and Leaf compstable bags will change your life.

Order your compost bag value pack now!

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