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William James and a Science of Religions: Reexperiencing The Varieties of Religious Experience (Columbia Series in Science and Religion)

The "science of religion" is an important element in the interpretation of William James's work and in the methodology of the study of religion. An authority on pragmatism and the philosophy of religion, Wayne Proudfoot and a stellar group of contributors from a variety of disciplines including religion, philosophy, psychology, and history, bring innovative perspectives to James's work. Each contributor focuses on a specific theme in The Varieties of Religious Experience and suggests how James's treatment of that theme can fruitfully be brought to bear, sometimes with revisions or extensions, on current debate about religious experience.

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By: Columbia University Press.   2004-08-04

Who Killed Jesus? How Hierarchy, Atonement Theology, and the Just War Tradition are Stumbling Blocks to Christ
Though hierarchy, atonement theology, and the just war tradition are thought basic to Christianity each one is responsible for doing great harm. Hierarchy is a dominating relationship model and diminishes Jesus' way of relating in communion. Atonement theology believes in a wrathful God who required Jesus suffer on the cross in payment for sin but Jesus was very loving and never demanded anyone else suffer, sinners especially. The just war tradition is a violent behavioral ethic that Jesus never practiced and blocks the creative healing power He did practice. All three elements are so harmful they're responsible for killing Jesus. High priests judged Jesus a sinner believing he needed to suffer in atonement for his disobedience and so brought him to a just war traditionalist, Pilate, who had him executed. Read Who Killed Jesus? and discover how the harmful elements responsible for killing Jesus became embedded in His faith community and block his communal, loving, and healing witness.

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By: Mennonite Press.   2015

Loft Conversion Manual: The Step-by-Step Guide to Designing, Building and Managing a Loft Project
Loft conversions are a great way to add valuable living space to your home and significantly boost your property's value. But creating new rooms in your roof can mean making major structural alterations, and raises important questions. How can you tell if your loft is suitable for conversion? How much of the project can you do yourself? Expert guidance is now available in the Loft Conversion Manual, which explains the whole process in plain English and step-by-step colour photographs. From designing layouts and finding the right contractors right through to snagging and completion, this guide will make converting your home a smooth and successful process.

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By: J H Haynes & Co Ltd.   2016-07-07

Peoples on the Move: Introducing the Nomads of the World

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By: Piquant Editions.   2001-11-01

The Unanticipated City: Loft Conversions in Lower Manhattan
Analyzes the conversion of SoHo from old factories to residential/work spaces and explains the reasons for this unexpected development.
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By: University of Massachusetts Press.   1987-11-06

Airstream Living by Littlefield, Bruce, Brown, Simon published by Collins Design (2005)

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By: Collins Design.  

Loft Conversions
Domestic loft conversions have gained enormously in popularity as a way of providing more space without the substantial cost of moving house. One third of all new build houses have lofts that can be used for habitation.

This book provides a technical manual for construction practitioners, as well as the self-build market on the technical, design and regulatory aspects of loft conversions for dwellings.

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By: Wiley-Blackwell.   2006-10-06

Baptism, Why Wait?: Faith's Response in Conversion
Symbolism or Substance?

"In this book Baptism: Why Wait? Dr. Rees Bryant has made a valuable contribution to the exposition of Paul on baptism in his letters. It is a clear exposition of the relationship between baptism and conversion. The author has spent a long time in this field and has produced a very careful study into the meaning of baptism. . . . This will be an excellent book to put into the hands of students, pastors and laymen, who will be very grateful to have such a lucid work on their bookshelves. It will not only clarify what baptism is, but they will be able to preach its meaning."
G.R. Beasley-Murray, PhD
East Sussex, England

"Readable, practical, and biblical! I highly recommend this book by Dr. Bryant. It addresses a topic of critical importance in the church today, and does so with competence and without compromise."
Jack Cottrell, PhD
Cincinnati Bible Seminary

"Rees Bryant places a wholesome emphasis on the place of baptism in conversion and urges that penitent believers be baptized without delaying; for additional programs of instruction. . . . his case for the essentiality of baptism is unanswerable. Many counter arguments are kindly refuted. In our time when baptismal teaching is being neglected, Bryant's study places a wholesome emphasis."
Jack P. Lewis, PhD
Harding Graduate School of Religion

"Repentance and baptism cannot be separated if we are true to the apostolic faith. Baptism is the outward testimony of the human acceptance of the gift of divine grace. It must he kept as a sacramental act that unites the finite sinner with an infinite and forgiving God. As such baptism cannot become a ploy, a reward, a rite of self-gratification or a superficial symbol of church membership.
Dean S. Gilliland, PhD
Fuller Theological Seminar
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By: College Press Publishing Company.   1999-10-03

Guide to Building Control

To clarify the practical requirements of the Building Regs and help you meet their requirements first go, all the information contained in the building regulations 2010 and approved documents is presented here in an easy-to-understand format, clear, concise and fully illustrated.

Guidance is given for domestic buildings of up to three storeys in England and Wales, including extensions, loft conversions, new dwellings, conversions (garages, basements and barns), and upgrading of existing buildings - including the use of natural lime mortars, plasters renders and paints. There are clear explanations of how the technical design and construction requirements of the Building Regs can be met with sufficient information to draw up an effective specification and design to be developed.

Guide to Building Control illustrates the design and construction of the various building elements and explains the principles and processes of the building regulations and approved documents - including structure, fire safety, contaminates, sound insulation, ventilation, water efficiency, drainage systems, combustion appliances, stairs and guarding, energy conservation/green building issues, disabled access, safety glazing, electrical safety, materials and workmanship.

The Guide contains up-to-date examples of everyday practices and procedures gained by the author - a practicing building control surveyor - from years of responding to requests from property professionals, builders, property owners and students for clarification of the practical requirements of the building regulations.

Accompanied by detailed diagrams, tables and text offering an enlightened understanding of the complexities of building regulations the Guide is both an authoritative reference for use at planning stage and a practical handbook on site.

Students and professionals will find it an essential, easy-to-use resource for building control surveyors, building designers, building contractors, self-build, and others working in the construction industry.
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By: Wiley-Blackwell.   2013-05-06

Roof Construction and Loft Conversion
Full of detailed construction drawings, this book covers cut roofs, bolted truss roofs, trussed rafter roofs, trimmed openings and ventilation.

A major section deals with loft to attic room conversions, giving guidance on planning procedures, as well as dealing with structural matters and specifying conversion work.

The Fourth Edition features a new chapter covering the growing number of engineered timber components available in the house building industry. The use of I beams and roof cassettes is detailed for roof and room-in-the-roof construction. The text has been fully updated to current standards and features additional detailed construction drawings. The chapters on attic conversion and construction have been expanded and a new attic conversion decision flow chart added.

The book will prove invaluable to architects, house builders, roof carpenters, building control officers, trussed rafter manufacturers and students of building technology.

The Author

C.N. Mindham BSc has had a wide experience in the construction industry. After three years with TRADA as Eastern Regional Officer, he spent 11 years developing a timber engineering business to become one of the country's largest producers of trussed rafters.

He became Managing Director of a company designing and manufacturing trussed rafters, joinery and prefabricated timber buildings, a post he held for eight years. Subsequently he started his own consultancy for the timber industry which has led him to his current position as Managing Director for a joinery and engineering company.

Also of interest

Loft Conversions
John Coutts

The Building Regulations
Explained and Illustrated
Twelfth Edition
M.J. Billington, M.W. Simons and J.R. Waters

Cover design by Garth Stewart
Cover illustrations courtesy of VELUX and Mr C. Lovell, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.
List Price: $96.00
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By: Wiley-Blackwell.   2006-08-18


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