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The Night Gardener
In the spirit of Goodnight Moon and The Curious Garden comes a stunning debut picture book filled with whimsy and creativity from brothers Terry and Eric Fan.

One day, William discovers that the tree outside his window has been sculpted into a wise owl. In the following days, more topiaries appear, and each one is more beautiful than the last. Soon, William’s gray little town is full of color and life. And though the mysterious night gardener disappears as suddenly as he appeared, William—and his town—are changed forever.

With breathtaking illustrations and spare, sweet text, this masterpiece about enjoying the beauty of nature is sure to become an instant classic.
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By: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.   2016-02-16

Succulents Simplified: Growing, Designing, and Crafting with 100 Easy-Care Varieties

Succulents are hot. And Debra Lee Baldwin, the bestselling author of Designing with Succulents and Succulent Container Gardens, is the ideal guide for gardeners, crafters, and DIYers looking for an introduction to these trendy, low-maintenance, drought-tolerant plants. Along with gorgeous photos packed with design ideas, Debra offers her top 100 plant picks and explains how to grow and care for succulents no matter where you live. Step-by-step projects, including a cake-stand centerpiece, special-occasion bouquets, a vertical garden, and a succulent topiary sphere, will inspire you to express your individual style. Whether you’re a novice or veteran, have an acre to fill or a few pots, live in Calexico or Canada, Succulents Simplified is a dazzling primer for success with succulents wherever you live!

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By: Timber Press.   2013-05-21

Succulent Container Gardens: Design Eye-Catching Displays with 350 Easy-Care Plants
With their colorful leaves, sculptural shapes, and simple care, succulents are beautiful yet forgiving plants for pots. If grown in containers, these dry-climate jewels—which include but are not limited to cacti—can be brought indoors in winter and so can thrive anywhere in the world. 

In this inspiring compendium, the popular author of Designing with Succulents provides everything beginners and experienced gardeners need to know to create stunning container displays of exceptionally waterwise plants. The extensive palette includes delicate sedums, frilly echeverias, cascading senecios, edgy agaves, and fat-trunked beaucarneas, to name just a few. Easy-to-follow, expert tips explain soil mixes, overwintering, propagation, and more.

Define your individual style as you effectively combine patterns, colors, textures, and forms. Discover how top designers interpret the dramatic options, in ideas ranging from exquisite plant-and-pot combinations to extraordinary topiaries and bonsai. Expand your repertoire with plump-leaved plants that resemble pebbles, stars, and undersea creatures. Short on space? Create vertical gardens and hanging baskets, and use daisylike rosettes in wall displays.

Each of the more than 300 photographs offers an inspiring idea. A-to-Z descriptions cover 350 of the best succulents, plus companion plants. Whether your goal is a gorgeous potted garden for a sunny windowsill or outdoor living area—or simply making great gifts—this is a comprehensive primer for creating vibrant, living works of art.

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By: Timber Press.   2010-01-20

The Garden of Abdul Gasazi
Sometimes that very thin line between illusion and reality is not as clearly defined as we would like it to be. It certainly wasn't the day that Alan Mitz stumbled into the garden of Abdul Gasazi. For in this bizarre and eerie place -- where strange topiary trees loomed -- the evil visage of Gasazi casts its shadow. And even after Alan escaped, the spell of Gasazi still seemed to penetrate into his everyday world. In this extraordinary, unusual, and unique picture book, Chris Van Allsburg explores both the real and surreal worlds with incredible deftness. In doing so, he has created exquisite and beautiful images that will continue to haunt readers long after they have left the enchanted garden of Abdul Gasazi.
List Price: $18.95
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By: HMH Books for Young Readers.   1979-10-10

Niwaki: Pruning, Training and Shaping Trees the Japanese Way
Over the years, Japanese gardeners have fine-tuned a distinctive set of pruning techniques that coax out the essential characters of their garden trees, or niwaki. In this highly practical book, Western gardeners are encouraged to draw upon the techniques and sculpt their own garden trees to unique effect. After discussing the principles that underpin the techniques, the author offers in-depth guidelines for shaping pines, azaleas, conifers, broadleaved evergreens, bamboos, and deciduous trees. Complete with abundant photographs, personal anecdotes and a wealth of advice, this unprecedented resource will inspire gardeners everywhere to transform their own trees into niwaki.
List Price: $34.95
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By: Timber Press, Incorporated.   2007-04-01

Shut up Asshole.Color and Release Your Stress: Swear Word Coloring Book. Adult Coloring Books: 40 Sweary Designs (Relaxing Coloring Book with Sweary Coloring Book for Fun)
LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT! (Regularly priced $ 13.99  )

NEW 40 Swear Words, Obnoxious Words and Insults!

(+ 8) Bonus - Sweary designs on BLACK PAPER !

  • Are you encountering stress?
  • Tired of your usual routine?
  • Feeling irritated at work?
  • Want to release your stress and anxiety, not offending anybody with words better not said out loud?
  • Would you like to astonish your friend with an imaginative and unique gift?
  • This Best Selling Coloring Book with Sweary Beautiful Designs will help you to achieve this!

    Color and Release Your Stress.

    Each Swear word has beautiful design with  beautiful patterns, swirls,  mandalas, flowers and leaves.

    The book is designed for adults and contains hilarious swear words.  


    Relaxing Coloring Books for Adults :

    • Contains  hilarious swear words.
    • Beautiful & Unique Stress Relief Designs To Color.
    • Each Coloring Page is designed for Fun and Relaxation.
    • Each Coloring Page is printed on a separate sheet to avoid bleed through.

    40 Beautiful Sweary Designs  :

    • Sized to frame at 8.5" x 11"
    • Original and hand drawn illustrations
    • Single-Sided Pages

    Words you'll find inside the book: :

    • Shut up Asshole
    • Shove it up Your Ass
    • Calm Your Balls
    • Get the hell out!
    • You're such a dick
    • I Don't Give A Damn
    • Shut the fuck up!
    • Calm the Fuck down
    • Don't be Such a Bitch
    • I Don't Give a Damn
    • You're a Little Bitch
    • Damn you to Hell
    • Shut Your Damn Mouth
    • You're a Damn Fool
    • I Don't Give a Shit
    • You're a Piece of Shit
    • Fuck That Bitch
    • This Is Some Fuck Shit
    • Fucking adulting
    • Kiss my fat Ass
    • and others

    Sit back, relax, plan your day, Happy Coloring!

List Price: $3.99
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By: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.   2016-11-15

Bonsai with Japanese Maples
With their delicate foliage, seasonal color changes, and intricate pattern of branching, Japanese maples are among the most popular and suitable plants for bonsai design. In this long-awaited book, internationally renowned expert Peter Adams discusses both the specific horticultural needs of Japanese maples as bonsai subjects and illustrates proven techniques for creating and maintaining beautiful specimens. Although aimed at an audience that has some familiarity with bonsai techniques, the book deliberately shows a mix of bonsai at different stages in their training, so that less experienced enthusiasts can gain new ideas and inspiration from trees that are "works in progress." Much more than a mere "how-to" book, Bonsai with Japanese Maples is a forthright attempt to look at bonsai as art objects and to critique and assess them from an artist's perspective.
List Price: $34.95
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By: Timber Press, Incorporated.   2006-09-01

The Plant Lover's Guide to Sedums (The Plant Lover’s Guides)

Sedums are most popular flowering succulent. They range from groundcovers to large border perennials and are often included in green roof and vertical garden design because of their visual interest and drought tolerance. Sedums changes dramatically with the seasons—in fall, they are rich and earthy while in summer their flowers come in vibrant shades of pink and yellow. The Plant Lover’s Guide to Sedums includes everything you need to know about these beautiful gems. Plant profiles highlight 150 of the best varieties to grow, with information on zones, plant size, soil and light needs, origin, and how they are used in the landscape. Additional information includes designing with sedums, understanding sedums, growing and propagating, where to buy  them, and where to see them in public gardens.

List Price: $24.95
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By: Timber Press.   2014-04-22

Good Night Rhode Island (Good Night Our World)
Good Night Rhode Island features Green Animals Topiary Garden, Newport Cliff Walk, sailing on Narragansett Bay, Block Island ferry, sandy beaches, Slater Mill, Blackstone River Bikeway, Pawtucket Red Sox, lighthouses, and more. This delightful board book tours young readers around the Ocean State while teaching them about the region's famous landmarks and fun attractions.

This book is part of the bestselling Good Night Our World series, which includes hundreds of titles exploring iconic locations and exciting, child-friendly themes.

Many of North America’s most beloved regions are artfully celebrated in these board books designed to soothe children before bedtime while instilling an early appreciation for North America's natural and cultural wonders. Each book stars a multicultural group of people visiting the featured area’s attractions as rhythmic language guides children through the passage of both a single day and the four seasons while saluting the iconic aspects of each place.
List Price: $9.95
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By: Good Night Books.   2008-06-13

The Art of Creative Pruning: Inventive Ideas for Training and Shaping Trees and Shrubs

Nothing brings a touch of artistry to the garden like ornamental pruning, and a series of deliberate cuts can create landscapes and evoke faraway places. All that's needed to recreate the effect in the garden are a sharp pair of pruners, some imagination, and the instruction found in The Art of Creative Pruning. Drawing on both eastern and western styles, author Jake Hobson moves beyond the traditional lollipops and animals and teaches a wholly new approach to ornamental pruning that appeals to modern sensibilities.

Picture boxwoods trimmed into whimsical Russian nesting dolls, hedges inscribed with words, and a tree snipped to resemble the toppling tiers of a wedding cake. These are just a few of the unusual ideas featured in the beautifully photographed pages. All the practical considerations are here as well, including pruning to improve a view, remedial pruning to fix problems, and pruning fruit trees to increase yield.

List Price: $34.95
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By: Timber Press.   2011-10-25


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