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Keith Floyd - Keith Meets Keith - Documentary 2009
Keith Allens encounter with Keith Floyd was a moving portrait of a man who saw life through a glass at least half full. Keith Floyd ...


Pork Stew in Centurian Sauce - Keith Floyd - BBC
A grumpy Keith Floyd is in Northumberland alongside Hadrian's Wall to attempt a traditional Roman Centurian recipe in the cold ...


Piperade Recipe | Keith Floyd | BBC Studios
Keith Floyd is in Pays Basque to demonstrate how to make a simple onion, pepper and egg dish. Watch how to make this ...


Keith Floyd - Floyd on Hangovers
Floyd on Hangovers - The 3 day self-preservation plan! [VHS Rip]


Floyd On Africa - Cape Town - Township & Victoria falls (first episode)


Keith Floyd tells world his director loves cocaine.
I was watching TV last night when I noticed that Keith Floyd indicates on BBC to the world that his travelling partner and director of ...


Floyd on France ~ Provence - Ep.1


Keith Floyd Tribute (featuring the music of The Stranglers) Part 1
I'll edit it if Windows Live Movie Maker can bother to upload it properly!!!!! Currently on 5th effort!


Keith Floyd Show Theme Music
Keith Floyd's Show Theme Tune music from many of his great shows, i cant find another video that states this song as the theme ...


Floyd on France ~Perigord- Ep.2


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