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Wartime Recipe | Make do and mend | How to make Faggots | Marguerite Patten | 1999
Gloria Hunniford speaks to wartime Government chef Marguerite Patten,CBE about wartime rationing, "Make do and Mend" and ...


Marguerite Patten on changing attitudes to cooking - with Toyah Wilcox! 1988
HOME COOKING - Mike is joined by Marguerite Patten, author of no less than 154 cookery books. They discuss trends in buying ...


Marguerite Patten cooks Herrings in Oats. Archive film 93734
Presented by Marguerite Patten. Herrings in oatmeal. Marguerite fetches a large platter and clears table. She takes tray away.


Marguerite Patten introduces show, 1950's. Archive film 93733
Presented by Marguerite Patten. Marguerite talks to camera. Marguerite shows jar of Cadbury's Bournville Cocoa to camera - it is ...


Time of Your Life - Vera Lynn - Marguerite Patten - Noel Edmonds - BBC 1983
Noel Edmonds re-creates a magical moment in the life of a famous person with the help of friends, family and colleagues.


Margurite Patten
"Marguerite Patten gave me my first inspiration to cook." so says Gary Rhodes. Nigel Slater writes of happy hours spent lost in her ...


Marguerite Patten @ Hornchurch
The wonderful Marguerite Patten visited Hornchurch Library to give her food & lifestyle tips to a packed house!


Marguerite Patten ● A Simple Tribute
Marguerite Patten (4 November 1915 - 4 June 2015) "Pay Your Tribute" Twitter: Facebook: ...


Marguerite Patten - Winner Lifetime Achievement Award
This award is given to a woman who, during her lifetime has inspired generations of women and through changing times, and ...


Classic British Dishes by Marguerite Patten (ISBN 0-7475-1778-9)
A look inside the 1994 traditional food cookery book - Classic British Dishes by Marguerite Patten (ISBN 0-7475-1778-9).


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