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Valentina Harris - The 'Queen of Risotto'
Ahead of her latest class at the Divertimenti Cookery School in London we were joined by Valentina Harris to discuss how she ...


Valentina Harris talks Italian cookery
Hannah Bellis gets cooking with iconic Italian chef Valentina Harris and discovers essential flavours, skills and the story behind ...


Valentina Harris - 'Fiori di Zucca'
Valentina discusses her latest book 'Fiori di Zucca' and gives us a sneaky insight into what she hopes will become her next ...


Inspiration - Valentina Harris - Episode 5, Part 5
International Chef, Valentina Harris, whips up a delicious pea risotto.


Valentina Harris Rant
Ranting about Tiramisu at Foodies Festival, Battersea Park July 2011.


Valentina Harris
Celebrity Chef Valentina Harris is the noted authority on Italian food and food culture and a member of the International ...


Learning to make pasta in Umbria with Chef Valentina Harris and chef at Casa Bianconi Norcia
How to make real pasta with two great chefs - Valentina Harris and Paolo Marinelli of the Granaro del Monte Restaurant, the ...


Our Lives In Italy Podcast S01 E02 - Interview With Valentina Harris
Welcome to the second episode of the Our Lives In Italy podcast. The podcast is available for wherever you normally get your ...


Opening to Valentina Harris Cooks: Italian UK VHS (1997)
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