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Using Tarps on a No-Till Farm
A breakdown of silage tarps and their uses for occultation, germination and protection from moisture. SPONSOR: Farmer's Friend ...


A Tarp + Time = Do Nothing Weed Free Garden
A tarp, kiddie pool, or in our case a chipping green, is all you need to have an instant garden with time. Check out our new ...


3 different types of tarps for your garden or to kill grasses and vegetation.
Working my current homestead and having problems with the wind ripping some tarps. This is a good opportunity to show what ...


My Problem with Gardening Silage Tarps
UV treated Silage tarps can be a cheap and accessible way to cover your garden and prepare it for planting. However, you're ...


Tips for using Silage Tarps
Tips for using silage tarps to weaken grass in preparation for a new garden. Tarps and sandbags can be found here ...


Never Weed Again! Our Landscape Fabric Explained
The number one thing I have been asked this year is "what is that black stuff." So here are all the landscape fabric questions ...


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