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Hexbug it worth it? || Toyline Review
Jett Kuso takes a nostalgic look back at one of his favorite toys, Hexbug Nano! Oh and by the way - The first 1000 people to use ...


HEXBUG nano® 500
Good evening, race fans and welcome to the first annual HEXBUG nano 500! Its been a long season and these athletes have ...


HexBug Nano - Still one of 'The best Pocket Money toys available' - My detailed review explains why
Yes it is September 2013 and in my opinion the original HexBug Nano is one of the best 'pocket money' toys available. Even with ...


HexBug Nano Micro Robotic Creatures Nanotopia Playground Review 2020
HexBug Nano Micro Robotic Creatures Nanotopia Playground Review 2020! Thank You HexBug for providing the HexBug ...


HexBug Nano V2 - Large Double Black Hole MAZE challenge - How many V2 bugs can solve this?
Here I have created a maze challenge race for the new HexBug nano V2 to see if these new Hexbugs have the same ability to ...


HexBug Nano V2 - Hurricane set - Black Hole - Detailed hands on review P/N: 477-2991
Here is the New HexBug Nano V2 that can climb vertically. Reviewed in this video is the HexBug Nano V2 Hurricane Habitat Set.


HexBug Nano Space Zip Line Habitat Review - Detailed Play Test & Set-up
HexBug have released a new Nano Space range of habitat sets. In this video I review the HexBug Nano Space Zip Line set.


HexBug Nano Zone NEW Flash Nano Playground Toy Demonstration
Item provided by HexBug for review Here we go! I promised I would get to this set and was looking forward to trying it out on video ...


THE BRIDGE - Hexbug Nano Bridge Maze Race
If you guys enjoyed this video, let me know so I can make more videos like this for you guys. Enjoy!


100+ HexBug Nano Toy Hunt Challenge
100+ HexBug Nano Toy Hunt Challenge with Ryan ToysReview! Winner of this family fun toy challenge gets egg surprise toys!


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