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Building a Lego-powered Submarine 3.0 - balloon and compressor
Depth control is done with an air-filled balloon and a Lego-compressor. Steering is done by turning the propeller direction with the ...


Building a Lego-powered Submarine 2.0 - magnetic couplings
This RC sub has magnetic couplings to transmit torque through the walls. No need to drill holes = no leaks. At the end I test it in a ...


Today we got inspired to make real working lego rc submarines! Not only did we build one large sub we made a second RC ...


Building and Testing a Lego-powered Submarine
Making a radio-controlled submarine with Lego and other materials. At the end I test it in a lake. Enjoy! The submarine specs: ...


LEGO Submarine Animation - SS5 Moccasin
LEGO Submarine Animation SS5 Moccasin. The remake of the 2002 same-titled stop motion Animation, a fictional naval ...


Hello, Lego fans! This video is for other AFOLS who want to add one or more of these sets to their collection. You can watch how ...


LEGO German WWII U-boat submarine - Brickworld Chicago 2013
Beyond the Brick's Joshua Hanlon talks to Nathan Flood about the amazing LEGO WWII German U-boat at Brickworld Chicago ...


LEGO City Deep Sea Submarine review! set 60092
My LEGO speed builds: ▶️ Real-time builds: ...


Lego Submarine (MOC) -Atlantic Ocean Adventure
I was dreaming for months about how to build a working submarine using Lego parts. A crazy idea just became a successful ...


LEGO Red October and USS Dallas Submarines | Brickworld Chicago 2019
Beyond the Brick's Joshua Hanlon talks with Nicholas Kramer about his LEGO submarines at Brickworld Chicago 2019.


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