Triangular Spring Flower Arrangement

triangular spring arrangement

The triangular spring arrangement, shown in the photograph, comprises eleven daffodils, catkin stems and a small bunch of golden crocuses picked from the garden, together with five blue irises bought from the local florist. The arrangement is on a light coloured circular straw tray.

Before creating this arrangement all the stems were cut and then immediately placed in water. If the plant material is not conditioned in this way, the stems may seal over which will prevent them from taking up water easily and shorten the life of the arrangement.

To create this arrangement firmly anchor a metal pinholder, with oasis fix, to the inside of a small pottery or plastic circular dish which will hold water. Alternatively use a pinholder and container which is made in one piece.

Start working at the back of the arrangement forming an outline with the catkin stems. Place the irises in position, next the daffodils finishing off with the crocuses at the front. Cut the various stems to the required length as you work through the arrangement. To complete this spring arrangement, place a couple of delightful fluffy yellow chicks on the straw tray.

Ensure the water in the container is kept topped up so that the arrangement will remain fresh for as long as possible.

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